Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Desktop Goddess # 14

phir chhidi raat baat phulon ki
raat hai ya baraat phulon ki

phul ke haar phul ke gajre
phul ke haar phul ke gajre
shaam phulon ki raat phulon ki
phir chhidi raat baat phulon ki

aapka saath, saath phulon ka
aapka saath, saath phulon ka
aapki baat, baat phulon ki
phir chhidi raat baat phulon ki

I love this song and I love this wallpaper. Courtney Cox looks delicious in this photo. I had mentioned sometime earlier that love my goddesses images when they are lying in a couch or some place like this. And the flowers added here make a wonderful combination. I simply love it. This is the last post of this year. So wishing all the readers a very happy new year. May the coming year be like a phul (flower) to you without or least thorns. Well we can wish for that, right? Har din aapka ho phulon jaisa aur har raat ho aapki phulon jaisi. Enjoy the New Year's Eve and please don't drink and drive. Be safe. Be good. See you all in the next year and heading for a party with friends. Ciao!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Neo-bharat Times!

Neo and Oracle sitting on a bench in a park…

Neo: Merry Christmas Oracle!

Oracle: Merry Christmas Neo! You look happy today. Got a gift from Santa? Got a date for New Year’s Eve?

Neo: No, it’s just the Christmas spirit

Oracle: Hmmmmmm hmmmmm…

Neo: What?

Oracle: Nothing… just humming ‘Last Christmas I gave you my heart’

Neo: Please stop. You know I don’t like that song.

Oracle: No I didn’t

Neo: For God’s sake you are the Oracle

Oracle: Yeah yeah, I know. Have you checked your horoscope for the next year?

Neo: Where?

Oracle: Peter Vidal’s column in the Neo-Bharat Times

Neo: You daily read those columns? For God’s sake…

Oracle: (cuts in) Yeah I know I am the Oracle. Listen, your sun sign says that you should stop making mountains from molehills

Neo: Does that have something to do with the moles on my body?

Oracle: Err... no. I am not talking about Melanocytic nevus

Neo: Ok… Yesterday night I was counting the moles on my body

Oracle: Why?

Neo: Didn’t you read the mail which said if your lover kisses all moles on your body then your sexual life will be great?

Oracle: Eewww.. Why do you read such spam mails? Anyways remember that you need to stop making mountains from molehills

Neo: Ok fine! But it would be fun when Trinity kisses my moles

Oracle: I don’t see that happening since she is dating Agent Smith

Neo: (frowns) Of course she will. I just need a few more moles on my body

Oracle: Shave off your hairy chest and you will see 4 moles

Neo: (ecstatic) Really? How do you know that?

Oracle: For God’s sake Neo I am the Oracle

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vinte e Seis

I have this notion that how you celebrate your birthday or the first day of the New Year is a reflection of how the coming year will be. Taking a look at yesterday the coming year would not be much different for me I feel. Yesterday I had fun with friends and also did a lot of work due to the ongoing client visit. Yesterday I had my share of laughs and also had some sad moments. So many called up, mailed and send text messages that I was soaking in the blessings. I always wonder that no matter how many times I forget to wish everyone, all have been very understanding and remember to shower their love on me. No matter how much you achieve in life these are the small moments when one feels truly accomplished. As per tradition I had a small mishap on the birthday eve but don’t worry as I am perfectly alright. Lost my bike key yesterday at the place we had dinner and then we all searched for it all the way on the road where we had gone for a walk. Then climbed up the wall as the restaurant had closed down and found the key near the table where we were seated. Lost a key and found it. Lost a few people in the past year and found some new gems. Well that is what they call it life. I still wonder how fast the last year has flown by. It just seems a few days back that I had entered the quarter life crisis he he he. Cheers to the coming year… bring it on I say! One of my colleagues gave this to me :-)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

When will enough be really enough?

Dear Terrorist Friend,

I know you would be smiling reading the words dear and friend thinking that you have got one more stupid person to carry out a fidayeen attack. But I want you to think that I am your friend so that we can embrace and then I can rip your stomach off with bagh nakh with me visualizing that I am Shivaji and you are Afzal Khan muahahahahaha! I prefer that you ought to be tortured to death and not killed in an encounter. Yesterday I received a mail which had a presentation attached along with. It had pictures and names of all the soldiers of my nation who laid down their life defending Mumbai. The presentation depicted these brave men as heroes and on the last slide it had a photo of one of the Mumbai attackers. Beside that image it was written that “You might be a hero to someone but you definitely are not human”. I agree with the last part of the line because I read in newspapers that you did not even spare the stray dogs which were barking at the railway terminus. You mercilessly killed every living thing which came in your way. A person capable of doing such a thing would have been brainwashed since a long long time. I have full sympathy for your parents and especially for your mother, who must be cursing herself for giving birth to such a scoundrel. But yes I really think that you deserve some praise for planning this attack. Before this attack you used to target the common man and a few days of mourning later no one ever talked about the killings or bothered to secure the borders. This time you attacked the elite people and the tourists especially the westerners. And everyone can see the outrage of this. The streets are flooded with people carrying banners against you all and the politicians. Well you all would have sufficed because the politicians come under your banner. We have seen heads rolling down on pretext of ‘moral responsibility’ and thankfully the Rajs’, the Uddhavs’ and the other rogues who usually put Mumbai under threat have gone hiding. I heard a few days back somewhere that this time the public outcry will make the politicians aware that they can be held responsible for such attacks and the masses will rise to protect the nation. Let me tell you that I was an optimistic guy but somewhere down the last few years I have given up the optimism and embraced reality. I don’t think that the politicians of India will think good for the people. I don’t think that security will be beefed up to prevent such attacks. The common man and the elite person will go back to do his/her normal routine. All news channels will gear up for the coming elections. Everyone’s focus will be back to the upcoming cricket series against England. The politicians will be back to their mudslinging game blaming the rival parties. Basically everyone will be back doing his own business and you will be back to plotting another attack at some another place. But let me remind you that such attacks won’t cut India into pieces. No matter how much we fight amongst ourselves we are a nation. Ours is the country having the largest democracy in the world and sooner or later when the endurance limit exceeds people like me will take up arms if need be and barge into your country. Then it wouldn’t matter to us whether your country is in the neighbourhood or is a far flung country. We would not sneak in and I promise you that we will take care to wipe away the entire spoilt race of yours. The innocent will be spared and respected and the guilty would be punished. After that the world will live in peace. I have that much of optimism left in me.

Yours truly

A friend turning into a fiend