Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One night stand

These are the pictures of the flower bramhakamal captured in my gallery. The flower blooms at night and withers away the next morning itself. The flower has a very nice yet strong smell and the blooming season is during the rainy season which is normally June and July here. It is a potted plant and has only leaves which in turn give rise to more leaves from the nodes on the main leaf.

When I searched online for the same I got 2 results. One matched with mine and you can see a beautiful slideshow of the flower from bud to full bloom stage here. The other result was that bramha kamal is found in northern part of India in Himalayas and is purple in colour with greenish-yellow covering. I am not sure whether these are different species of the same flower or different flowers altogether so if anyone has any info on this please clarify. Meanwhile the ‘Flowers of India’ is a nice site to visit for people interested in information on flowers.

This line popped up in my head while going home from office. The handwriting is good and legible so if you can’t read get your eyes checked :p. Btw this doesn’t have any relation with one night stand ;).

Friday, July 27, 2007

As random as it can get..

Finished my 10 day leave and am back to office. Given the rate of attrition everyone is eyeing me suspiciously and most have already decided that I am about to resign like all others are doing. Anyone, who smiles at the HR person, is under intense scrutiny nowadays and people even go to the extent of deciding the relieving date even when the person has not resigned. Some people said that I was not accessible during my leave and complained that I neither checked mails nor answered calls. In my defense I would say that I was studying and the mobile is for the convenience of the owner and not the caller. I did start with the studies (in case Dalicia is wondering he he) and I am hoping to give at least one if not a few hours daily towards some serious preparation or else I will be stuck in a job either in this company or some other and I am seriously bored of ‘working’ (read professional) life now.

We had our school’s class reunion on last Saturday. Most of my classmates are out of Pune so the strength of the meet was just around 15 out of 60 odd students. But it was good catching up with them and reviving some long forgotten school memories as I was meeting some of them after 6-7 years. It was also quite a revelation on how the girls now pass comments, the same which we did during the school days, about other girls but that time they had vehemently denied accepting those. I won’t go into a confession mode but felt happy that those observations of guys still hold true he he. One of the girls remarked during a conversation “I never knew Punjabis can speak Marathi so fluently.” I retorted “Thanks! I am learning” and the people who know me well laughed so loudly that the girl was a bit embarrassed and in turn me too for saying that. Later I clarified that I am not a Punjabi and neither learning Marathi.

While helping Sayesha to find a friend in Singapore (one of my colleagues shifted there after her marriage so was introducing them) I observed that I also need to find people here. I remember I had written similar thing about 2 years back when I had finished college and my college friends were leaving for destinations abroad or for jobs outside the city. But then I came across some wonderful people in company and now when they are leaving I find myself back to ground zero. Out of all these company guys Gaurav & Mahesh would be my favourite people coz we three have spent the maximum time together.. maybe in sleepovers at somebody’s house, in the gym watching babes instead of working out or at the fresh ice-cream parlour sipping CAD-M. Gaurav has already left the organization and Mahesh is leaving Pune in mid-August so might be we would be having our last night-out together tonight.

I wonder how many of you could mug up or very coolly remember Newton’s laws in school or college. I couldn’t; but had the new Apache bike advertisement aired in those days I certainly would have remembered them. I found the ad uploaded on youtube here... have a look even if you don’t know Newton’s laws or are not fond of bikes.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Desktop Goddess # 10

You, doing that thing you do
Breakin' my heart into a million pieces
Like you always do
And you, don't mean to be cruel
You never even knew, about the heartache
I've been going through
And I try and try to forget you girl
But it's just so hard to do
Everytime you do that thing you do

And I, know all the games you play
And I'm gonna find a way to let you know that,
You'll be mine someday
'Cause we, could be happy can't you see
If you'd only let me be the one to hold you
And keep you here with me
Cause I try and try to forget you girl
But it's just so hard to do
Everytime you do that thing you do

Finally I got a 10-day leave sanctioned starting from tomorrow. I am not going visiting anywhere but will be at home trying to start studying for the super-fast approaching CAT exam in November. The other students in the class are always ready with answers and know all concepts, so basically the teachers there revise it and don't explain stuff in detail and I stare at the board aimlessly not knowing what's going on. This luckily is restricted to Mathematics class only.. English and Logical Reasoning classes are better. So time to pick up the speed.. at least to put the vehicle in motion if not cruising in full throttle. But I guess I am going to be bored sitting at home for 10 straight days (not literally but still..)

Ashlee Simpson for A/B :). I love this pic and had it on my desktop for so many days that some colleagues call her 'teri takiye-wali ladki' (your pillow-girl).

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

hey.. 'sup?

A glance at what is out and what is in these days:

Summer season
Rainy season
The rains have just started and though the city (and major portion of the country) got respite from the summer heat, the rains will ensure that the citizens beg for sunlight again.

24-hours power supply & Traffic jams at peak hours
Unexpected and long power cuts & Traffic snarls at any hour of the day
I guess these come along with the rains :(

Serena’s beads/Maria’s long ear-rings
Tatiana’s red knickers
The bright red knickers are the talk of the tennis world. At least I am not complaining :D. I like watching cricket and not playing it, while I love playing tennis and not watching it that much. But some things like this (of course along with some amazing matches) sure have me hooked to TV way past midnight :))

Well attrition is not really out but termination is sure the in thing nowadays. Till date 8 people got sacked at my workplace and it seems more are in line. I am not kidding but I would love to get fired. I want a full year off.. :)

Routine work
New challenges (assignment)
Apart from the routine projects I have been assigned with the marketing team to get new clients for the company. So I am now selling the company.. err though I would love to do that but right now it is just the company services. It is an interesting job to make calls to Europe and I have had a few ‘nice’ experiences in last 3-4 days which I will write later. What I can learn from this cold-calling job is an insight to marketing field and probably I will start loving the phone coz it is difficult for me, who dislikes long phone conversations, to talk continuously on phone and with a rough voice it is also quite difficult to sound polite. I am learning..

2 months of living almost alone and dropping off the garbs in the closed confines of house was really nice. [I am not preaching nudism here but a way to beat summer :)] But suddenly the unexpected buzz of activity and the untold yet to-be-followed restrictions has caught me off guard and I am suddenly disenchanted.

Being an actor
Being a farmer
A few things to learn from Big B and Amir Khan is that being a farmer is better than being an actor so that land-grabbing (near Pune city) cases get dropped off automatically.

Old client contact
New client contact
The client contact with whom I was interacting with for the past 2 years in this company, as a resource earlier and then as a lead, has been given a different responsibility in the client company and one of my ex-colleagues is now the new contact person for my team. I share a good relationship with this new guy as well but the earlier person would be a special man for me coz I have been working with him since my first day here and he is a very knowledgeable person who knows how to work as well as party. I will definitely miss him.

Well this can go on and on.. I wonder then when someone asks 'what’s new in life?' why do I just say ‘Nothing new.. the same old routine’ *thinking smiley*