Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Desktop Goddess # 5

This years love had better last
Heaven knows it's high time
I've been waiting on my own too long
But when you hold me like you do
It feels so right ah now
I start to forget
How my heart gets torn
When that hurt gets thrown
Feeling like yuh can't go on

Turning circles and time again
It cut like a knife oh now
If you love me got to know for sure
'Cause it takes something more this time
Than sweet sweet lies oh now
Before I open up my arms and fall
Losing all control
Every dream inside my soul
When you kiss me
On that midnight street
Sweep me off my feet
Singing ain't this life so sweet

I don’t like her nails in this pic but won’t stop drooling on Elisha Cuthbert just for this trivial reason. Sean, this pic is specially for you (and don’t rub in again that she is from your province) and even if you think the song is also for you I would keep that for myself. I am currently in love with 2 songs from her movie.. one is this and the other is Take a picture.

Wish you all a very very happy and prosperous new year. I wasn’t aware that Goa can suddenly seem so far from Pune. Anyways, hoping the plan works out. Will definitely update why it didn’t work if I don’t go and how we made it work if we go. By the way, 2 weeks back there was an information from Israel that there is a terrorist attack planned on Goa on the New Year’s Eve. So attack or no attack we are determined to have a blast there (no pun intended). Pray for everybody in this world and have a great time. Don’t drink and drive coz if you die I will lose one blog reader.. kidding.. jokes apart.. be safe and have fun! See you all in Jan 2007 :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

Dear Dad,

Wish you a very Happy Birthday! Since I wrote one for mom thought of the same for you so that later I am not blamed for sex discrimination :D

First of all thanks for being always by my side supporting me and guiding me in almost all my endeavours and criticizing me where needed.

Thanks for all the zoology talks we had and the innumerable field trips you took me along with. Many parents have the ‘birds and bees’ talk but we actually discussed about the real birds and the real bees :D though I remember at times I could feel my ears turning red when the topic of animals mating would come up. Now they don’t turn red even after seeing people copulating in full public view. *ahem* Where were we?

Hats off to you for all the monetary help in the various sports classes and camps I wanted to go to and in fact enrolling me on your own in many of them

Though I have seen you get rarely mad I still clearly remember how angry you were when I broke your binoculars in a school trip to Lonavala (though I would say in my defense how come you gave a kid such expensive binoculars.. so not my fault :P) and the day when I accidentally bunked school when I had heard the teacher say it was a holiday instead of half-day. But still you taught me how to stay calm in the terrible situations like when mom had an epileptic attack and I was crying like shit. Thanks for that!
I don’t know if you would love to have me as a son next time

but I definitely want you back and I am happy that there are no exams for the position

and even if there is any don’t worry I will make sure you will be elected unopposed

Luv ya loads!

Your loving son,

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Xmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you! May the love and peace of this festival be with you all always. I have a few Christian friends but never had a first-hand experience of the festival in terms of the festivities and decorating the Christmas tree. It has always meant holiday season for us coz my family and a family of a close friend of dad have always taken trips at this time of the year. If any outing is not planned then roaming around the streets of the Camp area with friends and then settling down in some place and chatting away for hours. From last two years one of my friend’s desire to gobble a turkey takes us to Polka Dots where I dig in the scarce veggie food but the main attraction for me there is their Death by Chocolate.. aahhh! This year I neither went to any part of the country nor roamed on the streets troubling the fake Santa Claus and also didn’t have my share of the chocolate dessert. This whole week went in attending innumerable dinner parties.. some or the other reason but I was almost eating out of home. So loads of pics to be uploaded on the pics blog. Yet to upload the b’day celebration pics too but now I think I will be uploading them in the new year itself coz finally Goa booking has been done and I will be leaving on 28th midnight to return on the 1st Jan night.

How many believe in Santa Claus? I remember watching Joey’s nephew Michael saying “It is just basic math. It would be impossible for Santa to visit all the children in the world in one night...”. I was not that bright child to figure it out coz I used to keep socks under the pillow.. yeah we don’t have stockings here.. and it would be filled with something the next morning. Once there was a small jeep and then one time a chocolate bar. But when I started keeping it every night my parents made me sit down and explained that they were doing the whole stuff. I don’t remember what my reaction to that was but now I hope I didn’t think that my dad was Santa Claus and our family was into wrapping gifts and delivering it :D. Kidding.. I sure wasn’t dumb :P. If you still haven’t seen the movie Polar Express then do watch it. I would like to believe that there is a real Santa.. now if people can believe in ghosts then why not Santa.. with a sledge pulled by reindeers galloping down the snow-clad roads and distributing gifts to children who behaved nice the whole year. Now behaving nice the whole year clause would automatically strike me off the list and if you are thinking Santa is only for children I would say come on 24 is young.. very young. Also there is a child in every person.. so wake up that child within you and join me to say Merry Christmas. I am not greeting for the new year now coz I am hoping to squeeze some time for one more post before I leave for Goa.

Before I forget, here is a link forwarded by Suraj related to a post below here. Liz surely needs to mend her ways before she invites me to her wedding. We will wait for her wedding bells.. for the time being Jingle bells jingle bells.. Jingle all the way. Do share pics if you celebrate Christmas. God bless all!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Will the age in profile get updated automatically?

Dear Sudeep,

First of all Happy Birthday :)) (yep 2 days in advance). I bet that a letter on birthday would have reminded you of the teacher in that social-activity school (I even bet you can’t remember his name coz you are bad at it.. he he) who wrote hand-written letters to all children on their b’days. His letters were so awesome not only for the reason that his hand-writing was good but he used to convey his messages so well and every child wanted to do something for the country after reading those letters. They definitely were sermons and today this letter for you is aimed to be on similar lines. Don’t flinch coz you need one now and you know it but I know that you will still deny it.

You yourself know that everyone matures (as Prachi said a better word than saying getting old) and learns as each and every moment progresses and I know you have done too. How you laugh at some of the silly things you did sometime back and at same time look proudly at some of the things achieved over this year. It is good to ponder a bit over the past but what I would suggest is take a look what the future holds for you. Remember the saying from the book Who Moved My Cheese?:
Movement in a new direction helps you find your possibilities
I am not hinting at changing your job but certainly you know what I am talking about and the thoughts which are always at the back of your mind should come out in form of some concrete action. Remember what R was saying to everybody working in the IT industry when you had just joined this company and you overlooked her statement thinking it would apply for you. Now that you find yourself in that position today I know her words are ringing loudly in your ears. What have you decided on it? I don’t want to know what have you decided on it but I want to see some action on that front. So get your lazy ass off that seat and work on it. Let me remind you of another saying.. a Chinese proverb to be precise
Great souls have wills; feeble ones have only wishes
Now it is totally your responsibility to decide which category you would like to be in.

Before ending this letter, one mom-like instruction: DRIVE CAREFULLY. I need not see another post like last time. Also don’t think you are a great actor that you successfully pretended innocent for not having pollution under control (PUC) certificate of the bike in front of the policeman. You simply bored him for half hour to get away without a ticket and no bribe :P. So get the PUC thing done too and soon. Ok now before this letter seems like a to-do list let me end this by another saying.. yes another one and guess who said it.. Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin & Hobbes.
If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently
While you mull over this let me wish you again a very happy b’day and have a great time.

Yours truly,
Who else but you only
EDIT: I don’t know how much this makes sense to you all but I needed this dose from myself. Thanks for your wishes in case you wish.. err.. i meant in case I am not able to reply :P

Saturday, December 09, 2006

From a point P..

I really have started to hate some of the guys here. This was the third or fourth time this week I spotted a guy not washing his hands. The worse part is that it was not someone from a rural area who still has to get his basics right but some people we consider them to be of the ‘metrosexual’ breed. The worst part is that they are very senior people high up in the management who have a number of degrees to their name and sit and might be sleep (after-effect of watching Corporate movie) with the so-called top-class executives of the industry. Now I feel sorry for all those people that they shake hands with these guys not knowing that they are not moist with sweat but.. arrghhh!! Ohh shit! The HR department has taken up an initiative of mailing everybody the birthdays of an employee so now I dread that someone from the i-don’t-wash-hands group might come to wish me. Damn! I had thought of telling one of the guys but then might be something like will happen:
You don’t wash your hands?
Well I was taught how not to pee on my hands
But the knob you use to flush might be err dirty
This is not a good point so as and when I come up with how to tackle this answer I will definitely confront someone. By the way I remembered one incident from my Maths tuitions way back in 11th grade. My bench partner was genuinely funny with his one-liners and the teacher, N.M.Kulkarni was very strict when he was teaching any of his favourite topics. During one such lecture he was probably explaining the topic of locus and said:
So from a point P..
Sir, how can one pee from a point?
Well the class burst out laughing and he was suspended for 2 days.

After a lot of harassment from Ishita, Suchi, Yashita and Neha P I have changed my profile pic. Now they should be a happy lot :x. But another reason for that was that I want to remind myself of planning the Goa trip for the New Year eve. I have already availed the necessary leave from my lead but the others are not sure of their leave plans and so it will be a hell of time finding rooms in Goa at that time. Even if no one comes I will go alone .. ok not alone but I wish the last sentence of this post will be true.

Finally got myself a new mobile.. Sony Ericsson Z550i. There were a few better ones in terms of music quality and stuff like that but I liked this one more coz it was lighter and sleeker than the other mobiles. Currently it is increment time for guys who have completed one year here so it is party time. Yesterday night while coming from a restaurant in Aundh after having sumptuous cold drinks and desserts it was a relief that I had my ears closed by the mobile hands-free coz it was very cold. The weather currently is at its best uncertainty and it rains suddenly or is dry the whole day and cold at night. I don’t know how the Meteorological Department people get their things right (I agree most of the time it is wrong but still..). Anyways, have a good weekend everybody.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I got engaged!

This image is for you all who asked what did I gift my mom on her birthday :P

If you got ‘misled’ by the title (no pun intended Yashita :P) let me clarify that still I definitely have around 3-4 years to utter this statement. It was my team lead who said this one fine morning last month.
Good morning Sudeep!
Hey… morning!
*shows the ring on right hand*
Got a new ring?
I got engaged!
Really? Then why are you wearing that in right? It should be left.
For guys it is on right and for girls it is on left
Ohh.. I thought it was the other way round
Keep aside my ignorance bit and see these pics taken later. The main thing is that he got engaged to a girl within the company. Now that was not a surprise coz we already knew that and in fact we all hang out in the same group. What made me think was that this was the second instance of intra-company alliance and our company policy states that a husband and wife can’t work together. Regarding the earlier couple, not one but both of them left the organization. Now before saying that the policy is right or wrong give it a thought coz this post is coming to that point itself. (Sean I know you would oppose it at Toys R Us coz of _ _ _ _ _ ;))

I have this firm belief that it is better not to take your work, fights and affairs at home. Sort and solve them outside your house but 2 people working together in the same company are bound to discuss an issue pertaining to the workplace. Leave aside same company but a couple in the same field also might be discussing it. I don’t know how much this is prevalent abroad but here I have seen lots of people choosing their partners preferably from the same field in which they are working in. Might be 2 doctors discussing back at home:
Hey honey.. hows was ur day?
Ohh wonderful! I had never seen before a cute appendix like the one I saw today. How about you?
I did 2 successful bypass surgeries today and in another hospital one man died before we could do anything.
Now there is nothing wrong in discussing this, but professional and personal life should not be mixed much is what I feel. If any doctors are reading this please don’t feel bad and I hope you get to see at least one cute appendix everyday and go home and tell your spouse about it. On another thought, it is better to have a partner in the same company so that he/she knows how much work pressure is on the partner’s shoulders and so the “You don’t have time for me” situation doesn’t arise at home. I have a friend who works in a company where they encourage marriage among colleagues (ohh yes I have applied there already :P) and gift a car to the couple. Whenever that friend meets me I pester him by asking how much his prospects of getting a car have grown.. he he. But again ego clashes might be there (remember Abhimaan movie?).

Okk.. now you keep thinking over this while I leave for the day. Happy weekend!