Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy New Year!!

I wish i could put this in front of my office.. anyways I m off for a vacation starting tomorrow. Going to celebrate New Year's eve in Goa this year. Last year it was New Delhi with school frnds... this yr it is Goa with college frnds... next yr it will be ?? with ??.. he he. So folks... c u all in 2007 2006.

P.S: Sorry tht i had to send the greetings 3 days earlier coz m not going to surf net till 3rd. Hope u will like it.. coz i luved it :)

Monday, December 26, 2005

Letter to Dad!!!

It is my Dad’s b’day today. Wished him in the morning over phone coz he is in Himachal Pradesh right now. He doesn’t know I have a blog but wanted to write for him..

Dear Papa,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope u are in best of ur health n gud spirits inspite of the cold conditions at ur place. Mummy n I miss u a lot even though we talk to u everyday. I feel like running away frm here n come to Shimla just to give u a hug n wish u.. but just sending a greeting for the same. Hope it conveys my feelings to u n the luv n affection give u enuf strength n warmth to drag urself for one more year b4 u r transferred back here. Actually the strength is required by myself n mummy here coz we r the ones who need it to survive one whole year without u. But don’t u worry I m becoming strong enuf to make ur absence not felt to mummy n myself too. Yet I miss coming home n finding u sitting in the living room cracking up jokes or watching TV or for tht matter all things u do.

I can still remember tht after graduating I had told u tht I wont be doing anything for a year as I was very bored after studying for 4 yrs in engineering. U were so tensed tht u used to call up everyday n ask me wht my career plans were. Sorry to put u in tht situation.. but it was a time I desperately wanted a break. Now, it seems I m settling down, but yet I feel something is bubbling somewhere back in my mind to quit this job n do something else.. something different.. don’t know wht or don’t know where… when I figure it out will let u know. But, I could feel the excitement n satisfaction when I broke the news of my increment. One thing I want u to know is tht I m working in a software company. So next time we talk don’t ask me whether I know how to use Microsoft Word or Excel.. lollz.

Wish u a fantastic year ahead n make sure u avail a lot of holidays to visit home.

With lotz of luv

P.S.: Got some of ur Ladakh tour pics scanned

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Wish u all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year :)

She be the ONE - Enrique

Suddenly yesterday afternoon my left hand which suffered an impact due to the accident a couple of days back started paining badly. Also a slight swelling had developed and thumb movement had become restricted. So went to see a doc, my Team Lead had suggested, n got Xrays done for it. No cracks or fractures were present but since there was swelling the doc advised me for a wrist-band to be used for a few days for supporting the thumb.

Since yesterday I m listening n humming this track. It is a marathi song by Sandeep-Salil duo (Divas Ase Ki fame) frm their Namanzur album. The lyrics are:
(deva mala roj ek apghat kar)*2
(ani tichya hatanich)*2
jakhma ya bhar(deva mala roj ek apghat kar)*2
(kadhi kuthe tari basavi dhadak)*2
(kal mala yavi tila kalave tadak)*2
(ghayalala milo)*2 ek ghayal najar, haay
(deva mala roj ek apghat kar)*2
[a deva mala]
(apghati song mazhe watawe khare)*2
(tila yeta prem mala watawe bare)*2
dava daru madhe, are dava daru madhe
kuthe asto asar
(deva mala roj ek apghat kar)*2
(khari wyatha tewha mag sangen tila)*2
(vicharel jewha kuthe dukhte tula)*2
jara davikade, ho! jara davikade,
jara potachyaya war
(deva mala roj ek apghat kar)*2
[a deva mala]
(tekawta chhati war doke ek waar)*2
(thoka ghei zhoka, ude abhalachya par)*2
wyatanchach kay, are wyatahanchach kay
pade jagacha visar
(deva mala roj ek apghat kar)*2
ani tichya hatanich, hoo.. ani tichya hatanich
(deva mala roj ek apghat kar)*2

The rough English translation (only meaning) will be:

Oh God! Let me meet one accident everyday
Make sure tht she will be the only one who treats my wounds

Some day when i fall somewhere
She comes to know about it immediately
Wht a relief i will get when i look in those beautiful eyes

My fake pain should look real to her
n then her luv for me will make me happier
Medicines will not be needed when i will have her luv

When she will ask me "Where is it paining?"
I will tell her the truth
a place little to the left n little above my stomach

When she will hug me fondly n place my head on her chest
n i hear her heartbeat in a rhtymic flow
Will make me forget not only the pain but this whole world

Oh God! Let me meet one accident everyday
Make sure tht she will be the only one who treats my wounds

Sorry tht I could only translate it literally n not convey it in a poetic form.. but i m luving this song. See if u can get to hear it.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Was going to write something today, but now I m leaving for home. So just posting some pics frm one of the appraisal parties (with colleagues). U can see the pics here.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Where there is a will .. there r 1000 relatives

With so many ppl thronging our place right now I couldn’t think of another title for this post. It is not just the caption of my blog but I cherish my individual space. I m neither an introvert nor like to stay aloof. But, I don’t know why I just don’t seem to adjust along with many ppl living in my house if they are related to me. Whenevr my mom is off for 3-4 mths to Shimla, where my dad has been transferred, our place is full of my frnds n I luv if many of them stay with me too over a period of time. But, this is not the same with relatives. I mean cousins r gud to stay for 3-4 days n talk over the phone. With frnds I can talk for hours even on any irrelevant topic, but with all cousins I tend to get cautious while speaking anything. Don’t know if someone might get hurt or feel sad .. might be this is coz we meet after many months or even years in some case. I know, time to get some things right…

Anyways, had a gud time with the same relatives mentioned above on my b’day :) Did the usual stuff like partying out except this year frnds were replaced by cousins. I am a late riser n even keep my cell to a profile which wont bother me to pick it up till 10. The only day I don’t mind picking up the phone in the morning is 16th Dec. So, thnx to all of u out there who called me (I know they don’t read blog.. still), who wished me in the comments section n to others who mailed/scrapped on orkut. Hope such happy moments keep on coming n I get to share with all of u.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I m 23... finally

Pic courtesy: HumanClock

Within a few minutes, I will be 23 (yet writing tht I m). Not exactly a few minutes but can say tht since I dont remember wht was the exact time I was born on. For enabling me to walk on this earth for 22yrs n some months (rest months were spent crawling) I take this opportunity to thank profusely mom n dad :) I havent yet planned anything about how I would be spending tomorrow so if anyone wants to throw a party for me pls feel free to invite everybody... he he he. Dont worry about the tab coz AnonBlogger has already said tht I m a rich guy now ;).

If u were amused by the use of the word finally in the title, it was coz I received a gr8 gift frm God today itself. LIFE. Was going to office today morning n a tempo driver suddenly changed his lane. My bike's handle bar got caught in the bars n I was thrown off in the middle of the road. After taking 2-3 tumbles was lucky tht no vehicle was coming frm behind. Fortunately I was driving at a very low speed. Got a bruised knee n a very sore left hand thumb which is still throbbing with pain. So... finally 23 :).

Do write down ur birthdates in the comments section. This is not a guarantee tht I will remember them coz I m very bad with my dates (not a pun). Still....

Sunday, December 11, 2005

My blog rocks!!! :)

I know it is mainly coz of u all coming here but right now it rocks for two more important reasons.

Read this first, which I had posted 'bout a month ago. Ok... now if u haven't read it let me give u a brief idea of tht. Had gone for dinner with my college frnds n then after a sumptuous meal we went to Durga for cold-coffee. But, due to the perennial rush we settled for Richmonds (bang opposite to it) n instead of having icecream (for wht it is famous) we took coffee, which was one of the worst I had ever tasted. Now I have heard tht Richmonds have shut down tht outlet. Now thts called cool blogging.. cooler than the cold coffee they serve... he he he. If u want tht anything closed down then mail me the location... two weeks ltrz u get to see their shutters down ;)

The more rocking reason is tht I have got a salary hike.... HURRAH!!! Probably the post (go down 2 posts) might not be the actual reason but I m luvin it. Top on tops I m the highest 'increment-earner' in the batch.. a whooping 81% rise. Yet I have to receive the letter for the same, but the management announced it by calling each one of us into the conference room. So folks it is paaaartttttyy time :) n also time to change my wallppr in company... (or shld I make it 'till next appraisal') lollzzz.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Kidnaps ur mind...

Speak about kidnappings n the next word comes to ur mind is Bihar. The spate of kidnappings which the state has n is witnessing is the central theme of the movie Apaharan. The title means kidnapping n tht is wht is shown in the movie.. almost realistic. Bihar witnessed kidnappings of students, lawyers, doctors, businessmen n … The movie points to the nexus between the goons, politicians, police force n judicial system. The kidnappings are done by the goons on the behest of politicians n police, ransom money changes hands n the politicians n police ‘rescue’ the captive n become heroes in the eyes of the public.

Ajay Devgan plays role of a disillusioned man. Disillusioned coz he is educated but not getting a job n his Gandhian principle following father Mohan Agashe won’t use his contacts/references to bag one for him. The father wishes tht his son shld find a job himself n solely based on his caliber without offering bribe. But, the son offers bribe to a govt. official to list himself into the police but even then finds himself out of the merit list. To repay the loan he had taken for the bribe, he n his frnds r forced to resort to kidnapping. But, luck (n a politician) fails them n they all land up in jail. The hero vows to fight back n when he is released he takes to full time kidnapping n eventually he makes a place for himself in the same politician’s (Nana Patekar) gang. But, politics (even) in the kidnapping takes its toll on him n he is made to scurry for his own life, eventually leading to his death.

A really amazing movie which keeps u hooked from the first shot itself. The lingo which the middlemen use, the flow of money from victim’s family to the hands of corrupt ppl, dilemma faced by today’s youth in choosing honesty over monetary gains n the ease with which the kidnappers strike a deal are some of the high points of the movie. Ajay Devgan n Nana Patekar have essayed brilliant roles in the movie along with some good support by Mohan Agashe, Ayub Khan n Yashpal Sharma.

My rating: A MUST see movie…

It feels very sad to see young n brilliant lives being snuffed out in such a way. First, Satyendra Dubey lost his life at hands of the Highway ganglords. Now, Manjunath got killed by the petrol pump owner. Go n read this post frm a fellow blogger who was Manju’s junior in the IIM. Also u may sign a petition for an inquiry into his murder. Personally, I don’t believe tht justice will be done by thousands of ppl signing such petitions. But, I did not want myself to be left out this time coz somewhere in my heart I see myself standing in his shoes in future. I don’t know which path I will choose then, but I definitely want to see the ppl responsible for his murder -atleast- behind bars. I appeal to the system tht don’t let the trail end in cold this time.. PLEASE!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Scribblings on the wall (ppr)

This morning I came to office n suddenly this struck me. So I opened this pic n wrote a few lines on it. A few minutes later the pic was set as wallppr on my company machine. Till lunch my Project Manager saw this n the following conversation took place betn us. The lines in the brackets are wht I wanted to say but just kept it in my mind. Now this man always asks me the names of actresses I put up on my desktop..

PM: Sudeep n a guy on desktop.. i hope everything is allright ... haha
Me: Ha ha (forced a smile) .. everything is ok.. btw, it is my pic (even if i keep an actor's pic on my screen how do i turn gay???)
PM: Oh is it? Didn't know u looked so gud in pics
Me: Ha ha.. gud joke.. but cant help it
PM: n wht have u written here?
Me: (Dont tell me u can read... i have read enuf of mails 'bout dumb PMs')
PM: Ha ha.. i hope tht is not true
Me: It is true
PM: Wht??
Me: I mean I do sleep on weekends... ;P
PM: I was talking 'bout the 2nd line
Me: Tht is just my creativity oozing out (How can i steal ur weekdays job)
PM: better be just tht..
Me: (Actually i had added 'till appraisal' to the second line but then on second thoughts removed tht part.. hello where r u going?? Dont u have enuf brains to get the idea tht i want a raise.. hey.. listen)

But, he went away... :(

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Trip update..

Sorry for the late update on the short trip to Kashid. Kashid lies around 20 km ahead of Alibaug n the beach is popular among ppl coz it has probably one of the cleanest beaches around. Korlai, a small hamlet near Kashid is also famous for it's beach n fort. The rocky beach on the other side of Korlai is worth a visit. If u r halting for around 2 days then u may also visit the Alibaug fort (we didnt), Birla Temple at Revdand n Dutt Temple at choul. Serene places n amazing getaway from the cacophony of the city. Dont worry if u cant visit coz u can see some of the pics I have uploaded. Happy weekend.. c ya ltrz.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Marriages are made in heaven.. or is it Taj Blue Diamond

Came from Kashid on Sunday night (more on the outing in next post). Was totally void of energy but somehow got up on Monday n went to the office. After coming to the office I noticed in the washroom how horrible I was looking (tht day). The french beard i had was almost covered by the rest of unshaven part. Had worn a tee n a old pair of loose jeans, which could have easily slipped off if the belt was not in place. Could find no excuses for avoiding the work which is piling up, courtesy the pre-poned schedule of execution phase (I hate preparation phase now). Somehow as the day was reaching to an end, I got a call. (Not frm God like in 1 nite@Call centre coz i dont work there)

Anyways, the call was frm home. Mom was telling me to have food outside coz she was going to attend a marriage in Taj Blue Diamond. My mom has now stopped asking me to accompany for the marriages since last 4 years. Lets begin frm there...FLASHBACK --- I am originally a Rajasthani. But, our generations have settled in Maharashtra n 99% of my frnds are Maharashtrians since childhood. So, except the language i dont know anything about my supposedly native place. Now, in our community marriages used to take place in childhood. After modernisation has come into place, the age level has increased. But, still in some families gals are married off at 'bout 18 n guys around 20-21. Luckily my parents r not in this grp of thinkers n have not given a thought for mine. So, whenevr I went to attend marriages around 4-5 yrs back, I was cornered by ppl eager to give their daughter's hand. I m very opposed to this system n so after attending one such marriage, came home n a swear word slipped frm my mouth against an elderly person. So tht was the beginning of my mom not asking me to accompany later for any marriages (including my cousins')... n I am still grateful for tht.

So I agreed to have food outside (though frankly I wanted to go to Blue Diamond.. but no) n resumed my work. Around 20-25 min ltr my mama (maternal uncle) called me up n said tht he was waiting below my office n wanted me to come down. When I went there, he was in a car sitting with my mom n mami (uncle’s wife). They all were going for tht wedding nhe was insisting tht I too go along with them. I explained to him tht I was in no mood for attending a wedding but he didn’t budge. So I pulled on a sweater n went along. (I mean went up the stairs, luckily had a sweater in my locker n then went down) The hotel was buzzing with ppl in resplendent clothes which made me more n more awkward n giving me the feeling of being an odd man out. Soon enuf as the news spread tht Dr. Sharma’s son who has finished his graduation n is currently working is here.. I was literally dragged in a corner by 2 men n then started a barrage of questions Wht I was doing currently n then the date of birth n stuff like tht. In the mean time I was thinking how to while away 1 more hour so I started looking frm the corner of my eye at a grp of gals hoping to find a gud looking one n coincidentally she being one of those men’s daughter. But to no avail… atleast tht would have kept me busy during the wedding ceremony. Generally I restrain myself frm cracking jokes in front of such ppl, but then one of those gentlemen seemed cool enuf to bear tht so.... My mom had told him tht I wanted to study further for my PG n had no intention of marrying so soon. He countered tht with saying tht the right age for a boy to marry is 20-21. I shook his hand n said tht “I am desperate for marriage since last year but my mom wont let me think of it. Pls tell her to let me marry” n after saying tht took off frm there to meet another relative. I didn’t dare to look back at mom’s face… he he he. The wedding ceremony was over n when my turn came to congratulate the couple I was confused to whom to hand over the gift. Simply coz I wasn’t aware frm whose side I was attending. Lolzzz. But since the bride was shy n looking down (they have to act like tht???) I handed the gift to the groom, had food n then left for home.

Don’t know whether I will be attending any marriages in near future but…
Old ppl used to annoy me at weddings by pinching my cheeks n saying u r next. But they stopped doing tht when I did the same to them at funerals

Friday, November 25, 2005

Hot n Spicy

The title is neither the name of a Chinese hotel at ur street's corner nor a soup on its menu, but is the name of a recent movie. Garam=Hot n Masala=Spice. So Garam Masala, true to it's name is hot n spicy. Hot coz the 3 leggy new actresses add to the movie's oomph quotient while spicy coz they r staying with the same guy but get to know 'bout it at the end (movie's end .. not the guy's end lolzz). Akshay Kumar (AK) n John Abraham (JA) play the roles of photographers working with a glossy magz company. So the start is ofcourse an eyeful of foreign chicas grooving to the music n posing for these dudes. AK is already on the verge of getting married to Rimii Sen, but he has a disease called as 'roving eye' which makes her almost walk over him. Then AK with help of a colleague manages to rope in 3 air-hostesses to be his g/fs ... n look at his luck .. all r working with different airlines. AK is very efficiently managing his office work (???) n triple-timing the flight timings with the help of his cook (Paresh Rawal) n mechanic (Rajpal Yadav). JA comes to know 'bout this n as a true frnd comes to share the burden ;). Chaos rules the house n both do some stupid n funny stuff to keep the 3 gals out of each other's reach. But the gals find out the plan n phhhhuuuuussss.. a typical Hindi movie ending with AK going with RS.

Except a few funny incidents n AK's good timing, not much can be expected frm this movie (inspite it being Priyadarshan's). JA looked good in Dhoom but looks better n cool in this.. no wonder Bips is all gung-ho over him (the roles could have been interchanged betn Akshay n John). But being his first venture in comedy, he doesnt come good. Neha Dhupia n Rimii Sen have a blink-n-miss role.. suits them. Paresh Rawal n Rajpal Yadav r wasted. The new heroines... dont know their names.. even the director might have forgotten till now.. are just to please the front benchers n demand more whistles as the movie progresses. Have read tht this movie is based on the real life of Akshay Kumar who was two timing with some actresses b4 his marriage. The music is gr8 n the song Ada is the rage of the town. Even if critics say tht the movie isn't funny, it is declared a hit all over.
My rating: OK.. worth one dekko

Also saw Harry Potter.. but nothing happened in the movie till interval. Also they created enthu by the superb stadium n didnt show the match. Emma Watson looked amazing when she descended the steps for the dance. Finished... thts it!! Read the book instead.

Going on a short trip to Kashid this weekend .. c ya on Monday.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Gimme a FIVE

Parag had tagged me last week... so here we go

Five movies/shows/sitcoms I'd watch anytime
1. Sarfarosh n Andaz Apna Apna
2. Gr8 Indian Laughter Challenge - selected acts n Office Office
3. Tht 70s' Show n Seinfeld
4. Phone Booth, Unfaithful n Wild Things
5. Fusion flicks ... not every but i like some of them

well the nos. r five ... :P

Five things I miss now
1. Sleeping till noon
2. Jogging on the hills in the evenings.. i really miss vetal/hanuman tekdi
3. Bunking lectures n telling the Head of Dept. tht i was representing our college in the inter-collegiate matches ;) n he agreeing to all my stories :) .. instead we all used to play on the college grnd
4. Sitting on the terrace n watch eagles soar high up in the sky ... one of my fav passtime
5. Daily dose of Durga cold-coffee .. Day-b4yest the waiter inquired if i had become very busy coz i was not coming regularly in the evenings... i wasn't aware tht even the waiter knew me (or is it tht only he knows me :P) ... first i thought he was offering me his job... he he he.

Five favourite music bands/performers
1. Enrique
2. Any of the combination betn. KK, Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sonu Nigam, Sadhana Sargam n Shaan
3. Robbie Williams
4. Euphoria
5. Jagjit Singh

Five favourite lines
1. Where life had no value, death sometimes had its price - For a Few Dollars More
2. I am/We r leaving ... Amey uses it in restaurants when the service is very slow. Also, it is one of Paresh Rawal's line frm the movie Garam Masala
3. Hum jahaan khade hote hain line wahin se shuru hoti hain - Amitabh ... i like to add to it aur wahin par khatam ho jati hai :P
4. Corner seats hain na? ... Haan ek yeh corner ka aur doosra us corner ka - again Amir but frm Rangeela
5. Tejaa main hoon... mark idhar hai - Paresh Rawal frm Andaz Apna Apna

Five Things I want to do
1. Stay young forever (if possible.. my Aurora shld be brilliant enuf to ask Zeus for tht)2. Go globe-trotting
3. Not just plan but do something 'bout my PG
4. Read interesting books n interesting is a very relative term
5. Watch a hell lot of movies n write reviews .. lol .. i know this will be true

Five guys who will help spread this venereal disease
Why shld only five of them be later blamed for spreading this. So I tag each n everyone reading this. Leave back a comment here when u r done with it

Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Experiments with Truth - M.K. Gandhi

I don't like ppl who lie. I mean if it is just for the sake of fun n not causing any harm to others, it is ok... i m into it 24x7. But, not otherwise. If u remember I had written a couple of posts back tht I had just completed my probation period with my current employer. But, for bagging a new project I was told by my manager to lie about a few things which I was very awkward telling the client. I won't go into the details of it but I feel tht u shld get work on ur merit or capability to do it n not by bragging. Another incident which pissed me was around a couple of weeks ago. During a client visit, everybody was asked to dress up in formals. Why to pretend in front of them? Let them know tht we -work- here... why shld it matter wht we wear or don't wear. I m not at all comfortable in formals. The first time i wore them was when i was a co-host for a programme n i was like "How am i to speak wearing this neck-gripping tie? uggghhh ... save me pls." Anyways, all of us came dressed up for the client visit n the client representatives were dressed down.. literally. I mean the guy was wearing a 3/4th n a tee & the gal was in a micromini. Yeah.... a micromini... not a common sight here, so no wonder all guys were ogling at her. I was discussing this with one of my seniors, who had recently come frm Singapore (where the client is based), 'bout this casual vs formal stuff. He said tht wht the clientele was wearing was almost the same they wear daily at work. I almost fell frm the chair "WHAT!! If the gal wears tht stuff daily then wht does she wear in casuals... a bikini?" ... lol. This time he fell frm the chair ;). Anyways, wht I want to say is tht i can work in a comfy environment n clothes I wear do count for me.

Ok enuf of bitching about the company. One of the things I like here is tht we r allowed to listen to music. Not many of my frnds have tht privilege in their companies. Currently my playlist consists of:

You are my no. 1 - Enrique ..... Beautiful lyrics
Chodo na Mujhe - Rules
Kabhi Phool Dena - Bombay Vikings .... Amazing lyrics with an equally amazing backgrnd score
Dil Jo Bhi Kahey - Dil Jo Bhi Kahey
Ada - Garam Masala
Dil Samunder - Garam Masala
Tu Kaun Hai - Lucky Ali
Ishq di galli - No Entry .... Catchy tune n i feel like dancing
Aashayein - Iqbal
Guilty - Blue
Ishq Hai Jhoota - Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena
Summer of 69 - Indianised version .... earlier i thought they just messed up the song but with the flute n Hindi wordings it is awesome
Aaja Piya - Remix ... probably the only remix which i luv
Tera Intezaar - Rahul Vaidya ... i cant believe i m listening to one of the voices frm Indian Idol
Kase Sartil Saye - Diwas Ase ki .... one of the most fav song

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Who am I?

I m a Rogue .. yeah.. thts wht one of the sites says when I took their test. I totally agree with the result. Infact my frnds call me a sweet rogue... so no clashing of views on this. Parag n Suraj have also taken the test n both are Wizards. I know both of them since many years, so I can say tht the result is just perfect. If u want to find out who u r then just scroll down a bit n click the link on the right sidebar.

My result says:

You're clever, funny, and full of surprises. If you're still in school, you're probably the class clown. If you work, you're probably on the verge of being fired - but who cares? Your job's boring anyway. When it comes to leisure, you'd rather watch cartoons, crash a wild party, or stage a practical joke than have an elegant tea with your grandma. You're not big on being "civilized" or following "rules" such as that pesky "speed limit." Above all, you're a trendsetter and a force of chaos. You see tradition as something to be questioned, structure as something to be toppled. You're popular, charming, and entertaining to be around. You'd make a great actor, comedian, or a rock musician. Everyone loves having you at parties, because with you there, no one has a chance of getting bored.

Your Mission:
You were put on this earth to humble people. They will be easy victims, because they're attracted to your charm and wit, and they're too slow to see what you're doing behind their backs. You are the one who has to pull the rug out from under the big guy, because let's face it - you're the only one who can get away with it. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to Get Away With Something. Something small, or something big (but please, something legal). Make your boss laugh at himself. Get money for a homeless shelter by posing as a panhandler. Do coin tricks for kids. Get away with an awful pun. Run for governor of California. Get away with SOMETHING.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Give me your blood, I will give you freedom: S.C.Bose

Last week I donated blood for the 10th time... i m keeping track of all my donations coz recently i read an interview of a man who was donating it for the 100th time. I m not far away... just another 0 to go... :). So when I reached Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, the doctor told me tht I was called upon to donate blood for an emergency heart operation. She also introduced me to the patient's son. He had earlier called upon the services of his frnds but some of them had failed the test on various grnds like less haemoglobin count or high blood pressure (the hospital atmosphere sends shivers in some ppls bodies). Alongwith me was another man... probably in his mid 30s'. This dude was donating for the 1st time.. i guessed tht immd. frm his questions while filling out the form. This man n myself were called in at the same time. Since i had been there earlier i straightaway went in n sat on one of the cots. Now, this man didn't know where to sit but he started acting as if he visited there regularly. I think he assumed tht i was scared of donating n he started mumbling something like "It is very painful... big needles" just to scare me off. Since I almost was confident tht it was his 1st time, i kept my mouth shut (an unusual thing though) n waited for the expected fun. The nurse took my form first n after the preliminary tests started the procedure. I could look frm the corner of my eye tht the man was disappointed coz I didn't wince even once. Then the nurse proceeded to do the same with him. After about a minute or so, his machine started beeping. The reason was tht his blood flow rate was very slow. So the nurse took out the needle frm his right hand n a new needle was inserted in his left. When the donation was over this dude had both his hands folded up frm his elbows. When the coffee was served he couldnt unfold his hands n was looking at me gulping down my cuppa. When I was leaving, his coffee was already cold n I couldnt stop myself frm saying "The coffee was nice. Sorry u couldnt enjoy it ;)" Gosh I m so mean... but thts me. Anyways, I appeal u all to donate blood regularly. Or atleast do it during emergencies like I do.

Monday, November 07, 2005

No. 1 .. but counting backwards

It amazes me to see tht so many directors are obsessed or superstitious when it comes to the names of their movies. Rakesh Roshan n Karan Johar suffer frm the K-syndrome. On similar lines, David Dhawan has suffix No. 1 to almost all his movies. No matter whtevr result the movie gets at the box-office, these ppl don't leave their old habits. But dont they understand tht simply by naming ur movie alongwith No. 1 at the end doesn't create a blockbuster. It needs a good script n a decent crowd of actors, who can act.

Was witness to a horrible movie this Saturday by David Dhawan which goes by the name Shaadi No.1. Shaadi in Hindi means wedding. The movie begs, borrows n steals heavily from some forgettable flicks Masti n No Entry. The story (if i am permitted to use this word for this movie) is simple. Three guys, who have become disinterested in their wives due to their continuous refusal to go to bed, start looking outside for some enjoyment. They soon find 3 gals with the help of their boss (the 3 gals r the boss's daughters'). Then the usual sing-n-dance routines in the beautiful locales of France. Ultimately, with the help of a long-lost brother the couples r reunited n then the audience has to suffer the be faithful.. love ur wife... blah blah blah. The actors who should be arrested for being a part of this disaster are

Cocaine Khan ... oops i mean the stylish Fardeen Khan
Zayed Khan ... uggghhhh
Sharman Joshi .... "Excuse me" who is he???? (remember him frm the movie Style)
Ayesha Takia ... it seems her lips have been permanently set to smile...even in emotional scenes
Soha Ali Khan ... she reminds me of Pinocchio
Esha Deol ... no matter how bad she acts, starkids will continue to get movie offers
Riya Sen ... only looks n nothing else
Aarti Chabria ... less said the better
"Dr. Love" Sophie...i understand tht not all VJs' can act, but atleast they shld be able to deliver a dialogue
Sanjay Dutt ... a brother in need is a brother indeed... pls stop tht Punjabi accent

There is no storyline, no acting... only Sharman has a better timing for some comedy. The guys look blank, wives r totally dressed up n the temptresses r totally dressed down. Songs have forgettable lyrics.. only the "Dil nahi toda karte" is worth listening for one time. The director David Dhawan, actor Govinda n No. 1 tag used to create magic a few years ago. Probably, David is missing Goliath... i mean Govinda. Govinda can return to films.. as it is he is doing nothing in politics.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Roaming here n there.....

Went to Mahabaleshwar on Monday with college frnds. Don't be surprised to read tht this was my first visit to Mahabaleshwar. More surprise... i found it not worth of another visit. But probably the reasons might be tht the climate was not cool as it is most of the times (atleast thts wht i have heard) n also after seeing amazing hill stations like Shimla, Shillong, Darjeeling n Dalhousie... Mahabaleshwar didn't seem like a 'to chill out' place. Add to it paying the taxes all along the road.. it is bullshit. Pollution tax, toll for crossing frm Pune to Old M'shwar, again for crossing frm Old M'shwar to New M'shwar, vehicle tax (also include rate per head count)... boy oh boy!! How come ppl visit this place 2-3 times a month? Luckily Tushar had been around here many times (25 or 26.. omg), so he knew which points to visit... though at many times near a bifurcation he used to look in one dirn n point to the other one. Anyways had a good time on Tabletop where we got to sit in a giant wheel. It was exhilarating especially when it had no safety harness n locking rods. Had to clutch the sides of the basket... wooohhoooo!!! Will post pics in a few days.

Since AnonymousBlogger is full of praise for my reviews here is another one.... lol. Seems my company is bent to take me on outings coz went to Bashos' for celebrating one more successful project completion (i m now working on a small 15 day project.. maybe another party in offing). Bashos' is located in Koregaon Park way ahead from Burger King. The name comes frm a great Haiku poet (if u follow Veggiebabe's blog u will know wht a Haiku is). It is more famous for the hookas they serve rather than the food. If i had known this earlier i would have stuck to my lunchbox. Anyways, the food was good there. I hate smoking (n smokers too), but since the hookas were non-tobacco gave it a try. We have to inhale flavoured steam n exhale it ... wht the hell is so innovative in this. If u have had cold then u already did this ... putting a towel on ur head. So the result was tht the hooka really pissed me n now I dislike smoking more. Bashos' serve around 10 flavours of hooka n only one flavour of icecream... tht is bad. U will understand this if u are an avid lover of icecreams. Posted some pics so tht u get a -sniff- of wht we inhaled there.

Heartfelt condolences for all the relatives of the victims in the New Delhi blasts. Outgoing Chief Justice Of India R.C.Lahoti in his outgoing speech said "India lacks the political will to fight against terrorism. Has anyone thought why America wasn't attacked again after 9/11. We have to learn something." One of my fav teachers Prof. B.G.Kulkarni passed away last week. Also, my frnd Saurabh's gr'mother passed away. May their souls rest in peace.

Tomorrow India take on Srilanka in the 4th cricket one day match in this very city n I m not able to get my hands on tickets of any price. May the best team (read India) win n the spectators get to see Sachin n Sehwag kick the asses of the islanders.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Traditionally Tagged

Harshal has tagged me to write the 5th line from my 23rd post. Now, the problem is tht in my 23rd post, the total count of lines is just 3 alongwith a cute pic of Alicia Silverstone. So, i will bend the rules a bit n the 5th line frm the 24th post is:

Hard luck for Narain n the important thing was tht he had a good start.

Seems the hard luck frm my 24th post dogged him until my 99th one (tht's when the Formula 1 season ended).

Anyways now to continue the tagging game, wht the ppl below have to do is go to ur 25th post n reproduce the 5th line. When u pass on the tags further, just increment the post number by 1... i.e, 26th. Simple, isn't it?

  • AnonymousBlogger
  • Parag
  • Veggiebabe
  • Ritu
  • Squishy

In the event of Diwali, the festival of lights, my company had organised 'Traditional Day'. All were expected to wear some kind of traditional attire, but some of them were not enthu n had come dressed up as usual. I had donned a sulwar-kurta with a Himachali jacket (also a typical Himachali cap but since i don't like it, i kept it in my lockers). U can see some of the pics here.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Medium Pace... Medium Taste

I m neither in favour of keeping bowler Zaheer Khan in the Indian cricket team n nor out of it. But, surely i want to keep myself out of his new restaurant ZK's. Had gone there a couple of days back to celebrate the successful completion of our project (my first project in the company). The ambience is good n the location is fantastic (near the Lullanagar junction, a stone throw away frm the Manikchand Malabar complex). It is a two-storeyed hotel with a decent sitting space on the first floor n a bar on the second. Each n every item like the dishes, menu card, tables n even the walls have patterned criss-cross lines (not stumps) as a design... though for me tht seemed like scratches made by an angry customer... lol. The good thing is tht they don't have weird names for the food items like Chakke chuda de or stuff like tht. Being a veggie, I will comment only on the veg food served. The taste of the food is on a sweeter side. Even when we asked for a dish to be made more spicier, it was not sweet but almost near it. Probably, the location attracts more foreigners n to suit their tastes they must be cooking tht way. My carnivorous colleagues seemed quite satisfied with their foodspread. A very funny incident left us in peals of laughter when Rahul n Amol ordered 'Litchi topped with icecream'. Oh n the rates are not very heavy on the pocket but the food will ensure tht u feel a twinge while paying the tab. Posted few pics too.

I m currently infatuated (yup, not in luv) by two lovely ladies since last 3-4 days. The first one is Katrina Kaif (don't mind even if Salman Khan threatens me over phone). Numerous hoardings have dotted the city landscape featuring her with a slogan "A new sun is about to rise in the city". Don't know which product she is endorsing but the other day my manager asked me "Is she opening a restaurant?". I was not in a mood to answer, so said "Don't know! But she didn't tell me 'bout it." Luckily I got away unscathed..:). The second one is a gal who is conducting training sessions for the development teams in our company. Don't know her name n won't be able to know it either coz i m not in those teams, but she is very beautiful (note it.. not sexy but beautiful). Here is a song for her: 'Kahaan se tu aati hai, Kahaan ko tu jaati hai.. tu kaun hai' sung by Lucky Ali frm the movie Bhopal Express. Listen to it n u will get to know wht i m feeling.. :)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Richmonds SUCKS!!!

Will come to the reason for the title later. Had gone to Vir-da dhaba a few days back. The last time I had gone there was for a treat from my colleagues in the company when they had got a salary rise. This time though went with my college frnds. When we were on the highway, we saw a very nasty accident (saw in the sense it had already taken place). I saw a man (Ankur says he saw 2) lying down near a scooter, probably some truck might have hit him. Not a single vehicle on the expressway stopped to help the victim/s n some pedestrians were just silent observers. Nobody wishes to face the police inquiry fearing tht he/she would be falsely implicated. The worse part was tht we all were on the other side of the highway so couldn't cross to help them. But, then heard an ambulance siren n hoping tht the persons were still alive we proceeded to the dhaba. When we reached the dhaba, it wasn't crowded as the last time. But, the owner was playing loud music which was very irritating since the songs his taste was very bad (tht simply means not matching with mine.. lol). Soon we were devouring food n got involved in our conversations tht we totally forgot 'bout the accident .. well tht is life. Anyways had a good time but missed the dholwala (he plays only on saturday). Then decided to go to the local coffee shop Durga. But while coming Suraj's bike got punctured, luckily found a garage nearby n got it repaired. When we reached Durga it was overcrowded (as usual) but since we wanted a place to sit we opted for the newly opened branch of Richmonds on the opposite side of the road. The shop which is known for the icecreams it serves had enough space to accomodate us. We ordered cold coffee n it sucked big time. It was HORRIBLE. All the good taste our tongues were carrying after a fulfilling meal was washed away. So anyone going to Durga, stick to it even if it means sitting on ur bike outside. U can see the 'R' of Richmonds in the pic.. right hand top

Dad came back last evening from a month long tour to Ladakh. He saw the Pakistan n China borders n the bunkers of the Chinese army frm our army's posts. He has got some amazing snaps of Ladakh n the wildlife there which (i hope) i will get scanned n post it. Time to buy a digital camera to avoid the scanning task ... but then u all will be bombarded with my pics which i think u won't like.. he he he.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Movie Review

Saw the movie Mein Meri Patni Aur Woh a few days ago. I was expecting a laughter riot but it was not the case. But, this film can surely bring smiles on ur face. The cast includes Rajpal Yadav and Rituparna Sengupta with Kay Kay Menon and Varun Badola having small roles. The story revolves around a librarian (Yadav) who lives a modest life with a modest height of 5'2". He has given up the hope of marriage until he meets a gal (Sengupta) who is much taller than him but they share common interests. Soon they get married n then the husband starts feeling tht all the males around him r bent on stealing his beautiful wife frm him. Also, he fears tht the height difference might become the reason for his wife to leave him. The different ways he tries to shield his wife frm the stares of ppl is very funny. When the gal's college frnd (having a very charismatic personality and above all a good height) pops up in their neighbourhood, our short hero feels tht he has now lost his wife to her frnd. The last 10-15 min are boring with a high melodrama. But, the whole movie is good with a very realistic approach.

I can't think of any actor other than Rajpal Yadav to fit into the hero's shoes (not just the height but to suit the simplicity of the portrayed character). Though Rituparna (nice name) is a Bengali actress, her Hindi is good. Kay Kay Menon is as usual superb. Two songs, one at the time of marriage n other is a ghazal, are very well sung n have really good lyrics. If u r not an ardent fan of typical Bollywood masala films, a very simple movie which will delight u.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nature's fury

After tsunami in the southern Asian region, the western parts of Maharashtra faced torrential rains. Then US received devastating hurricanes. Now, Pakistan n the northern parts of India are recovering from a massive earthquake. Let us hope tht the victims rebuild their lives soon. Man has made tremendous progress in all fields but time will tell whether nature or mankind will have the last laugh.

Leaving u some pics from the regions which looked better when I was visiting there a couple of years ago.

Wish all of u a very happy Dusshera. May peace, joy n victory be with all of u.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Say Cheese!

This is the result when u r working (also listening to songs) n someone walks to ur desk with a camera, calls u n clicks... :)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Everyone is invited

I had been thinking of these posts since the last week, so will put it down in this single post. Here we go...

Apart from the regular readers, lotz of ppl are coming to my page frm all over the world. As different are their locations, so are their search words. The most common search word used is "my space". I have no idea what ppl are looking for by running such searches. A major chunk of the crowd is coming after searching for "The Great Indian Laughter Challenge" n "Navin Prabhakar video" **. This search was not only frm India/Asia, but also frm US n Europe. Someone frm Dubai reached my page when he/she searched for "bollywood sex scenes" ...????... how the hell my blog provides sex scenes. If i see some sex scene in a movie i might write a review on it... but no way have i or will upload it, so pls don't waste ur time here.. lol. Somebody ran a search for "Salman's pics" in the movie No Entry n somewhere else someone wanted "Bipasha's pics" frm the same film. Someone had searched for "how to prepare maggi noodles". If u buy a packet of noodles, the preparation method is written on it (infact in 3 languages here). My other blog which showcases some pics also received searches for "Ragging pics". Regarding the locations frm where they are browsing is something very amazing. From HSBC Hong Kong, i have a regular reader who spends around 5-7 minutes regularly. I don't know if i have visited tht person's blog but anyways thnx for the regular visits. Then some of them have logged in frm London School of Economics, University of Chicago (not the exact name but was something like this). And yes, I also see Suraj logging frm Mysore frm the Infy training centre, Gangadhar frm Bangalore (both with, AnonBlogger frm Edmonton (, Squishy frm Tampa (doesn't show the network), Barbie frm Indiana.... n many more but i don't know who lives where. So, do keep coming to keep the visitor's count ticking. If any non-blogger wants to leave a message, I have added a guestbook too.

The affaire d'honneur between Ganguly n Chappell was interesting to watch but a major setback for the team as well as a huge disappointment for an Indian cricket fan. BCCI worsened the matters by leaking the coach's mail (i assume it was to be kept confidential) to the whole public. I still can't believe tht Chappell's mail regarding Ganguly's performance lies in my inbox right now. Till now we used to lose in the finals, but now it seems tht winning even the league matches will be difficult. My personal opinion: Ganguly shld step down. Talking more 'bout sports, Sania features on the cover of Times magazine, which is indeed a gr8 achievement for her. I just wish tht she doesn't get boged down by her dress critics or by the rush of endorsements.

I completed my six months of training n went thro' a drill of interviews for the confirmation of my job. Still one interview with the CEO yet to be completed. More 'bout it laterz.

** Seeing the popularity of the video, here is another one by Raju Srivastava (laughing n lazy news reader)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Paheli (english meaning riddle) has been chosen to be sent for the Oscars from India. Directed by Amol Palekar*, it has Rani Mukherjee n Shahrukh Khan as the lead actors. Since, I haven't seen this movie (courtesy SRK hate factor) can't comment on the story n the acting. But, charging ahead in the competition with Swades, Parineeta n such films it definitely has to be different. Let us hope it goes on to achieve what Lagaan couldn't.

*Amol Palekar is one of my fav actors. I wanted to see Paheli only 'coz of his direction but.... Anyways, seeing his pictures n interviews frm yesterday (after the nomination was announced) reminded me of some of his good movies. Some of my fav movies starring him are Golmaal (ultimate combination alongwith Utpal Dutt), Gharonda (if I m not wrong, his onscreen name is Sudeep), Chitchor, Choti Si Baat.... list is long. I luv the songs more when Yesudas has lent his voice. Among the songs I like humming to Jaaneman Jaaneman - Choti Si Baat, Ek Akela/Do diwane shehar mein - Gharonda, Aanewala Pal - Golamaal. Wishing best of luck to the whole team....

P.S.: Yet I feel tht Parineeta shld have been sent ... the 'Lolita' stuff might appeal the foreign community.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


The original look is back in place. The font size n alignment were not matching with the space provided for posting. PHEW!! Last night itself I vowed tht I would not write a post by mail again. But 5-10 minutes after that a "News" on the main blogspot page grabbed my attention. From what I read it seems to be a small software for posting if the blogger is using MS Word. Now my last post was edited in MS Outlook which uses Word to format. Hmmm.... thinking of giving it a try after downloading it. Blogspot deserves a mention for making the homepage better. The new addidtions like updated blogs give it a nice look. But, I m feeling happy seeing my page return to the normal look.

The city has also returned to it's normal state. The clashes between the police forces and a bunch of hooligans had brought disrepute to the city's clean 112 yr record of the Ganesh idol immersion festival. Police had to resort to lathi charge n use tear gas shells to disperse the angry mob who wanted to go against the 10 pm loudspeaker deadline set by the Supreme Court. Many innocent ppl had to bear the brunt of the Rapid Action Force. Each yr I actively participate, but thnx to my mom, who fell a bit ill tht I decided to stay home tht night otherwise would have landed in some hospital. It was the first time I watched the procession on television.

Speaking 'bout normal, the roads are back to their 'normal state' after heavy rains lashed the city. The patchy tar work which was done has come out and the whole landscape is now full of beautiful potholes with each having the size almost of a small swimming pool. If the water logged in those was clear I bet u would find me having some fun with some beauties... he he he.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


This is another test post by mail. If u r new here or u have a poor memory (lol), then to inform u tht the last time I tried posting by mail, the sidebar went haywire. The simple reason was tht Yahoo doesn’t provide ‘justified’ option for the mail. So now, I m sending this frm my company id.

UPDATE: Now does it look normal????

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Laughter season

I m very happy seeing the promos of one of my fav serial Seinfeld on Star World. I don't mind if they repeat the old seasons coz I love tht show. Meanwhile Star One, which has some good sitcoms like Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, did a good job to showcase some of India's budding comedians in the Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Although Sunil Pal won the finals, the best act according to me was "Bar Girl Call" by Navin Prabhakar (he stood overall fourth). I have uploaded the video clipping* of the same.

* Some of u might not understand the language 'coz the video is in Hindi. But if u have time, worth watching his expressions of a bar-gal who calls up a client.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Ganesh Utsav is back and the rains n floods haven't dampened the enthusiasm of the festival though the pandals have cut down their expenses. Lord Ganesh is the God of Wisdom. May he shower all of u with his blessings n bring lots of happiness in each ones' life. Do read the links provided. Happy Ganesh Utsav!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

No Entry review!

After a very long time got to see a plain comedy movie. "No Entry" is in similar lines of "Masti" with 3 friends in the role of straying husbands, but No Entry does not have any double-meaning jokes as were in Masti. Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan n Fardeen Khan pair up respectively with Lara Dutta, Esha Deol n Celina Jaitley and the xtra zing is provided by Bipasha Basu in the role of a bar-dancer. A casual fling with the bar-dancer lands these men in a trouble (they r caught by the ladies) n they try to hide it by introducing her as other's wife. The resulting chaos creates a hilarious situation which is well portrayed. Wht I liked more is tht some actors who deserve less role in the movie r shown in just a few appropriate scenes. On the music score only the song "Ishq di galli vich No Entry" is foot-tapping. Keep ur brains at home n have a good laugh.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Let's try!

This is a trial post from the mail. The bad thing 'bout this is tht I can't post pictures alongwith. Also, can't keep the writing colourful. Or can I? Let us see if splashing some colour here does the trick. If this works fine, then tomorrow I will post (or mail) a movie review (lol... u r trapped again to read another one).
Another thing I wanted to say is tht now I know atleast the name .... Sean Ryann... lol (surprised??). Ok.. u had it on ur profile contact section but since i turned on my comments-by-mail option i got it in my inbox.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Out at last!

Engineering College is like a public toilet. The people outside r desperate to go inside n the ppl inside r dying to come outside.

Many of u might not agree on this but tht's my pt of view. Anyways heartiest congratulations to the 2005 batch for their success. Best of luck for ur future endeavours.

P.S.: Just remember to wash ur hands.. lol

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

HR Calls

I m trying to figure out how to post via e-mail. If anyone knows 'bout it pls help. This post was pending since a long time. I had listed HR calls (HR- Human Resources) as one of my turn-off. The reason might be:

I joined this company in March this year. Till date I haven't given my office phone no to anyone and also never disclosed my desk extension no. I didn't feel the need for it coz all those wishing to contact me have my cell or home no. So after I joined here, hardly 1 week later my desk phone rang. On picking it up, a very sweet voice of a gal greeted me n said "Hello! Can I speak to Sudeep please?". Thinking that the call was from someone within the company I said "Hi! Yeah...I m Sudeep." Before I could ask who she was, she started off "I m --- (don't remember the name) calling from a job consultancy firm. We have a few job openings in (our company's main competitor name). So r u interested? Are u comfortable talking on this line otherwise give me ur cell no. so tht I will speak with u ltr". First I was stumped but gathering back my wits i asked "I don't have a cell ;). But, can I get a job on just 1 week experience?" "I thought u would have atleast 2-3 mths exp. Gimme ur e-mail id so tht when there is a vacancy suitable for u, I can contact u". I heard someone coming from behind so I disconnected the call. 5 min. later it struck me tht how would the gal know my name before hand. Discussing it with some frnds (they too get such calls), we figured out tht our company itself must be giving the task of such hoax calls to keep an eye on the aspirations of the employees. But, how silly of the caller of disclosing my name (n mine not to catch it immediately).

Then few days before I posted my turn-ons' n turn-offs' a call went like this:
Me: "Hello"
Caller: "Can I know whose extension is this?"
"Sudeep n Santosh"
"And I m talking with..."
"Hi Sudeep. I m Neha speaking from XYZ Consultancy. We have some openings for candidates with exp. less than 1 yr. So, r u interested or shld I call on u ltr on ur cell?"
"I joined last Monday, so I don't feel like leaving now"
"Ok. Give me ur mail id so tht...."
"Better way u give ur id so tht when i feel like quitting i will contact u"
"The id is (she blurted out something). Can I speak to Santosh?"
"No he is not here right now."
"When will be he back?"
"He is probably in the toilet with a stomach upset. So I can't tell."
Beep... Beep.. She disconnected the phone n I punched my fists in air like I won a big battle. On seeing this Santosh asked "Wht happened?" I said "Got bored hitting the keyboard keys so just loosening up my hands"... lol

I just want to tell the HR ppl tht I m not planning to leave u (so soon), so pls stop bugging me with those calls.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


All sites have been blocked in company ... add it with the new project workload means no time to log in frm home ... so less no. of posts n also less no. of comments on ur blogs ... pls bear with me.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Super Challenge post review

Sometime back I had posted the "Super Challenge" Rest of the World team. The playing team was officially declared yesterday.

Just a crosscheck:

My list Their list

1. Virendra Sehwag (IND) Selected
2. Sanath Jayasuriya (SRL) Shahid Afridi
3. Jacques Kallis (SAF) Selected
4. Brian Lara (WI) Selected
5. Yousuf Youhana (PAK) Herschelle Gibbs
6. Kumar Sangakkara (SRL) Selected
7. Andrew Flintoff (ENG) Selected
8. Irfan Pathan (IND) Shaun Pollock
9. Daniel Vettori (NZL) Selected
10. Muthiah Murlitharan (SRL) Selected
11. Darren Gough (ENG) Shoaib Akthar

Reserve Force:
12. Sachin Tendulkar (IND) Selected
13. Marcus Trescothick (ENG) Kevin Pieterson
14. Brendon McCullum (NZL) ---
15. Makhaya Ntini (SAF) Selected

I had selected 15 players while the team has 14 ...
so --- seen in the list.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Oops!!.. I did it again - Britney Spears

Ketan Mehta, director of Mangal Pandey - The Rising (see previous post), in an interview declared tht he is planning a movie on Rani Laxmibai, another historical figure from the same era. I think he is definitely planning to rewrite history as per his discretion. The role of the brave Rani Laxmibai will be played by Aishwarya Rai. Hmm... tht is one reason to go to the theatre.. ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mangal... Mangal.. Mangal

Even after two days I m still wondering whether Mangal Pandey-The Rising was a historic film or a soft-porn. The way the director deals with the story, it seems to explore the sex-lives of the Generals of East India Company (EIC) n not the life of the hero of the 1857 Indian Uprising. For beginners, Mangal Pandey was an Indian soldier on the payrolls of EIC. He played a pivotal role in the 1857 Uprising (in the current sixth/seventh grade history books, his bravery is described in just one line). So, the director (...remember his film Maya Memsaab) has stretched this one line into a two-n-half hour movie. How? Tht's simple.. put in some sleazy scenes n a couple of 'item-songs'. I m not averse to sex-scenes in movies (Bollywood is coming out of age n i m happy for tht), but the director seems to have forgotten wht an outrage it might generate in the hero-worshipping community (..national heroes do not have any vice). Also a recent book has been published "Mangal Pandey: Martyr or Accidental Hero".

Mangal Pandey (played by Amir Khan) n his officer, Gordon (Toby Stephens) r shown as frnds who do mud-wrestling n drink bhang (alcoholic drink) together. On Gordon's command Mangal chews the cartridge-cover, which is coated with animal fat n which is against his religion. The cartridges create a stir among the sepoys n alogwith some local rulers they decide to overthrow the British regime. The plan somehow reaches the authorities n they summon a large fleet of army to foil the uprising. Mangal Pandey is taken in custody n hanged in public. But, the seeds of rebellion he sowed then, gave birth to a massive upheaval which shook the foundations of the EIC.

Though, Mangal's role was very important in the uprising it is completely overlooked in the film which beats around the bush showing some nautch gals shaking their booty. Amir Khan's 4 yr sabbatical was the main reason for the crowds to throng to the theatres. Though Amir is one of my fav actors, I was totally disappointed with this film. Toby Stephens comes out gr8... I liked the scene in which he tries desperately to defend Mangal in the courtroom. Rest of the actors r so-so. Check out the catchy backgrnd sound on the film's official site.

A recent mail : Wht will be the name of Amir Khan's big budget adult film...

Man-Gal Porn-Day: The Raising

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


First of all a very Happy Independence Day (though it was yest.) to all...

Long n hectic weekend (+ Monday)...

Spent half of Saturday sweating out in the training prog... then went to see Mangal Pandey.

Sunday morn. went in searching for a customer for my old 2-wheeler.. evening went out with coll. frnds.. Suraj had also come frm Mysore taking off frm his hectic Infy training.

Monday was Ind. Day.. so spent morning in it.. afternoon took the 2 wheeler for a bit servicing (found a buyer)... evening went for a house-warming party at a frnd's place.

Today morning was pulled out frm the Training in company n given a new project... spent all the day working ...*PHEW* ... so now leaving for home... bye.

Lotz of reading to do tomorrow as many posts r up in all the list... :)

Friday, August 12, 2005

Man Vs Machine

Saw Stealth last Saturday. Actually had gone for "Sehar" n thinking tht it was 1-2 weeks old didn't bother to buy tickets in advance. But, saw a big HOUSEFULL board n had to settle for this movie. The starting scene is beautifully picturised.. the movie starts in future with three super-supersonic jets each piloted by an extra-ordinary human-being. This team (Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx) has been trained to wipe out the terrorist hide-outs all over the world. An auto-pilot jet (with a sophisticated machine-to-man communication interface) is included in the team to enhance the operations n reduce the risk to human life (i.e. pilots'.. n wht 'bout the ppl living in regions near the bombing sites??). This works fine until the program inside the goes haywire n the jet starts thinking on it's own. The storyline as such is very dull (the hero goes on a rescue mission n tames the talking-jet by his sweet n logical approach.. lol). Only thing I liked was the amazing sounds of the jets soaring high n fast in the blue sky (surprised!! the sky will remain blue inspite of the pollution u make.. so need to worry). Also check out this site.. worth a visit

All in all.. worth the money if u like the sounds n don't care even if the heroine looks old.. :p

P.S.: Sorry for the late post.. i know u were missing my excellent reviews (lol). Be prepared for another dose coz going to see Mangal Pandey tomorrow... he he he

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tagging on...

Series of tagging: GrandPooofAwesome --->Veggiebabe ---> Squishy ---> Anonymous Blogger

Anonymous Blogger has tagged me to for listing my 10 turn-ons' n turn-offs' (strictly non-sexual.. lol)

So here goes the list:


  • Humour (without tht life sucks..)
  • Ice-creams n chocolates
  • Smell of moist earth (esp. after the first drizzle)
  • Songs i love
  • Home cooked food (my mom is an excellent cook)
  • Good comedy shows on TV
  • Reunions (School n college preferable over family get-togethers)
  • Sports (almost all .. more if they r outdoor)
  • Mythology
  • Cold coffee frm "Durga" (a local coffee outlet.. it is addictive)


  • People who r slow at understanding jokes (esp. if they r cracked by
  • Fat ppl who disagree they r..
  • "Request blocked by Web-blocker" message in the company even when the site is not porn-related
  • Bad weather
  • Coercion to eat wht i don't like (I tend to start hating those ppl.. one of my aunt is like tht)
  • Staying late at workplace when not necessary
  • HR calls (thinking of writing another post for this..)
  • Hard rock
  • Ppl who disobey traffic rules..
  • Poor team leaders

I m deviating frm the one-to-one tagging unsaid rule. So I m tagging the following ppl:

Monday, August 08, 2005

Kaun Banega Crorepati 2

Big B is back.. n back with a bang (for this read the next para). The 2nd part of the hugely-popular KBC (same lines on Who wants to be a Millionaire) kicked off last Friday. The enthu of the ppl remains the same only thing changing seems to be the moolah.. doubled this time to 2 crore.

Columnist Shailaja Bajapai in today's Indian Express writes: TV is booming, and we boast of over 60 TV 24x7 channels, the only TV icon we possess is an ageing, white-bearded film star of 60+, who, last week, dyed his hair light brown, climbed into Abhishek’s black leather jacket (with steel rings on the pockets), and sang KBC’s cheerful opening rap-like ditty to belie the crow’s nests gathering below his eyes?...

Sooooo true... but still he remains (n will continue in coming yrs) the comman man's ultimate hero.

Pune (ok...atleast myself) hung my head in shame when a localite reaching the Hot Seat didn't know wht was PETA for.

Friday, August 05, 2005

The wall of ANONYMITY is falling...

Browsing thro' Indian Bloggers' List a few days back, I read a few blogs [sorry for others.. i will try to visit all soon :)]. One of the posts I went thro' "Wall of Anonymity" threw some light over the fact tht many of us here don't know each other but paint an imaginary picture of the blogger (I have my pics on my other blog.. so u need not tire ur brain visualising me.. lol). Anyways, the point put forward by her (~*Deepa*~.. probably tht is a pseudonym) is valid. One of my blogger-frnd Harshal, lives in Pune itself.. but I have never met him till now in person. We keep in touch by just putting our comments in each other's posts. But, 2 days back, my cubicle partner, Santy, happened to look over my shoulder when I was reading Harshal's blog. Guess wht! He turned out to be Harshal's school friend. He he.. my blog seems to be like Orkut.. "A place where u can find ur old friends" ... n old in the sense of childhood :).

Still I m not able to figure why tht video in the earlier post is not coming up. I get an error something like "a href" tag is not opened to match with closing tag. I absolutely have no idea how to go ahead with it.. coz i went thro' the basic html stuff n it seems tht the opening n closing tags r right. If I copy the link in a test html page it works fine. *PHEW*

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Now, videos on blog!!

Thnx to 007 .. got the way to upload videos on blog. Though I had uploaded a video of a fat lady sweating it out (tht was inspired from Veggiebabe.. i mean a post of her's). Should I load it?? Mind u .. it is very bad

Share video at

Monday, August 01, 2005

I was born intelligent.. Education ruined me!

Last week (inspite of the heavy rains) the Income Tax Department raided all the educational institutions (I don't know why we call them educational inst. when they don't teach a f*ing thing .. whtevr). If my memory is good, this was the first attack on these colleges which are backed by some strong politicians. Pune is known as the Oxford of the East. I seriously have doubts regarding this coz there isn't a single institution which has good teachers (atleast mine didn't have) or a student-friendly atmosphere (i was failed in my 3rd year viva coz i refused to attend the internal examiner's lectures coz he was a dumbass). The whole education scenario has gone from bad to worse. Anyone interested in making some easy n fast money (add to tht some good political contacts) opens up an engg. or medical college. Youngsters r flocking to this city from all over the country just due to the old notion tht Pune is haven for better education. Time to wake up!

A guest asked the host's 8 year kid "What do u want to b when u grow up?". Expecting a routine reply like a film actor or cricket player, the guest was stumped to hear, "When I grow up, I will open one engg. n one medical college. So I won't have to do anything for the rest of my life".

I have mentioned earlier in my posts, many of my classmates r going abroad for higher studies. Aniket is leaving for France while Mehta is heading towards Sweden. Got Appa's mail 'bout reaching safe n sound to Alabama. I m also thinking 'bout going to Canada (since most of my blog reviewers r frm this place.. lol)

Here (I don't know where else too..) the admissions for engineering are given according to the marks scored in 12th grade. When I was waiting for my turn on the list, I overheard two guys (they had got very less marks) talking 'bout the availibility of seats in good colleges. One of them was asked by a college management (hint for localites... near my house) to cough up additional 7 lakhs for a Mechanical stream seat. Tht boy was ready to shell out those many bucks.... I m damn sure he is still in the First Year coz u can seek admission by throwing money but can't change ur marklist (or can u???.. might be.. shit). A top-class medical college asked a frnd to kindly donate 10 lakhs apart from the fees. She could not afford it n went to a comparatively low ranked college n passed with a Distinction.. way to go gal!