Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy New Year!!

I wish i could put this in front of my office.. anyways I m off for a vacation starting tomorrow. Going to celebrate New Year's eve in Goa this year. Last year it was New Delhi with school frnds... this yr it is Goa with college frnds... next yr it will be ?? with ??.. he he. So folks... c u all in 2007 2006.

P.S: Sorry tht i had to send the greetings 3 days earlier coz m not going to surf net till 3rd. Hope u will like it.. coz i luved it :)

Monday, December 26, 2005

Letter to Dad!!!

It is my Dad’s b’day today. Wished him in the morning over phone coz he is in Himachal Pradesh right now. He doesn’t know I have a blog but wanted to write for him..

Dear Papa,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope u are in best of ur health n gud spirits inspite of the cold conditions at ur place. Mummy n I miss u a lot even though we talk to u everyday. I feel like running away frm here n come to Shimla just to give u a hug n wish u.. but just sending a greeting for the same. Hope it conveys my feelings to u n the luv n affection give u enuf strength n warmth to drag urself for one more year b4 u r transferred back here. Actually the strength is required by myself n mummy here coz we r the ones who need it to survive one whole year without u. But don’t u worry I m becoming strong enuf to make ur absence not felt to mummy n myself too. Yet I miss coming home n finding u sitting in the living room cracking up jokes or watching TV or for tht matter all things u do.

I can still remember tht after graduating I had told u tht I wont be doing anything for a year as I was very bored after studying for 4 yrs in engineering. U were so tensed tht u used to call up everyday n ask me wht my career plans were. Sorry to put u in tht situation.. but it was a time I desperately wanted a break. Now, it seems I m settling down, but yet I feel something is bubbling somewhere back in my mind to quit this job n do something else.. something different.. don’t know wht or don’t know where… when I figure it out will let u know. But, I could feel the excitement n satisfaction when I broke the news of my increment. One thing I want u to know is tht I m working in a software company. So next time we talk don’t ask me whether I know how to use Microsoft Word or Excel.. lollz.

Wish u a fantastic year ahead n make sure u avail a lot of holidays to visit home.

With lotz of luv

P.S.: Got some of ur Ladakh tour pics scanned

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Wish u all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year :)

She be the ONE - Enrique

Suddenly yesterday afternoon my left hand which suffered an impact due to the accident a couple of days back started paining badly. Also a slight swelling had developed and thumb movement had become restricted. So went to see a doc, my Team Lead had suggested, n got Xrays done for it. No cracks or fractures were present but since there was swelling the doc advised me for a wrist-band to be used for a few days for supporting the thumb.

Since yesterday I m listening n humming this track. It is a marathi song by Sandeep-Salil duo (Divas Ase Ki fame) frm their Namanzur album. The lyrics are:
(deva mala roj ek apghat kar)*2
(ani tichya hatanich)*2
jakhma ya bhar(deva mala roj ek apghat kar)*2
(kadhi kuthe tari basavi dhadak)*2
(kal mala yavi tila kalave tadak)*2
(ghayalala milo)*2 ek ghayal najar, haay
(deva mala roj ek apghat kar)*2
[a deva mala]
(apghati song mazhe watawe khare)*2
(tila yeta prem mala watawe bare)*2
dava daru madhe, are dava daru madhe
kuthe asto asar
(deva mala roj ek apghat kar)*2
(khari wyatha tewha mag sangen tila)*2
(vicharel jewha kuthe dukhte tula)*2
jara davikade, ho! jara davikade,
jara potachyaya war
(deva mala roj ek apghat kar)*2
[a deva mala]
(tekawta chhati war doke ek waar)*2
(thoka ghei zhoka, ude abhalachya par)*2
wyatanchach kay, are wyatahanchach kay
pade jagacha visar
(deva mala roj ek apghat kar)*2
ani tichya hatanich, hoo.. ani tichya hatanich
(deva mala roj ek apghat kar)*2

The rough English translation (only meaning) will be:

Oh God! Let me meet one accident everyday
Make sure tht she will be the only one who treats my wounds

Some day when i fall somewhere
She comes to know about it immediately
Wht a relief i will get when i look in those beautiful eyes

My fake pain should look real to her
n then her luv for me will make me happier
Medicines will not be needed when i will have her luv

When she will ask me "Where is it paining?"
I will tell her the truth
a place little to the left n little above my stomach

When she will hug me fondly n place my head on her chest
n i hear her heartbeat in a rhtymic flow
Will make me forget not only the pain but this whole world

Oh God! Let me meet one accident everyday
Make sure tht she will be the only one who treats my wounds

Sorry tht I could only translate it literally n not convey it in a poetic form.. but i m luving this song. See if u can get to hear it.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Was going to write something today, but now I m leaving for home. So just posting some pics frm one of the appraisal parties (with colleagues). U can see the pics here.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Where there is a will .. there r 1000 relatives

With so many ppl thronging our place right now I couldn’t think of another title for this post. It is not just the caption of my blog but I cherish my individual space. I m neither an introvert nor like to stay aloof. But, I don’t know why I just don’t seem to adjust along with many ppl living in my house if they are related to me. Whenevr my mom is off for 3-4 mths to Shimla, where my dad has been transferred, our place is full of my frnds n I luv if many of them stay with me too over a period of time. But, this is not the same with relatives. I mean cousins r gud to stay for 3-4 days n talk over the phone. With frnds I can talk for hours even on any irrelevant topic, but with all cousins I tend to get cautious while speaking anything. Don’t know if someone might get hurt or feel sad .. might be this is coz we meet after many months or even years in some case. I know, time to get some things right…

Anyways, had a gud time with the same relatives mentioned above on my b’day :) Did the usual stuff like partying out except this year frnds were replaced by cousins. I am a late riser n even keep my cell to a profile which wont bother me to pick it up till 10. The only day I don’t mind picking up the phone in the morning is 16th Dec. So, thnx to all of u out there who called me (I know they don’t read blog.. still), who wished me in the comments section n to others who mailed/scrapped on orkut. Hope such happy moments keep on coming n I get to share with all of u.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I m 23... finally

Pic courtesy: HumanClock

Within a few minutes, I will be 23 (yet writing tht I m). Not exactly a few minutes but can say tht since I dont remember wht was the exact time I was born on. For enabling me to walk on this earth for 22yrs n some months (rest months were spent crawling) I take this opportunity to thank profusely mom n dad :) I havent yet planned anything about how I would be spending tomorrow so if anyone wants to throw a party for me pls feel free to invite everybody... he he he. Dont worry about the tab coz AnonBlogger has already said tht I m a rich guy now ;).

If u were amused by the use of the word finally in the title, it was coz I received a gr8 gift frm God today itself. LIFE. Was going to office today morning n a tempo driver suddenly changed his lane. My bike's handle bar got caught in the bars n I was thrown off in the middle of the road. After taking 2-3 tumbles was lucky tht no vehicle was coming frm behind. Fortunately I was driving at a very low speed. Got a bruised knee n a very sore left hand thumb which is still throbbing with pain. So... finally 23 :).

Do write down ur birthdates in the comments section. This is not a guarantee tht I will remember them coz I m very bad with my dates (not a pun). Still....

Sunday, December 11, 2005

My blog rocks!!! :)

I know it is mainly coz of u all coming here but right now it rocks for two more important reasons.

Read this first, which I had posted 'bout a month ago. Ok... now if u haven't read it let me give u a brief idea of tht. Had gone for dinner with my college frnds n then after a sumptuous meal we went to Durga for cold-coffee. But, due to the perennial rush we settled for Richmonds (bang opposite to it) n instead of having icecream (for wht it is famous) we took coffee, which was one of the worst I had ever tasted. Now I have heard tht Richmonds have shut down tht outlet. Now thts called cool blogging.. cooler than the cold coffee they serve... he he he. If u want tht anything closed down then mail me the location... two weeks ltrz u get to see their shutters down ;)

The more rocking reason is tht I have got a salary hike.... HURRAH!!! Probably the post (go down 2 posts) might not be the actual reason but I m luvin it. Top on tops I m the highest 'increment-earner' in the batch.. a whooping 81% rise. Yet I have to receive the letter for the same, but the management announced it by calling each one of us into the conference room. So folks it is paaaartttttyy time :) n also time to change my wallppr in company... (or shld I make it 'till next appraisal') lollzzz.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Kidnaps ur mind...

Speak about kidnappings n the next word comes to ur mind is Bihar. The spate of kidnappings which the state has n is witnessing is the central theme of the movie Apaharan. The title means kidnapping n tht is wht is shown in the movie.. almost realistic. Bihar witnessed kidnappings of students, lawyers, doctors, businessmen n … The movie points to the nexus between the goons, politicians, police force n judicial system. The kidnappings are done by the goons on the behest of politicians n police, ransom money changes hands n the politicians n police ‘rescue’ the captive n become heroes in the eyes of the public.

Ajay Devgan plays role of a disillusioned man. Disillusioned coz he is educated but not getting a job n his Gandhian principle following father Mohan Agashe won’t use his contacts/references to bag one for him. The father wishes tht his son shld find a job himself n solely based on his caliber without offering bribe. But, the son offers bribe to a govt. official to list himself into the police but even then finds himself out of the merit list. To repay the loan he had taken for the bribe, he n his frnds r forced to resort to kidnapping. But, luck (n a politician) fails them n they all land up in jail. The hero vows to fight back n when he is released he takes to full time kidnapping n eventually he makes a place for himself in the same politician’s (Nana Patekar) gang. But, politics (even) in the kidnapping takes its toll on him n he is made to scurry for his own life, eventually leading to his death.

A really amazing movie which keeps u hooked from the first shot itself. The lingo which the middlemen use, the flow of money from victim’s family to the hands of corrupt ppl, dilemma faced by today’s youth in choosing honesty over monetary gains n the ease with which the kidnappers strike a deal are some of the high points of the movie. Ajay Devgan n Nana Patekar have essayed brilliant roles in the movie along with some good support by Mohan Agashe, Ayub Khan n Yashpal Sharma.

My rating: A MUST see movie…

It feels very sad to see young n brilliant lives being snuffed out in such a way. First, Satyendra Dubey lost his life at hands of the Highway ganglords. Now, Manjunath got killed by the petrol pump owner. Go n read this post frm a fellow blogger who was Manju’s junior in the IIM. Also u may sign a petition for an inquiry into his murder. Personally, I don’t believe tht justice will be done by thousands of ppl signing such petitions. But, I did not want myself to be left out this time coz somewhere in my heart I see myself standing in his shoes in future. I don’t know which path I will choose then, but I definitely want to see the ppl responsible for his murder -atleast- behind bars. I appeal to the system tht don’t let the trail end in cold this time.. PLEASE!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Scribblings on the wall (ppr)

This morning I came to office n suddenly this struck me. So I opened this pic n wrote a few lines on it. A few minutes later the pic was set as wallppr on my company machine. Till lunch my Project Manager saw this n the following conversation took place betn us. The lines in the brackets are wht I wanted to say but just kept it in my mind. Now this man always asks me the names of actresses I put up on my desktop..

PM: Sudeep n a guy on desktop.. i hope everything is allright ... haha
Me: Ha ha (forced a smile) .. everything is ok.. btw, it is my pic (even if i keep an actor's pic on my screen how do i turn gay???)
PM: Oh is it? Didn't know u looked so gud in pics
Me: Ha ha.. gud joke.. but cant help it
PM: n wht have u written here?
Me: (Dont tell me u can read... i have read enuf of mails 'bout dumb PMs')
PM: Ha ha.. i hope tht is not true
Me: It is true
PM: Wht??
Me: I mean I do sleep on weekends... ;P
PM: I was talking 'bout the 2nd line
Me: Tht is just my creativity oozing out (How can i steal ur weekdays job)
PM: better be just tht..
Me: (Actually i had added 'till appraisal' to the second line but then on second thoughts removed tht part.. hello where r u going?? Dont u have enuf brains to get the idea tht i want a raise.. hey.. listen)

But, he went away... :(

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Trip update..

Sorry for the late update on the short trip to Kashid. Kashid lies around 20 km ahead of Alibaug n the beach is popular among ppl coz it has probably one of the cleanest beaches around. Korlai, a small hamlet near Kashid is also famous for it's beach n fort. The rocky beach on the other side of Korlai is worth a visit. If u r halting for around 2 days then u may also visit the Alibaug fort (we didnt), Birla Temple at Revdand n Dutt Temple at choul. Serene places n amazing getaway from the cacophony of the city. Dont worry if u cant visit coz u can see some of the pics I have uploaded. Happy weekend.. c ya ltrz.