Monday, June 26, 2006

Damn! Another critique post?? :P

Last week had accompanied mom to the registration office for transferring the ownership of one of our house to the new occupant. There was this huge queue for the stamp of the lawyer. Luckily, the guy who bought our house had some gud connections within the organization so he himself went n did all the work. Meanwhile, we were standing outside the office in the reception area. I was loitering around the lobby n was whiling my time reading all sorts of notices n rules put up on the walls. One of them took the cake which read..

Urgency needs hardwork
Urgency increases blood pressure
Urgency spoils relations
Urgency requires cash
So, URGENCY is not our policy

I wanted to roll on the floor laughing but since the floor was not swept didn’t do it. Now I wish my cell had a cam so tht I could capture this astonishing piece of info. I m damn sure this was not sarcastically put up there but such is the plight of many government offices. Office Office is one of my fav serial on TV and though the common man undergoes so much of trails n tribulations for getting a petty job done, we end up laughing at the government apathy. One thing sure was gud tht there is a new thumbprint scanner n a digi-cam so tht the pics n the thumb are merged in the transfer certificate directly. Pls note tht m not criticizing the govt but just saying tht the functioning sucks! :P

Government servants are just like sperm. Only one works in a million

My dad will kill me if he reads this line coz he works in the Central Govt under the Forest Ministry. The main drawback working under this (I feel) is tht one has to really work n there is no whtsoevr contact with the public which means no bribes at all. I used to boast this thing tht my dad doesn’t take bribes until I attended a party organized for govt employees n their family. I was completely awed by this pretty gal n while chatting asked her out. She responded by My dad has been booked 9 times for accepting bribe. If ur dad has surpassed this number then I m in. I hung my head in shame n walked away. Tht day itself I promised myself tht I wont be taking up a govt job n spoil my child’s adolescence :D. Now m terrified at the thought tht a gal of another IT slave would ask my son How many spam mails ur dad forwards in a day? Thinking ‘bout this I keep on practicing sending forwards to many of you. Now next time u see one of those forwards frm me don’t mutter a swear word under ur breath but feel satisfied tht u r helping me in a very noble cause :P

Thursday, June 22, 2006

CRITICISM!!!.... WTF is tht?

Gym in the morning, then transferring one of our house to another’s name (we sold it), lunch, then company, last lecture of the Japanese class, coffee break, taking care of some undone work, searching a gud card on net for my frnd for her b’day n then reading the comments on the last post. Whoa!! Had I known tht the last post would become so fuking interesting I would have skipped all the things mentioned above n would have come online for a nice debate.. err.. I mean discussion.

@ Nihal n Gururaj: Welcome here…. Probably a wrong post thro’ ur view to come over here, but thts wht I see or lets say saw TT as a game. Saw ‘coz I was gonna post a rather contradictory update today tht TT is awesome. Not tht I won, I lost miserably yest, but it was worth playing with guys who ‘knew’ how to play tht game. But, tht doesn’t mean tht I was wrong in my last post. Any new person who doesn’t know TT (or for tht matter any game) n starts playing it will feel the same I guess n even if he/she doesn’t I don’t give a fuck coz it’s my opinion. Probably u skipped the starting n ending lines tht ‘I don’t follow table tennis’ n ‘I will be trying to learn it sometime in future’. I think tht sums up all n I wont be explaining my stand on TT. But, I think u guys shld have dropped here earlier so tht when I had mentioned previously tht ‘I m gonna play TT but don’t know it’, u could have shared some tips coz U R SOME GR8 ACHIEVERS in ur field. If Guru would have had visited my blog earlier I could have given tension to my opponents by boasting tht the State champ of Andhra Pradesh visits my blog. Dude, see such a huge difference u could have made to my image in the company. Anyways, next yr I will do that. I don’t wanna start a new debate but barring cricket players n Sania Mirza, name a player who features in advertisements? I don’t want an answer, just ask urself. Ask a child, who watches TV, to name a sportsperson n I bet the kid will say Tendulkar, Dravid or Sehwag. This is coz we r bombarded to cricket so much tht we (in general) have lost touch to all other games including our national game (which is hockey btw). Now, u r players so u might be knowing the plight of sportspersons to get financial assistance while the cricket n some tennis stars r basking in glory. So the point here is tht any game which we take on will be dealt with negativity at start. Tht doesn’t mean I don’t respect other games, but yeah I can n I will write wht I feel. So if tht is called criticism then so be it. C ya around… n dont take anything personally here. Thnx for letting me know of the wonderful site sunsuna, frm where u both came here I guess.

The update which I had thought to write today..

LOST!! I m not talking ‘bout Evangeline Lilly (*drool*) but we lost the doubles match of TT yest n lost in style with 21-3, 21-8 on scoreboard. Style was not ours’ but of the opponent pairs’. This was the first time I watched some gud play (wht std of play do u expect frm IT professionals) n mind u gud by my standard (otherwise someone will get angry). Those guys could spin the ball on the serve n tht too without taking help frm the fan. We couldn’t return a single serve n when we served they tackled it well. If we had known earlier tht the company would be organising a TT tournament we would have practiced well n did better. But, atleast as a sports lover (oh yes I m :D) we participated n were the favourites of the spectators, ofcourse not for the way we played but for the tactics we used to boost us (those r copyrighted so wont share). The best match of the day was of Manoj who blasted his opponent with excellent serves. Tapping the ball on our side while serving can generate a nice spin which we can’t do in lawn tennis. Also, with players like us it is better to have a confined space coz it is less painful to get the ball which is so down-to-earth tht it prefers the ground instead of the table.

I m very very happy tht no one frm Bollywood visits my blog otherwise I would have died a thousand deaths till date for my criticism towards tht industry :))
I m sorry tht I have been wasting time doing nothing rather than visiting blogs n replying to the comments. Will do tht tomorrow definitely. Btw, Indian bloggers can check the link above to see if they r listed coz i came to know today tht this blog is already listed there.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Name one famous Indian TT player

Probably I don’t follow table tennis, but when I asked this to better-than-me players no one could come up with a single name. Now, don’t google for it post it in the comments section :D. But, last 2 days were fun playing the game n esp when almost all were playing for the 1st time or not playing regularly. I lost the singles match comfortably :D while in doubles myself n Gaurav won the 1st round yesterday. In singles, we had best of 3 games with each game of 11 pts while in doubles best of 3 games as well but with 21 pts. The problem with singles match is tht when I was just thinking tht now I shld start getting some pts the opponent was already placed well ahead with a lead of 8-9 pts. So the match literally ended within 15 min. But, the opponent was Kanadda n he had to take a verbal volley of Marathi words throughout the game (not swear words just plain n simple gibberish :P). Today in a couple of hrs we face one of the best playing pairs in our company, so we r definitely gonna lose. But there r certainly few things which I have learnt in these 2 days:

Lawn tennis n table tennis have only tennis word in common. So if u can play lawn tennis decently it is not tht u can win a TT tournament by directly playing the first time in the match itself.

The energy reqd to keep the ball within the table is inversely proportional to the size of the playing court. Smashes n lobs are not meant for tt. Either u break ur fingers while smashing or smash the tubelight while lobbing the ball.

Table tennis rules suck!! Why cant I take full-toss (volley) instead of waiting for the ball to bounce frm the table. Also I cant touch the table with the racquet coz it is foul.

The only best thing I can see in a singles match is tht u can serve anywhere (ofcourse within the table limits). But again why to bounce the ball first on my side n then on other side?

Another point is tht the tables are kept in closed confines (atleast here they are) n though there are fans above (not used coz covered with cobwebs) the table space they don’t allow to switch them on. The ball swings they say.. I mean then how m I gonna generate spin for my shots without using the fan.

Lawn tennis rocks while table tennis sucks. Sucks BIG TIME!! But still I will be trying to learn it sometime in future.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Random bubbles III

Yesterday, Blogger ate up my post 2 times. Republishing it as it was...

Had to go on yet another random bubble post...

First of all today I had almost no work after sweating it out for past couple of days. Since morning I was running to all blogs n went on a commenting spree.Archana, a blogger frnd is a member (founder too I guess) of the Word of the Worlds, a multi-bloggers’ blog. They have a section in their sidebar ‘Spotlight’ n I m pleased to hear frm Archie tht I m in spotlight for this month. Thnx a lot Archana! *standing ovation* I know u didn’t stand n clap but thts why I inserted a clap-track in the bkgrnd similar to the sitcoms which have a laughter-track.

Sean n I were talking ‘bout Ashlee’s wllpprs’ the other day. Being a self-confessed wllppr fanatic I had to post my desktop beauties. I had this wllppr till yesterday...
My team last month had an activity of ‘beauty-appreciation’ week in which we used to change a wllppr everyday n then we together used to decide tht which wllppr/model was more beautiful. Also we had a week of Alizee desktop only. I found some time for watching the 24 first season’s first episode. I was glad to read Elisha Cuthbert’s name in the titles. Coincidentally, I have her pic on my desktop. **

After watching Phir Hera Pheri, it seems tht not all hit movies have a gud sequel even though it has all the best entertainers in the industry. But, was really surprised to see Diya Mirza sizzling so much in an item number. Item number word pops up and there is no mention of Rakhi Sawant is highly impossible. Apart frm her bulging (n probably fake) bosom she has nothing to show n ofcourse she shows wht she has. But, how on earth could somebody kiss her. Eeeewwww… so much for publicity.

We have inter-dept table-tennis matches coming up next week. I have never played TT b4 and yet have participated in it. Don’t know how much entertainment I will be providing to the spectators, if there will be any to watch. Most of the time would be spent in picking up the ball frm the ground. I had read tht the TT ball is made of camphor, so if the match goes on for a gud amount of time I m hoping it will sublime n disappear in midair. Otherwise, if m losing (which I know I will) I would just burn the ball n get the match postponed. We had a blood donation camp in company today. But, I had donated on 25th of the last month so could not donate today. It reminded me of this post I had done after the previous donation of mine. It is gud to read thro ur own archives sometimes n going thro the comments.

Can the blogger from Pande town/city come forth n say he/she is frm this place? I m very much amused by the name of this place n never knew tht it is in Maharashtra. Or is it another anonymous reader?
Have a gr8 weekend everybody...

** As I cannot see pics frm company let me know if the pics have been posted under the correct name.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yes, we were :)

EDIT: Pics uploaded

Zeus was extremely benevolent on us as he controlled the lightning n the showers enabling us to enjoy the trip to the max. As I was writing the last post sitting in the office waiting for the bus to pick us up, one of my cubicle partners was watching the satellite images of India and the reading the forecast for the next few days. He said tht it was written “Lightning and thundershowers for next 5 days in Ratnagiri. 100% precipitation”. Frankly speaking we all were thinking of changing the destination reading tht n infact one of the guys went back home. (Ssshhhh… don’t tell anyone tht we didn’t return him the money we took as advance for bookings). Poor poor chap!! Also damn those meteorological ‘experts’ who can’t predict properly (well not damn but tht was for not predicting correctly) coz it didn’t rain (except for a strong drizzle for around 20 minutes) for the last 5-6 days. In short, we had an awesome time at the beach n this time more in the bus.

Ganpatipule is one of the so-called best locations in the western coastal strip of India. So-called coz in the pics on sites it seems more amazing than in real life. I m not saying it is not gud but it is definitely not among the best. The main attraction for ppl (mainly the devotees of Lord Ganesha/Ganpati) thronging to this place is the swayambhu (self-originated) temple. For more info on this, u can read frm the link I had given in the last post. Though the idol n place was sometime back as it was, now the govt. to attract more visitors has constructed an artificial temple kinda structure around. Also the main beach is literally bustling with ppl littering the whole place (suckers!). Luckily we had the M.T.D.C beach to enjoy which was really clean.

The bus as usual witnessed noisy scenes but this time it was more special. It was Sarath’s b’day on the 3rd of June n so before leaving (2nd nite) some of the colleagues (who were not coming) gave him a sound beating under pretext of advance wishes. In the bus after cutting the cake he got the usual b’day bumps n the next day someone would just say “Sarath it is ur b’day today” n almost everybody would join in to gift him punches again*. Another poor chap! We have various teams in the company out of which one is almost consisting of gals n I had heard they were a dominant lot n everybody feared them. Since we guys were busy in project (yes yes now those who say I don’t work in office should hang their heads in shame :D), we never had time to show tht we rule the company. The trip n the last whole week gave us tht opportunity n mind u we … mostly myself emerged victorious. Pranks, pranks n pranks was wht we were upto n those gals agreed tht we were the SUPREME like Zeus.. he he he. Ameesh was excellent at his creative abilities n modified the song XLRI ki kudiyaan to suit the mood and wrote down 5 wonderful stanzas for the XXX ki kudiyaan **. Pradip was best at his funny self and when he vanished for around 1 hour we thought he might be taking a nap but he came back dressed in coconut/palm leaves (clothes within too) posing as an adivasi (tribal) n did the jungle dance. Swati enthralled the crowd by singing beautifully some songs by Celine Dion n one Hindi song. So all in all, everyone was at their best n enjoyed to the max :)

* Tarun n Navdeep celebrated their b’days recently. As Tarun is helping me out in the blog template he will be spared frm the bumps n Michelle, Navdeep’s teacher n myself have chalked out a plan to hit her. So she is gonna get hit very very bad. Also, Ishita n Keshi will be celebrating their b’days in next fortnight, so we have more sessions of kick-boxing coming up *evil grin*. I know b'dates of some bloggers only, so pls list ur b'dates in the comment section. Dont worry, I won't hit u if u promise to treat me with a chocolate cake like Archie.

** Pls note tht XXX doesn’t mean tht we have some *ahem* stuff here, just tht project names r not to be disclosed. :D The cam batteries died off just when we guys were ‘bout to sing. So, we had a repeat telecast of it on the company terrace. The size is too big, around 48 Mb. Does anyone know any site where I can upload this big video for everyone to watch?

Pics will be uploaded on Monday. Have a gr8 weekend :)

P.S.: Sites have been blocked here. So, orkut n e-mail frnds pls bear my absence (till we crack the firewall again). I m amazed why they left blogspot out of the firewall (might be it will have its turn too).

Friday, June 02, 2006

Are u the right person at the right place at the right time?

It has started pouring here heavily. Rains do give a feeling of romance but such heavy rains wash off all the to-do-in-this-rain love moments. Last Sunday’s newsppr supplement had awesome pics. To start off with, the main page had Madhuri n Penelope in almost full page pics for some new movie stuff. But, wht caught my attention was an apt Kerela State Tourism Dept’s ad which had a couple alongside the amazing backwaters in rain n the line was even more beautiful.
Sometimes, it needs water to rekindle the fire
Such is the beauty of rains even if I hate the water logged streets n vehicles which rush past splashing tht water when I forget my raincoat.

To enjoy the rains or this season, ppl here usually head towards Tamhini, Lonavala or Matheran. But, I don’t know whose brainchild it was (m sure he/she is a child with no brain) it has been decided to go to Ganpatipule. This place has a bad reputation of ppl dying in the waters coz even though it has one of the most attractive sea lines; it has probably seen the worst rage of sea. I tried to search how many deaths take place there annually but couldn’t get a count.** So in this rainfall we are going to be the right persons at the wrong place at a very very wrong time. We are leaving tonight around 11 n then will be back on Monday afternoon. Though we will be taking utmost care, pray for our safety :)

**While searching for the count I stumbled upon a pdf file which is actually an annual report for the yrs 04-05 of the Ministry of Defence. Annual report is a public property?? And the one, which has probably info on all testings carried out n warnings on security threats?? Definitely NOT! But, it has some amazing pics of Sukhoi n a plane formation (last page)

Da Vinci code lived upto my expectations but the role of Tom Hanks didn’t. I found the character of Silas more powerful in terms of acting n portrayal. The grp had both, ppl who had read the book n those who hadn’t. All those who didn’t read the book found it interesting, while others (me including) felt tht we were seeing the book come to life. It was almost page to page n word to word narration. So as Cheesy Termite said, it really gave life to the reader’s imagination.
Sean n Dave, I got hold of the 1st season of 24. Now, just have to take out time to watch it.

Since I had mentioned tht I will be telling ‘bout the testicles incident, here it goes. You can skip this portion if u want n jump directly to the comments section.
We guys keep on solving puzzles n crosswords here. A couple of weeks back when we were solving a crossword, the clue was ‘Organs which an ENT removes when a person has acute throat infection’. A colleague asked me wht it was n I thought he was kidding so I jokingly said testicles n pointed to a guy (who had a tonsillitis operation a few weeks back) to say tht he had his removed by surgery. Now, to my utter surprise this guy went n started typing testicles in the provided space. When the words exceeded the blocks, he gave it a thought n glared back at me suddenly remembering wht was meant to be typed there. But, I had thought he would go upto the other colleague n ask whether it hurts during removing testicles :D

Catch u all on Monday nite or next morning.. have a gr8 weekend n keep smiling.