Friday, January 26, 2007

Celebrating days.. celebrating lives!

I am pleased to tell all of you that 21st January marked 2 years of existence of It’s MY Space and I take more pride and satisfaction to thank each one of you who have been here to be a part of my blog and my life in some way or the other. It struck me that it is January end (thanks to the company Annual Day invitation) and then I remembered that I had written something on the 1st year completion. I went back in the archives and I swear I was lmao reading that. The program schedule for the fictitious event holds true for some (or all?) of the ‘performers’ till date. Go and check out the post here and you might even agree with me. These days the blog has turned dormant and I have been posting not too often and rarely reading other blogs.. okk fine not reading at all.. now don’t give me that look! Whatever I have been posting is nothing but a silly update of the week, some weekend outing or a story related to work and company.. but hey that’s what this space is meant for. You never came here looking for posts on sleazy one night stands, political views or philosophical stuff which will do some hridayparivartan.. but don’t be surprised if you find them henceforth.. not the one night stands I mean. But seriously I miss the Bollywood movies bashing posts, I miss my forgettable views on sports.. I am missing me being me on the blog. I don’t know Aditi if this is what is ‘Fate takes you its way’ or I am fighting fate to take my own other way. What I know is that I have to reorganize my life so that I can devote time to things I like even if they have no short-term or long-term benefit.
Today is 26th January and people across the nation are celebrating (??!!) ‘Republic Day’, the day when the Constitution of India was adopted by the nation. As Piyush Roy writes in his column “It’s the time of the year when patriotic film songs blaring from the neighbourhood club or school could be your wake-up call, whether or not you gather for that ritual unfurling of the national flag on the Republic Day morning”. Surely the Constitution doesn’t tell us to wake up early for the flag-hoisting and by no means if someone doesn’t attend it he/she can be labeled unpatriotic but do we really think about the country except on days like these? I woke up today late-afternoon and that too because some asshole who is running for the civic elections came begging for votes at the doorstep. I don’t remember his name and neither his political party but he said ‘Vote for me’; I said ‘Ok’ and shut the door and slept again. But the blaring loudspeakers these candidates are using for canvassing compelled me to wake up. These people are not creative either.. we all have been listening to 'Tai, mai, akka, vichar kara pukka aani maara haatavar/kamllavar/ghadyallavar shikka' since ages. Use something else now.. the broken promises, the canvassing slogans, the speeches all remain same.. only faces change. Okk let’s be optimistic.. the songs which you will hear the whole day have changed. From 'Dedi humein azadi bina khadak bina dhal' Gandhiji has been transformed into 'Bande mein tha dum'. The famous 'Mere desh ki dharti' has been replaced by the foot tapping 'Mohe mohe tu rang de basanti'. So if songs can catch up with the generations surely people running for elections will too and we can expect some better candidates and a better future for the city and then the country as a whole.

Let us try to forget that someone is using Gandhigiri for absolving himself from an arms and ammunition case, let us try to wipe out the memories of the defacing of the statue of the man (why do we need statues??) who was mainly involved in writing the Constitution, which we are celebrating today. Let us try to pretend we are unaware that a film made by an Indian on an Indian subject having Indian actors had to be shot in another country and got nominated for Oscars from Canada just because one segment of the society here felt it was anti-Hindu. Let me try to find ways to make time for activities I like and I need and not work half of the day without anyone appreciating it. So cheers for a revamped** life beginning this moment :)

** I need hot vamps for this, so the interviews begin from Saturday :D For this I have an elite interview panel consisting of myself and blogger Vaibhav who is coming down to Pune. Will keep Sean and Deepa updated on this.. the meet I mean and not the interviews and selection process :P

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pop, goes the weasel!

First let me make it clear that if at all there is a concept of rebirth and I am compelled to be a human being and offered a choice to choose the sex then I would choose to be a male again and not a female. We guys just have an easy life. No labour pains, no menopausal mood swings and probably not a lot of other things. Yeah some might suffer from impotency but then Viagra is there for rescue, remember? It definitely takes a hell lot of courage to be a woman in this world.

I was going home from my workplace quite late at night and stopped at the JM Road traffic signal. No, there was no one with a placard this time.. actually there was hardly any traffic around. As I was waiting for the light to turn green some 2-wheeler came by and halted a few steps behind me (later came to know that a girl was riding it). A few seconds later I heard a bike coming from behind at a very fast speed and then there was a THUD! sound and the bike, which had 2 guys on it skid a bit and roared away on the road to the left. Assuming that they had hit the roadside pavement and regained their balance I didn’t think much on it. While the guys were vrooming away the girl started mouthing expletives towards them. I was surprised in the beginning but then I thought it must be something personal so didn’t pay much attention. When I turned back again I saw her in tears (only her eyes were visible coz of the headscarf) and she was clutching the backside of her head and it dawned upon me that the sound was not of the pavement but those guys had actually hit the girl on her head. Though it seemed certain that she had been hit I still asked her whether those guys had hit her and she nodded while weeping inconsolably. A few swear words escaped from my mouth and I asked if she was alright and wanted any help. It might be quite tough to seek help from a stranger after suffering from (probably) strangers. She somehow gathered herself and realizing that I could not be of any more help to her I left and headed back home.

Yashita had posted a while back about the wanking rickshaw driver incident her friends had faced and now this.. I really doubt now that the recent articles in a newspaper that Pune is a safe city for females holds true. The article said Pune is much better as compared to other cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Now I wonder what must be the plight of eves in those cities. Such incidents do make me think whether being a man in the next birth is worth it. Men and courage/strength are most of the times co-related but I don’t think I could have done something to those guys if they had not driven away. I had never felt so fucking useless before that incident.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

V for..

Here, on 16th December V would be for Vijay Diwas (Victory Day). When the army celebrated the victory that day they were unaware that the nation would be celebrating the day again after 11 years but for the birth of yours truly *ahem* :P. Okk the whole nation didn’t celebrate but at least the family and relatives did 24 years back (I hope they now don’t repent that celebration :D)

When the clock struck 12 at midnight this 16th (or 15th??) some of my college group guys dropped in and the power went off for almost one hour (so no pics of midnight). In 1982 Port Blair (where dad was posted then) had witnessed an earthquake.. now this earthquake and power failure have no relation with me or my birthday so stop thinking and read further.
In the company somehow I managed to save myself from the bumps in the morning (though couldn’t avoid them later :(). My team made me God (or is he God’s messenger?) with this cake :P.

In the afternoon whiled away time with some freshers who were insisting for a party. Then at night had a nice dinner of pav-bhaji and ice cream with mom and grandmother (who had come down here for a few days). Keeping the tradition the school group came home near midnight with another cake.

A few days later the older group (associated with the company for more than 6 months coz all we see now are new faces all the time thnx to attrition) brought in 2 cakes for Gaurav and myself (Yashita, I wont complain of cake next time :)). I really don’t mind anyone wasting Black Forest but I hate when someone wastes the precious chocolate cake just for smearing it on the face. Damn those heartless souls.. hope they will never get to eat a chocolate cake again :D

The katta-gang of the company made merry at Shangrila and the meaning of ‘made merry’ is they got the license to kick the ass of the person they wanted to since a year.. he he.. but luckily I reminded people that some were having their birthdays in near future. Actually I didn’t know whose birthdays would be next but the fake warning served the purpose as many withdrew in fear.. probably the reason why I was still smiling ;)

The icing were the 2 Calvin & Hobbes books I got (yes Navdy you read it right :P). The katta-group gave the ‘The Days Are Packed’ edition (what a strange coincidence with the days now I am having) and the other one ‘Tenth Anniversary book’ was sent by Kalpana from Mumbai along with home-made chocolates which were devoured by all before I could even think of taking a picture.

Thus ended the day and week of celebration of successfully living on this planet for 24 years. Thanks to all who wished me personally or in their minds.. good wishes is all we need in this world. For the whole week I was thinking whether I deserved all this love and affection from the people I love and trouble (more :D) the rest of the year. But, hey that’s what we call as life :P. I will keep the thinking part to me while you take a look at the other pictures uploaded.

So, V bole toh ekdum Vasool time with near and dear ones :)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Desktop Goddess # 6

I stop and stare at you
Walking on the shore
I try to concentrate
My mind wants to explore
The tropical scent of you
Takes me up above
And girl when i look at you
Oh i fall in love
No doubt you look so fine
Girl i wanna make you mine
I want to be with a woman just like you
No doubt i'm the only man
Who can love you like i can
So just let me be with the woman that i love
Baby girl... Shine like a looking glass
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl, I wanna get close to you

Pristine blue waters and sun-kissed beaches, 4 days away from the routine hustle-bustle of the city life.. I did not ask for anything more in Goa. A trip which will be etched in my memory for many years to come (wait for the post on it); it was a nice break and a much needed one before the main projects in the company start off and leave would be a dream then.

There were many mysterious girls on the beaches though this one is Carrie Otis, of course she was not in Goa. Remember Wild Orchid movie? One guy and myself had a bet in college whether the lead actress of the movie was Laetitia or Carrie; I was rooting for the latter. We didn’t have a judge then and were lazy enough not to check on the net, so the money never exchanged hands and the lead actress remained mysterious.