Saturday, June 05, 2010

Miss Match

One of my best friends is in a confused state these days on his professional scene and I am confused on his personal front. I don’t want to browse through his girlfriend list from the start so cut-short to the one whom he had met in his company. Let us call her X. I had heard about X from him, but had never met her. One day he called me up and said that they had decided to get married and asked me to meet her. 10 minutes into the meeting and I was happy for him because no doubt X was wonderful. Unfortunately X’s parents did not agree and went ahead to marry her off to some super-brainy IT guy. Out of frustration my friend asked his parents to start looking for a girl and he was ready for an arranged marriage. Another friend of mine (D) and I tried a lot to make him understand, but he was firm that he had to get married to forget X. Flawed logic according to me, but he was not in a state to understand. So his mom and aunt started looking for some ‘suitable’ girls and finally zeroed in on Y. My friend met Y 2-3 times and never informed us about this development. We got to know this when he called us to say that he was getting engaged to Y. I was like who is Y? I saw Y for the first time at their engagement and met her after a week or so. Honestly speaking about 15-20 minutes into the conversation and I knew this was a wrong choice. There was not much wrong with Y, but knowing my friend for last 19 years I knew that the pair was a complete mismatch. The engagement was done and the families had started planning for the wedding, so there was not much K and I could do. One month after the engagement my friend calls me up and says he is not sure about Y as a life partner. I knew this was going to come up some day, but never gave a thought what to tell him when it surfaces. We met and discussed his issues; tried to hide Y’s shortcomings and instead highlighted my friend’s mistakes so that he doesn’t call off the wedding. They both started seeing a counselor in some time. His parents used to call me to help him understand. I tried initially, but then at one point K and I agreed that these problems will later come up even after the marriage, so better we supported our friend. Finally after a large hue and cry the families relented and the marriage was called off.

Last week my friend called me up and said he has now proposed marriage to a girl and wants me to meet her. I am completely confused whether I should meet her or not. Since then I am trying to amend my friend’s whimsical ways, but I know it is too late for it. Good suggestions on this matter will be appreciated.