Saturday, January 28, 2006

Lows n Highs!!

Wish u all a very belated Happy Republic Day. Many of u might have read posts ranging frm ppl not sending mssgs (like they do on any other days) to ppl dumping paper flags after using it just for the day. Tht is shameful indeed but I felt worse when Pune Newsline published some excerpts of interviews they conducted across various sections in the society ‘bout Republic Day. 70% of the junta (mind u they were literate) didn’t know the importance of it. Won’t get much into the debate of culture influence n stuff like tht but it feels really sad when the young generation doesn’t know or doesn’t -care- to know the reason why we all r living happily today.

My Republic Day started the same way as it is going on for last 5-6 yrs. Went to JPP (a school.. not the one I studied in) for the flag hoisting ceremony. It is getting damn cold here since past 3-4 days. Infact Friday was the coldest day in January since last 12 yrs. Pune is known for it’s pleasant climate but right now it is BRRRR!!! So went to the ceremony almost shivering in the morning. After the flag hoisting, there is usually a speech by somebody (mostly a teacher). Slept peacefully thro’ it .. over the yrs I have improved this skill, but was suddenly woken up when the speaker’s voice caught enthu (almost at the end of his speech). His voice n style reminded me of PuLa Deshpande’s Asami Asami part when a political leader is addressing a rally:
Kashmir te Kanyakumari paryant… ekaaaaaach aawaz… ekaaaaach dhyas… ha hindu rashtra ek aahe

In the afternoon had some family frnds for lunch. I don’t have a sweet tooth but had 2 bowls of amrakhand tht day. The evening was spent hanging out. So frankly speaking I too didn’t do anything gr8 .. just the same holiday approach for the Republic Day.

Saw Rang De Basanti yesterday. Basanti is the saffron colour, symbolizes the blood our martyrs sacrificed during the freedom struggle. The storyline is not tht new… but the way it is portrayed is awesome. The story of today’s youth n drawing a parallel betn the extremists during the struggle against British forces is something which makes it a must watch. Not only it shows some historical significant events but brings forth some of today’s vital issues like the MIG plane crashes n the corruption involved in the defence ministry.

A group of frnds is making a documentary on the freedom struggle in it’s violent stage. One of their close frnd (a fighter pilot) dies in a crash n the defence minister (to save his skin) blames the pilot himself for the same. This ires the group and they seek revenge by killing the minister. Now this sounds a run-of-the-mill story, but all actors have infused life in their characters. After seeing the promos I had thought tht the movie will be only revolving around Amir Khan’s character, but it is totally opposite. Amir does stand a class apart but other actors leave their mark too. Direction is gr8, music is just superb. The whistles frm the crowd just don’t cease when the songs r played n Amir’s dance moves look funny yet cool. I don’t remember the names of the not-so-frequently seen faces, but Atul Kulkarni does a cool job n really looks like a leader of PPS or ABVS. This reminds me of Atul’s interview on Radio Mirchi. This seems to be getting long… will post it sometime ltrz. A definitely must see movie…

P.S.: Sonia Gandhi can use Sue’s Hindi teacher :p

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Pherphect lover

If u r not an avid blog-hopper then u might have failed to notice tht this tag has been done by almost every blogger by now. My frnds Ganga n Kavita also thought not leaving me behind in this tagging game n here I m now…

The CHANGED rules of the game:
1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.

(I will go only for sex … I swear it was a typo .. I meant I will go only for six n not eight)

2. Need to mention the sex of the target.

(so tht ur blog visitors know if by chance u r frm the -other- side of this planet n then they leave comments accordingly)

3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.

(as if u don’t have any other job other than going n telling ppl to do this… here too only six)

4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

(I really wish this was already posted)

Okie.. enuf of explanations n lets get to the point…


1. Looking at her every guy would feel like singing
Pretty Woman.. Walking down the street… Pretty Woman

But, then I have the copyright (wrong word… bhavanoan ko samjho) of crooning for her
I've kissed the moon a million times
Danced with angels in the sky
I've seen snowfall in the summertime
Felt the healing of the powers above
I've even seen miracles
I've felt the pain disappear
But still haven't seen anything
That amazes me quite like you do
You bring me up when I'm feeling down
you touch me deep you make me right
You do the things I've never done
You make me wicked you make me wild
'Cause baby, you're my number 1

2. She should be -educated- n not just literate.

3. She should understand that dates (as in calendar dates) have to be forgotten by males (exception being ‘DCH Subodh’) This is the basic criterion for falling into the male category. Sorry, but I cannot remember our meeting anniversary (for my blog anniversary I can refer to the archives section… so the argument stops here itself)

4. Misunderstanding… I mean Miss Understanding. Should understand tht I understand her n so she also has to understand me. I think in this understanding game I m gonna get kicked hard…

5. Call me a feminist but I m tht way. Had a hard time finding my way out of the hitting frm my angry classmates for writing an essay being a proponent for rights of the fairer sex (but got a pat frm the English teacher… Ujwal remember Mrs. Srinivasan?) But, NO to reservation for gals in engg.

So the point is tht even if I support her, she shld be individualistic. Should have her own opinions coz I will respect her for wht she is n wht she thinks rather than just her looks.

6. Her humour cells shld be alive n kicking… coz life sucks without humour!!!

-Victims- (pls note tht I don’t have any contacts who have similar names.. so if it is ur name below then consider I have commented on ur blog ‘bout the same)

1. Parag (sorry but any of my tag is incomplete without u…he he he)
2. Harshal (let’s hear if ur views have changed after ur marriage :p)
3. Yashita (might be the reasons for being more happy)
4. Ritu (points on the guy who gives u sleepless nights :p)
5. Elaine (who will be the perfect guy in this new yr)
6. AnonymousBlogger (stick to Amanda’s lipgloss… her cousin is mine.. lol)

I m done with the tag… so I think I shld be getting 6 different gals coz all these qualities in a single gal is remotely possible. Had I known tht earlier I would have gone for 8 points.. lolllzzz.

By chance if there is any gal who thinks she falls under all the points, pls contact me at the id mentioned in the profile :))))

Friday, January 20, 2006

1st year Anniversary bash....

21st Jan 2005 - 21st Jan 2006 --- 129 posts (including this)

ONE YEAR!!! Aaaahhhh…. tht is really a long time I have spent here n wasn’t aware tht time flew so fast. Thnx to Neha’s year completion post tht I remembered ‘bout the same for this one.

‘The Sunday Express’ had carried an article ‘bout few bloggers who were helping tsunami victims thro’ their blogs. The next day Suraj told me tht he too had a blog to his name since a few days n it is easy to create one. So I too jumped at this concept, but in a couple of fortnights I was like wht shld I write?? I mean thoughts were there but before this I had never written something.. never used to write in my college notebooks so never thought I could write something online. The first post was like the typical one… I m new here n I m interested in this blogging concept.. blah blah…lol. I still clearly remember when I used to write the so-called posts in the first two months … they were just 3-5 lines .. something happened here n something didn’t happen there stuff. But, blog-hopping gave me an insight to wht ppl write n then started improving myself. I don’t think I write well now but yeah definitely better than wht is there in the February archives.

Like an award winner, I won’t forget to thank ppl who have supported me so far… lollz. So, thnx to all those who come here n leave their comments n to those too who don’t come :p

It gives me immense pleasure to invite u all for the first year anniversary bash (don’t know how much time I will be here but still felt like calling it as first yr bash). The venue n time will be decided ltrz but as of now the programme schedule has been prepared:

Entertainment progs:
‘Bizarre comedy show’ by Zoonie
‘dhinchak item song’ by Divya
‘Poems recital’ by Shyloh
‘Modern-age Strategies of losing ur own car in a car park’ by Ganga n Kavita
‘1000 funny ways to tackle blog-stalking’ by Darci (don’t worry wont give ur new blog link)

Educational progs:
‘Latest techie stuff’ by Parag
‘Cricket: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow n day after tomorrow’ by Ujwal
‘Abstract thinking for insomniacs’ by Ritu
‘Political scenario in India’ by Shantanu
‘100 ways to propose a gal n confuse urself’ by AB (topic can be changed to ‘Flight to Bollywood’)
‘Bravery awards’ for Yashita n her frnd

Food n drinks:
Pizzas n drinks – Managed by Keshi (hope to see some hot aussie gals delivering it ;))
Veggie food – From Deepa’s mom (sorry to assign ur mom .. was gonna tell u but no risk since it is first b’day :p)
Special b’day cake – Elaine

I want all the other elite ppl to join me in the audience rather than everybody going on-stage. Thnx a lot all of u n I sincerely hope tht this association continues n the bonds grow stronger as each moment passes :))

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Weekend masti!!

I had made my mind this weekend not to go to any movie .. lolllz. Instead spent the whole saturday evening playing Scrabble with mom n on sunday nite spent time with frnds celebrating Shirish's b'day. Got the Goa pics too...

'Laad house' on way to Goa

Currently we are having a client visit in our company. The guy who is visiting used to work with us but ltrz shifted to the client company. Got to work with him for around 1 month, but I started completely idolising him in tht short span. Since past 10 mths we r working on the same project (with a short brk though, when i was shifted) n I like the way he interacts with juniors. A very knowledgable person who is also very down-to-earth kinda man. He is settled now in Singapore n is on visit here till 28th Jan. So a little less updates till then .. coz now he is a client :p

Meanwhile, It's MY Space is gonna complete one year on 21st Jan :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Special (p)review

I really m a …. ok I will not use swear words for myself on my blog itself… n tht does not mean I will allow anyone else to do tht job for me either. But, I published the earlier post, went home n Yogi called me up saying tht he could manage to get Family’s special preview show tickets for tht nite. Even after throwing a lot of excuses he dragged me to the theatre. Now, City Pride, Kothrud sucks!! I mean the person who books tickets in advance gets the worst seat (front rows) n those who buy it at last moment get the most fab row to watch. Luckily this time we were in the latter grp. So got seated in one of the best row n alongside me were … leave it!!

The movie was FAMILY… Ties of Blood!! It seemed all within the family n I was wondering at the start why I m not here with my family to watch this family. So there are 2 main families in the movie. One family is gud while the other family is bad (only one guy is bad but since he calls it MY FAMILY every now n then). Bad family kills one guy frm the gud family -accidentally-. But, the other guy frm the gud family even after understanding the bad family’s innocent intentions vows to take revenge against the bad family… coz the family entertainment show must go on. But since this other gud guy .. I mean the other guy frm the gud family does not have support frm his family so he takes help frm his frnds who also belong to some gud families. Now the gud guys who have now formed a ‘revenge taking family’ within themselves kidnap the gud ppl from the bad family, so tht the bad guy frm the bad family will surrender. Just try to figur out why the bad guy, who is so –POWERFUL- tht even the international police cannot find him, comes out in the open. Simple.. coz he luvs his family. Some crappy action scenes later the bad family is losing their numbers. The reason being they start fighting within themselves… OMG!!! Ltrz the bad guy frm the bad family itself (coz now the guy frm the gud family has also turned bad) … leave this too!!

In the end I was wondering why did I come here instead of spending some quality time with my family. Also now I think there is some bollywood family conspiring against me after reading the harsh posts… otherwise how we could so easily get the special preview tickets. I m beginning to suspect tht Yogi bear is also involved in this plan. The movie has some reputed actors who r grossly underpaid. Thts the only logic I can see coz they appear only in the first half. Pls let me know the name of the guy who actually is the so-called star of the movie. I will start writing an obituary for him coz I don’t think he will survive after the premiere today. Songs r a bit foot tapping … but better for guys to watch them rather than listen.

Please go n watch this movie coz I don’t want to be the only one who underwent this torture. If u luv me I know u will do this favour for me… after all we r from the blogging family :-)

EDIT: Meanwhile

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

That post!!

This is the post I was talking 'bout in the last post. Just wanted to vent it out here…
If u r Bollywood fan then I will advise u not to read further.
If u r below 18 yrs, call ur parents n ask them to read this first. If they faint, don’t read.. otherwise ask them for permission.


Myself n my frnds had booked a Qualis (jeep) for transport for our Goa trip. The whole trip the driver played one cassette to the max. n tht was the songs frm the movie Neil n Nikki. Now don’t ask me a movie review for this coz I m lucky not to see it.. u can ask Divya for the story coz it is now one of her fav movies… ROFWL. Coming back to the driver… don’t know why he liked those songs coz even our earnest appeals fell on his deaf ears (listening to those songs will surely turn someone deaf). Anyways, the song which was continuously bombarded on us was the title song… whenevr we came back to the jeep this song was always playing.

The starting line of the song is (picturised on Uday Chopra n Tanisha)
Main shayad char saal ka tha… jab mujhe pehli baar pyar hua (I was probably four yrs old when I fell in luv for the first time)

Now, why does Uday Chopra have to say I was probably four yrs old…. He still looks like one… no no .. not the cute 4 yr old but a very ugly child. I don’t understand how he still works in movies with not even an iota of acting talent… aaahhhh.. his dad is a director or producer.. whtevr he might be. Ever seen him with his mouth closed… I mean leave aside the foul smell he might be spewing out but how gross it looks when u don’t close ur mouth even when u r finished talking. A lil’ lips apart is ok.. but his is like wht will happen after seeing a hot gal coming nude outta the ocean (this is not related to the goa beach.. though would have liked to see one there). His dialog delivery n timing r also so bad… WHY WHY WHY do such guys keep on getting roles????

Now, the lady in the song.. Tanishaa or Tannisha .. just tell her tht changing her name wont bring her any luck. Now she has a crush on George Michael in tht song to which the hero replies tht GM is gay. Now if GM knew tht such a gal would have a crush on him not even GM but any guy would prefer turning gay. She doesn’t have any talent to showcase except her skin. Chop off her head n u have a gud thing…. but we already have Mallika Sherawat… why cant someone be Madhuri or Madhubala.. or she has Nutan to look up at… frm the same family.

Wht do ppl go to see in a movie?
The story shld be gud… a rare thing nowadays
Some action stuff …. A few r gud but then plenty of just dhishum dhishum stuff
Good songs … u can hear them sitting at home… why go to a theatre then for tht?
Tht leaves with romance… or shall we call sex. Yup… if the movie is not gud then u will definitely find a sleazy sex scene or a bold item number to remunerate ur moolah.

As a phoenix rises frm ashes… a serial kisser Emraan Hashmi is born frm such scenes. I m still wondering if it wasn’t for Mahesh Bhat would this guy get even a single movie after his debut… n now he is starring almost in every film. How does this man find himself in a movie having the hottest babe in the town in the skimpiest outfit in the world n with the best songs which rise to the top of the charts. Currently I m listening to one of his songs Jhalak Dikhlaja – Aksar.

Maybe starkids will keep on basking in sunlight till we common ppl throw money at them for watching such stuff. This was the same case with Abhishek Bachchan n Saif Ali Khan.. but now even I luv to watch their movies n the dance steps.. hmmm ... solid irony na?

I m waiting with bated breath to watch Rang de Basanti n 15 Park Avenue… the first one shld not turn a blooper like Mangal Pandey n second one will be the best I know.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

First Sunday in Office!!

Today was the the first Sunday I spent in office... came here in afternoon after watching the Pune leg of the Gr8 Indian Laughter Challenge. As i was entering the office, I remebered how i had said to my wicked ex-TeamLead (the hookah pic one) "Sunday n office!! R u crazy to ask me to come on a Sunday? If permitted I wont be coming on weekdays n u r talking about Sundays". Tht time he was like a smart ass n bullied all his juniors. Ha ha.. changed his ways though ltrz. I still cant stop laffing when I came to know tht he requested the Proj Mgr "It will be ok if u dont give me any resources but please dont allot Sudeep to my team." MISSION SUCCESSFUL!!! And remembering this brought a smile to my face today. I wish he could see me here.. but he is on a honeymoon (not to a holy place Deepa... :-)). Belated happy marriage wishes to him... n best of luck for his wife. I also wish he could read all this stuff... but i think he is illiterate..lollzz

Anyways, almost finsihed the document I had to prepare n just now sent it to the client for evaluation. How does one work on a topic which is totally new, does not have any other documents for help n the documents which are on tht topic r irrelevant??? But i m thankful tht today i wont be here till midnite. Infact would have left 15-20 min ago, but Pooja decided to order a pizza. So waiting for it n so decided to write something in the meanwhile.

There is one post i have been thinking of since my trip... might be will write it down this week *HOPES n LOOKS TOWARDS THE SKY*. Where is the sky?? Have seen only stars for the past 3-4 days. The pizza delivery boy is here.. i still cant believe how do they manage to find their way in 30 mins flat in this busy traffic.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Yup.. the most feared n most used word in the software companies. Ppl r just waiting for greener pastures.. Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Might be... still i haven't seen the fence itself, so the supposedly greener grass is out of question. Anyways, one of my best buddies in the company was given farewell. Wasim, got placed in a reputed company n we all will be missing him here. A down-to-earth guy with a smile always on his face. He has a blog too, but updates it rarely. Probably will be updating more now... he said tht while Hope he enjoys n excels in his day-to-day life. Mr. Jackie Chan.. we will miss u man... n probably Mallika will I m so mean na... jaate-jaate bhi tujhe nahi baksha :p . Some pics here (courtesy Animesh's cell)

Another of my team member resigned yesterday. God knows how we r gonna handle this project. So many new joinees to train n seniors r leaving. It is almost midnight here n i m still in office to complete one document which I have to post tomorrow end of the day. Not logged in any messenger for the whole day, rarely checked mails today n just a few scraps on orkut.. lol. Above tht, i havent had my dinner as of yet. Pet mein chuhe daud rahein hain... just spared some time for Wasim.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The title is the motto of the Goa Tourism.. n i m all for it. I dont think of any other slogan than this coz Goa is awesome. I luv beaches n when they come as clean n gud as Goa's then no need to say more. Went to Calangute, Aguada, Baga, Anjuna n Arambol beaches. Out of these I didnt like Aguada coz the water was dirty n no provision of bathing around there. Arambol is the most amazing beach I have ever visited. There is a sweet water lake a few yards behind the coastline where u can dip in n it is shallow so better for me coz i m not gud at swimming.

On the New yr eve we went to Baga beach n danced in Zanzi Bar (a shack) n then went to Mambos which seemed lifeless first but as the nite descended it roared to life with ppl thronging in n the DJ playing excellent music. But the security guards didnt allow cameras within but ltr as the crowd swelled they allowed them to bring in theirs'. Wht da hell!! So we are now left with only the beach pics n not the new yr.. :( . Will upload pics by this weekend (probably)

Last post I had written next year with ?? at ??.. I would rewrite it as ?? at Goa :)

EDIT: Till then check the pics of b'day celebration in the company