Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

aankhon mein tu saanson mein hai tu meri
manzil hai tu kaise bhulun yaadein teri
tu paas rehkar bhi hai mujhse duur
na honge phir bhi hum majboor
sehlenge hum saare sitam
bhulega mann tujhe na sanam
teri kasam sehlenge hum saare sitam
bhulega mann tujhe na sanam

Friday, November 07, 2008

For a change little Johnny will be behind the Barracks

Never had an election aroused such an interest all over the world. Might be the global recession and the impact of the new elected person on the economy was a main factor that most of my colleagues were following the Presidential race. I was about to leave for work on Wednesday morning when my cousin tuned into a news channel and then the stage was set for Obama to give his victory speech. I waited and waited but finally left as I had a meeting to attend. Later in the night while having dinner I caught up with his victory speech. I loved his oratory skills. I loved the way he kept the huge crowd nodding their heads to his lines and then erupt in 'Yes we can' cry. I loved the way the crowd behaved. It was such a nice thing to see a leader speak in a style which I am not sure can be matched by Indian politicians and it was even nicer to see that the entire crowd was standing all the time and still it was not looking/behaving like a mob.

In the last few months whenever I saw Obama's picture I would think about 24 Season 1. The image of Dennis Haysbert comes up though later Elisha Cuthbert overshadows that image :D. Keeping Elisha aside for a while… I always wonder why over all these years I have always seen a 'coloured' person in my imagination when anyone said the words 'US President'. Bill Clinton didn't come up, nor did George Bush, Senior or Junior. Most of the times it was Denzel Washington… might be the surname has influenced my imagination. Then sometimes it was Dennis Haysbert and a very few times it was even Lawrence Fishburne. But since Obama has been in the news, Haysbert has been looming large on my mind. Maybe watching Obama a few more times on TV will clear my thought bubble.

One of my colleagues said that the Americans love the letter C coz they have had Bill the Casanova, George the Comedian and now Obama the Coloured. Might be the Coloured term will be replaced by Change, gradually. But Sonia Gandhi must be very happy and dreaming of becoming the Indian President. Well everyone has a right to an American Dream, right? :-)

For a change Elisha rules my thought bubble ;-)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Diwali!!

Wish you all a very happy Diwali. A bit late in wishing all of you but most of you will pardon me for that. Some of my maternal cousins were here with us this time. It was fun supervising the kids bursting crackers and taking them to the roof to show the brightly lit city and the wonderful display of fireworks over the city horizon. Scrumptious Diwali goodies to gorge into and 2 days of holiday… bliss! Not all was good this Diwali though… some parts of India had terrorist attacks while some didn’t need terrorists as the people have started fighting amongst themselves. With some persons aiming for political supremacy the common man has been made to suffer. My heartfelt condolences to the family of the boy, who was gunned down by the Mumbai police. Instead of lighting lamps during Diwali we are more desperate to snuff out the light out of someone’s lives. I hope God gives all of us sensibility as well this time along with the wealth which comes with the festival of Diwali. Have a nice weekend everyone.