Thursday, June 30, 2005

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hosting is easy.. singing is difficult

The company celebrated it's 'Foundation Day' yesterday. All departments had to present a 10 minute performance on stage. Our division's theme was a comic take-off on Indian Idol. I was the host for the show n had to undergo tedious rehearsals for the dialogues. The singers were finding it easy (according to me) as they were gonna sing hit songs n everybody knew them already by-heart. But on the day, when we all took the stage it was gr8 fun enacting those ppl on the T.V. set. I found the hosting part simple n got compliments too. But, the inter-department cold war came forth when the singers started singing. The crowd started booing n shouting but the 3 singers were good enough to continue their job n did it excellently. Some of the glorious moments captured on stage...

Monday, June 20, 2005

Back again..

It was a gr8 trip to Tarkarli. I m still recovering frm the fun-filled two days we all spent in the rain-soaked beach. We started off on Friday night frm Pune n reached Tarkarli beach resort around 10 in the morn. Barring a few heavy spells of rain it was totally amazing atmosphere. Though we had to skip Amboli due to the heavy rains in Amboli Ghat, we went around some other parts of Konkan like Derwan n Chiplun. Uploading other pics too in a few minutes on My Pics blog..

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Happy searching..

Got a link of Google which suggests the subject or result as u go on typing.. Searching made easier :-)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Side-benefits of appraisals!!

My company had the 'performance appraisals' last week. So, first of all hearty congratulations to all the guys n gals who got it. (I joined recently so I was left out n not due to the reason tht I keep on surfing net the whole time.. he he) This Saturday Amol, Parag n Wasim threw a party celebrating their increments*.. so thnx to them too. Many ppl in other companies r waiting for their evaluation n I m waiting for their invitation for the blast**..

* Tht is side-benefit.. lol.
** Are u listening Harshal?.. he he

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Looooong list of tasks..

Mom is on a 2 month break chilling off in Shimla (Dad is posted there since last 3 yrs). And now she is gonna to come sometime in the next fortnight. So I m gearing up for an extensive cleaning operation back at home. Clothes, newspapers, books are strewn all over the place. For the past one n half month this scene didnt bother me 'coz I used to go home quite late n drop to sleep to wake up in morn. n rush back to office. But now all tht mess has to go otherwise will get a big firing (Dhishoom Dhishoom to Pepsodent ka kaam hai na??.. whtevr). Ugghh.. Cant visualise myself doing all those chores...

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Roger Vs Rafael

So atlast it is going to happen. Wish it was a final. I saw Nadal playing a few days back.. a real killer. Awesome grip on the game n tht too on clay. But Feddie is still the fav one. Catch them in action today... Also rooting for Paes to take the French toast home.