Friday, July 29, 2005

Read it even if u ain't got time...

This link is in no way meant to disrespect any person or any country... just read it yesterday n thought of sharing it.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Check if ur phone is bugged..

This mail has been doing so many rounds tht I had to post it here instead of fwd'ing it. The new movie of Salman Khan alogwith Katrina Kaif n Sushmita Sen is "Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya"... English translation might be taken as Why did I fall in Love with her or more aptly Why did I make Love to her .. lol. So, due to the fallout betn. Ash n Salman alongwith their telephone conversations made public, the new poster reads like "Maine Phone Kyun Kiya".. means Why the hell did I call her.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A scene frm Bombay

I salute the brave ppl who waded all the way to their homes or offices in chest-deep water..

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It is raining...

It has been pouring here since last two days.. n not just drizzles but strong showers. All the roads r choc-a-bloc with the traffic scenario worsening with the passing moment. My workplace is 20-25 min drive from my house but today it took me around one-n-half hr. Phew!!!

JM Road (late last year the Municipal Corporation was portraying this road as the perfectly built one) resembles a swimming pool with no seen outlet for the water. It gets really tough in such weather when ur vehicle starts feeling rainy-blues. In the morning a woman got stuck in the midst of traffic when her Scooty's rear tyre jammed (She must have been a Kimi Raikkonen fan.. lol). My bike too splatters a lot of water on my legs (wish I had a car.. :P) ... n with the wet shoes n jeans it is pretty hard sitting in the company with the A/c maintaining the temp. so low tht if u keep sitting on ur ass for straight 15 min ... it will surely freeze. (Guess how many times I had to get up while writing this post... ha ha)

This year lots of batchmates are going abroad for higher studies. Amol is one of them. He was the one who forwarded my resume to the HR desk.. so he deserves atleast a line in the post... lol. Best of luck.. not to him but to all the ppl near Chicago...ha ha... now they have to bear him atleast for 2 yrs. Gave him a farewell by going to a trek to Sinhagad on Sunday. It was good though tiring coz for the past few months I have had no exercise at all. My legs are still aching..

Read in the today's Times of India: Japan is selling pillows which resemble Maria Sharapova's breasts.. the headline was the clincher "Take Maria Sharapova to bed" ... he he.. those ppl come out with gr8 marketing strategies. Thinking of buying tht stuff.. might relieve the body ache .. ;) .. wot say?

The latest information is tht Pune is on the verge of having a flood. Got some mails now tht Infosys n Cognizant have told their employees to leave their offices early. Must be rumours... but it seems to have created quite a stir here. Our receptionist is yelling on top of her voice telling everybody to go home...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Lance retires...

Kudos to Lance Armstrong n his Discovery Channel Team. U can read some more stuff here.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

I was wrong.. see the last post

It didn't turn out to be scary.. ha ha.. mainly 'coz I didn't find a good pic of the ghost in the movie (had to cut a part from a wallpaper). Still I find Prasad's expressionless stare similar to the one seen in the movie. To prove it I will have to upload the whole movie here... lol.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Indianised Godfather!

First of all I haven't seen Godfather but only read the book n tht too about half. But the director, Ram Gopal Verma (RGV), says tht the English flick has been his inspiration*. I can say tht the movie, which revolves around the underworld mafia, has been made perfectly to blend with the Indian audience. Amitabh Bacchhan plays Subhash Nagre, passionately known as Sarkar (God or Master) by the common ppl. He is above the police n judicial system... not to mention he rears goons to punish the guilty (ha ha). He too like his English counterpart doesn't favour narcotics to increase his vault n tht makes his eldest son (whose short-tempered nature n carnal instincts lead to his death later) his enemy. So the son joins hands with Sarkar's enemies n tries to kill him. This drags the younger brother (he has only two sons... might b due to the current population explosion .. lol) into the mess n he takes over the mantle of being the messiah. He in turn kills all the enemies one by one. Though my narration might seem very boring, the direction is very good**. A must-see movie..
* More than the English version, Balasaheb Thakrey must have been the main source of inspiration. Otherwise why would RGV arrange a special screening for him. Also, the striking similarities like the Rudraksh beads n the dressing style point to tht.
** RGVs' good direction reminds me of his amazingly made suspense movie Ek Hasina Thi n the horror pic Vaastushastra. [I remembered something frm Vaastushastra... watch out for my next post.. if I m right it might turn out scary.. lol]

Saturday, July 16, 2005


1. Times of India "Final hours of wait most painful for Potter fans: The kids are dying to have a look at the penultimate....." and another article in Chicago Tribune "Pope Benedict XVI says HP books erode Christianity in the soul of young ppl..."

2. Salman Khan n Aishwarya Rai's audio tapes hinting Salman's links with the underworld. Police r investigating the case.
Why the hell did they leave him when he shot 5 black-bucks (endangered) in Jaipur n in another bout of drunkenness ploughed down 2-3 street urchins under his car.

3. Coria accusing Hewitt of verbal abuse.
Forgetting his own spitting in the referee's direction n throwing his racquet in the crowd under sheer frustration.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Farewell season..

Seems everyone n everthing good is bidding farewell.
The last Friday saw the 12-year hugely successfull musical programme "Antakshari" come to an end. I used to watch it when I was in my 6th or 7th grade, never got time (or was not interested) for the past few years to catch it again. But got this news from my grandpa.. he is a complete music buff n he rarely missed any episode. Kudos to Annu Kapoor, the host (... the hostess kept changing every 1-2 yrs) for all these years to make it a success not only in India but also abroad for all those missing their homeland.
Then comes the Dancing Umpire David Shepherd, who stood in his last match in Tuesday's Natwest Challenge. The cricketing fraternity should retire a 111 number shirt honouring him. Former British PM, John Major in a letter to him wrote "May you stand on both your feet until at least the age of 111."
One of my fav sports newsreaders is Jason Daisey on "ESPN-STAR Sports Centre India". He will not be seen from next week coz the channel will be broadcasting the news in local languages. Will surely miss his anchoring alongwith the expert (n some funny too..) comments he gave with Geoffery Boycott.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Find any DUS bahane to avoid this flick...

For the first time I was witness to a movie with a good twist being ended on a very dud note. How on earth will anyone find a family-cum-anti terrorist cell team, marriage-cum-anti terrorist operations, good actor-cum-very sick supporting actors? The story revolves around the four guys (they try very hard to portray themselves mean... but only their black suits n sunglasses give them tht feeling... ntn else). The leftmost is the chief of Anti-Terrorist Cell (ATC) n his staff includes his wife, his younger bro n his frnd. They r on a hunt for an international terrorist gang kingpin who wants to kill the Indian PM. To add some xtra zing, they don't have his pic, sketch or his hideout. All they have is his name... n they kick off a mission to hunt him down before 10th of May ... (10th May=Dus... I was thinking b4 the movie tht the star cast consisted of 10 ppl). After a bit drama n unnecessary romance with day-by-day increasingly sick-loookin Esha Deol... they end up on a stadium, full with around 20,000 spectators, where two BIG bombs r lying in two jeeps. The heroes in typical Bollywood style take away the jeeps n save the ppl n also kill the so called terrorist honcho. The only relief in the gruelling 2 n 1/2 hrs. is Pankaj Kapoor who stands tall with his acting skills. The end is such a tear-jerker tht I started crying too (yup really.... I was begging the usher "Torchwale bhaiyya lemme go home" but they didn't let me out n I was dragged n strapped to my seat for the rest of the movie)
5 things u can't miss in this movie:
i. Two good songs with skimpily-clad models gyrating their toned bodies.
ii. Zayed Khan n Esha Deol competing for the Worst Actor of the Year award. (I bet they can do this every year)
iii. Pankaj Kapoor's excellent acting.
iv. Shilpa Shetty's strategically placed awesome tattoo which she shows off in each scene.
v. Some foul language frm ur own mouth when this movie ends.... lol
P.S.: Parag don't see the movie so tht u can make it three-in-a-row.... he he

Friday, July 08, 2005


Had lots of work for the past few days.... didn't even know when did my frnd click this pic... myself (blue shirt) n Santosh in the company cubicle... Going to the movie Dus tomorrow eve... finally some break again..... phew!!!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Wht to feel?

Woke up n saw this pic on the frontpage of The Indian Express... first had a good laugh n then felt a slight sympathy for tht poor constable carrying his superior. The news bulletins r showing reports of flash floods in Gujarat... this state is destined to remain in headlines for all the wrong reasons

Friday, July 01, 2005

O Maria!

Venus was much more stronger n accurate in the shots than her. Though Maria continuously kept encouraging herself it just wasn't enough