Saturday, April 29, 2006

Manny & Diego would have been better...

Scene 1: My cubicle (officially closing time)
Frnd: Lets go to see Ice Age 2 today
Me: I haven’t seen the 1st one... is it linked?
Frnd: Even I haven’t seen ... lets check out. I HAVE to watch something today... totally worked out
Me: Hmmm... ok... can u go ahead n book the seats? I have a couple of issues to be sorted out with the client

Frnd: No probs... be there atleast 15-20 min before

Scene 2: Cafeteria (3 of them already there)
Me: Atlast finished off tht mails early today. Got the tickets?
Frnd: No
Me: Wht?? Then why are we sitting here?
2nd frnd: We r waiting to watch a movie
Me: No ways I m waiting 2 hrs here for the next show
Frnd: We r watching the show which begins in 20 mins
Me: But I saw outside tht Ice Age was only on Screen 2
Frnd: Yeah.. we are watching Pyare Mohan coz Ice Age 2 was already sold out

Me: WTH?? Does tht cake contain extra nuts?

Enrique (sorry Vaibhav :D) crooned for his gal “I'm ur man”. Similarly the lead (???) actors for this movie must have sung for the director “U r our man”. Otherwise who would have given these guys leading roles? But it suits them.. dumb roles for equally dumb ppl in a pathetic story. Actually it is not dumb but it is deaf n blind here. One of the two guys is deaf (Vivek) n the other is blind (Fardeen). Two sisters (Amrita n Esha) meet them accidentally n the guys fall in love with them. But the gals want a ‘fully functional man’ in their lives so they go abroad where they get wrongly accused of a murder. Meanwhile an underworld don (Boman) is trying to kill them. The heroes take off to tht location to rescue the gals. There they fight with cops as well as goons (they r deaf n blind so it is applaudable). Finally after much chasing n tear jerking scenes all the goons r killed, don is arrested n cops let the foursome scot-free. Now the gals understand the love of the deaf-n-blind saviours. Awesome!!

No need to comment on the ‘acting’ of anybody in it. Music is pathetic. There is no item song to atleast say Chalo paisa kuch toh vasool hua, so guys stay far away frm this. This would have been a superhit if Indra Kumar had released it 15-20 yrs ago. The tastes are changing dude... GROW UP!!

Yashita will be a merrier gal now in the midst of her exams after this :P


I have a holiday on Monday on account of Labour Day or Maharashtra Day. Whtevr the pretext be the main thing is tht it is a holiday :). So heading out of Pune for 2 days. Will meet u all on Tuesday. Till then tk care.. Jai kaamgaar aani Jai Maharashtra :D

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Home Alone 8

The number 8 does signify something but the main point is tht m home alone again. Mom finished off with the exams of her tuition kids n she merrily boarded the flight last week to Dad’s place.

The first week is like a bird just let free out of the cage (hope my mom doesn’t reach this page), then the next week the worms available outside the nest taste the best n night-outs with other feathered frnds, later the wings get a bit tired n the bird starts ordering the worms by home delivery n staying home awake all night (whoevr said the early bird catches the worm). But, the last week is the worst with the bird trying to make the nest look neat n tidy as was earlier.
I know the analogy was bad but still… :)

Oops again the worm… anyways I hate to get up early morning. Being alone gives me the right to stay in bed as long as I wish. I still remember tht day back 2-3 yrs when I had slept till 12:30 noon, got up n did a few necessary things n slept again till evening. Heaven!!!

Now tht I m working I have to be up till 9:30 but these days I m not made to hear this

The only person to disturb my peaceful sleep is the milk delivery man. Umpteen times I have told him to drop the milk bag inside the outer gate n just leave but either he is a dumbo or he is smart to pester me (I put my money on tht) tht he continuously rings the doorbell until I get up n pick it up. Otherwise the mornings r peaceful here.

Another thing is tht I cant stay awake late when mom is around. Though I manage everyday till 1-1:30 after tht I have to coz first the voice is like
Sudeep, u haven’t slept yet? I ignore it by putting earphones but the damn left ear piece has broken so I get to hear tht too
Then it goes like STILL awake? U don’t want to go to office tomorrow? n if u think tht saying No I can get away u r either very innocent or very stupid (this time I put my money here :D)

The final call is GO TO SLEEP!!! Turn off those damn lights n there is just no reaction frm my side but a meek surrender

But now I can stay up till my eyelids get closed by gravitational force. Engineering was fun atleast in this aspect. ‘Night maarne’ was the best concept ever introduced n now even though I like to be out of the engg college I surely miss this thing. So now watching movies till late n tht too without headphones is bliss.

I watched 40 year old virgin, Bourne Identity, Basic Instinct (for the first time in one sitting only) n started with Entrapment (all DivX prints so watching it again). Btw, is Memoirs of Geisha a silent movie? I know it isn’t but then why mine doesn’t have a sound?

But then staying up late night has its disadvantages too. Earlier I could make a feeble attempt for staying home next morning (though I couldn’t do so)

Now have to work out new ideas to tell my Project Manager why I m late. He has turned smart enough to understand the real meaning of I come late to office but I make up by leaving early. The routine excuses seem to be a tad too boring. I m still alive but it is getting difficult...

The conference calls with clients n meetings with seniors r the best place where I can doze off. Thnx to my colleagues who take down the minutes of meetings I can comfortably take a quick nap.

Staying alone endows a person to be creative and put his/her (unused) skills to test. I m eating in hotels now n the first few days it satisfied my taste buds but then it seems the same everytime I eat n anything I eat. So last nite I decided to cook a meal for myself.

Armed with a few recipes frm my dear frnds living abroad (I seriously doubt whether they gave it out of love or were playing a prank), I went home. To my surprise/dismay I didn’t have the important items mentioned in the ingredients section of the recipe. Had to settle with plain dal-chawal (rice n curry) along with some fried papad. The taste was ok
Varanat panni jyast zhala hota pan chav bari hoti. Purna sampvava laglach karan swataha banavla hota na... he he. Muddam marathit lihila aahe... kuni translate karu naka... dhanyawaad :D

I m missing aam-ras *sobs*. Anyone willing to supply?

It’s just one week she has left but the house is in total mess. Clothes n pprs lying around, towel thrown on the chair in hurry while leaving for office.. phew!! My study area (where I never studied) is always like tht n I luv it tht way. I find it easier to find things lying in mess rather than neatly stacked. So the cleaning process will begin a few days b4 mom will be arriving. Have already put a reminder for tht in my cell.
Lekin tab tak ghar ka saara kaam mujhe hi karni padta hain... safai bhi... shopping bhi

The real test is when mom arrives n I have to switch back to the normal mode.

n not only the cleanliness part but each n every thing...

Till mom is away all neighbours r very very friendly. No one complains anything if I play loud music thro’ the nite or call frnds over n cheer the teams (did tht during World Cup), But, as soon as mom is home these sweet neighbours turn into bitter enemies of mine. Calls start pouring in...

Note: I m innocent :D

But then if mom is angry I have to see if I can get away by pleasing dad atleast. It is hard to convince him but when my ‘would-be-lawyer’ frnds ditch me, I have to seek his help.

Inspite of these few uphill tasks, I luv the weeks of freedom. I have all the freedom I want yet this freedom gives a new high (old is not dope). So m enjoying these few weeks till I return back to my ‘normal-sweet-human-being mode’. Till then everyday is Saturday :))

I always wonder why my home is never attacked when I m Home Alone. Damn, there is no adventure in my life. If any thief is reading this pls consider urself invited. I bought a big bottle of Pepsi last nite ... khub jamega rang jab mil baithenge 3 yaar :)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ok fine, now... Sing With Me - Aerosmith

Vaibhav had tagged me for listing 7 songs I m into now. I was trying hard to avoid it but since he had mentioned earlier tht he is a deranged nechrophile serial-killer, so cant take the risk…. n especially when he lives just 3 hour drive frm here.

Wht I do everyday is tht before starting my work, I just select songs depending on the mood I m in. Had mentioned some earlier but listing it here again... so it is more like listing my playlists rather than only 7 songs.

NOTE: I m bad at mathematics, so if the number exceeds or falls short, pls feel free to blame my maths teacher

1. New songs: Almost all the songs frm the new movies like Rang De Basanti, Bluffmaster, Aksar, Chocolate, Garam Masala n Shamur album
mauka yeh hasin mile na kal mile yaha
gale lag ja tu meri jaan ab na sataa
aashiq hu mujhe aashiqui ka lene de mazaa

2. Euphoria: One of my fav bands and their songs always find place in my playlist, be it Maaeri, Phir Dhoom, Aana Meri Gully or my most fav Ab Na Jaa
Aankhein band karlu jo main dekhu bas tumhe
Khwabon mein hi keh sakta hu apna tumhe
Rehne de mera yeh wehem pe hi yakeen Na jaa abhi...

3. Kunal Ganjawala: Not specifically I listen to his songs but some of his songs which always are n will be there in my list are Chodo na mujhe yuh bekarar sa and Bheege hoth tere

4. Remix: I luv watching remix videos :D but I luv listening to Aaja piya tohe pyaar du, Dhagala lagli kala, Nisha jaanejaan, Aise na mujhe tum dekho, Bheegi bheegi raaton mein by Hariharan, Bachke rehna re baba n some more

5. Bombay Vikings: Kya Soorat hain made me like this band/man n then Kabhi phool dena made me fall into luv with the voice n the rhythm.
Kya soorat hain kya soorat hai kya soorat hain
Baby no one so sexy In the whole galaxy
You make my heart go beating harder
Kya soorat hai kya soorat hai kya soorat hai
Baby I don't know what it would do One real hot kiss from you
I might go crazy might get smarter

6. Miscellaneous songs like Subhan allah frm Fanaa, Ek look ek look frm Aryan, Doob jaana re frm Main Meri Patni aur woh, Ishq di galli frm No Entry, Dooba dooba by Silk Route, Aao na frm Kyun Ho Gaya na, Jaadu hain nasha hain frm Jism, Sajna ve Sajna frm Chameli n Naam ada likhna frm Yahaan.

English (angrezi bhajan)
1. If I had written only 7 songs it might have been all Enrique’s songs. Thts why this long n detailed list. I simply luv his songs … n the ladies in the videos too. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Elsa Benitez, Anna.. hmmm … I know we r on song list.
Let it be his Addicted
Maybe I'm addicted,
I'm out of control,
but you're the drug
that keeps me from dying

or You are my no. 1
I've even seen miracles
I've felt the pain disappear
But still haven't seen anything
That amazes me quite like you do

then take Hero, One Night Stand, Escape, She be the One, California Calling, Not in Love or I have loved u
I have always loved you
There's never been anyone else
I knew you before I knew myself
Oh my baby, I have always loved you

2. Hotel California is one song tht amazes me each n every time I listen to it.

3. Bryan Adams with his Summer of 69 n Everything I do
There's no love - like your love
And no other - could give more love
There's nowhere - unless you're there
All the time - all the way

4. Eminem’s Lose Yourself and sometimes My name is crazy too
Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

5. Music pieces like title track of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly n For a Few Dollars More, Fable, Love Island by Fatboy Slim

6. I need some sleep by Eels, A little less conversation by Elvis, Chocolate and Slow by Kylie, Turn Turn Turn frm Forrest Gump
If love were liquid it would drown me in a placeless place refine me,
in a heart shape come around me and then melt me slowly down

7. I m not a hard music fan but after watching the WRC video I have fallen in luv with In the End by Limp Bizkit Linkin Park (sorry Vaibhav n Deepa)

Old is gold
1. I wasn’t aware tht many songs I hear had the mention of ‘eyes’ in them. The list here starts with Jaaneman Jaaneman tere do nayan, Aapki aankhon mein mehake se hue kuch raaz hain, In aankhon ki masti mein n Aankhon hi aankhon mein ishara ho gaya

2. Phoolon ke rang se frm Prem Pujari
chotta safar ho lamba safar ho suni dagar ho ya mela
yaad tu aaye mann ho jaaye bhid ke bich akela

3. Item gals r in galore nowadays but can’t forget Helen’s cabaret numbers like Piya tu ab toh aaja n Oh haseena zulfowali jaanejahan

4. Amol Palekar has got the best songs sung for him till now. Be it frm Golmaal, Chotisi Baat, Gharonda or Baaton baaton mein

5. Ek ajnabee haseena se yuh mulaqat ho gayi is one of the songs I luv to listen over n over
woh achanak aa gayi yuh nazar ke saamne
jaise nikal aaya ghata se chaand

6. Meet na mila re mann ka
chain nahi bahar chain nahi ghar mein
Mann mera dharti par aur kabhi ambar mein

7. Izazat movie’s this song is also a must in the playlist
Mera kuch saaman tumhare paas pada hain
saawan ke kuch bhige-bhige din rakhe hain
aur mere ek khat mein lipti raat padi hain
woh raat buzha do mera woh saaman lauta do

Either I don’t have taste in marathi songs or there is nothing better i get to hear than Kase sartil saye, Mann talyat manaat, Deva mala roz ek apghaat kar n Sarri var sar.

Pheeewwww… I got bored n tired writing this huge n bet u too got bored too reading it. Don’t worry next time will try to make it more long :))
Whoevr wants to list theirs' is welcome.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Yeh andar ki baat hain....


I know u must be wondering where my investigative team vanished after tht ‘Aksar’ expose story. Some reports were going around tht I wasn’t paying them well, but the truth is tht the guys n gals were on a very covert mission so everything was hush-shush. Now they r back... not with a bang though. Here r some of the unearthed things... mind u this is just the tip of an iceberg. More skeletons will be tumbling outta the closet soon...

Last month 3 models carelessly slipped their garments on the ramp during Lakme India Fashion Week. Many ppl think tht it was a careless slip n the designer’s fault. But, personal interviews with the beautiful gals have revealed tht this is not the truth.
Carol, the choco-coloured skin model whose top came off, says tht “We models r not getting enough attention nowadays. Celebrities sitting in the first row n cricketers walking the ramp are hogging the limelight. As if Indian cricketers weren’t enough this time they got Brian Lara to strut around. I m damn sure tht anyone would prefer having Death-by-Chocolate over Black Forest”
Gauhar who zipped off in front off the audience stated tht “Sajid is nowadays too busy with his co-anchor Suresh Menon. So I have to draw his attention by doing this.. Sab kuch kar sakti hu”
Ujwala’s gown came off accidentally n since then she has gone undergown… I mean underground. Her comments will be revealed later.

Sean n myself r eagerly awaiting the sequel of the movie Dhoom which features Aishwarya Rai whizzing on sexy bikes. Meanwhile the sequel to another movie Koi Mil Gaya is gonna be released soon under the name of Krrishh (sorry if the number of r n h are incorrect). Koi Mil Gaya was the Bollywood inspiration of Spielberg’s ET. It is reported tht the lead actor Hrithik has been bestowed with super-powers in the sequel. Wht I would be interested in watching is tht if the alien has been given xtra powers this time. In the last movie he used sunlight for his powers n it was reported tht his galfrnd complained to the director tht he couldn’t perform at night. Now this is wht is called as movie promotion.

Reports are flying in tht Swami Ramdev Maharaj has sued Himesh Reshmiya for using his nasal breathing techniques to rake in moolah. Himesh has agreed for an out-of-court settlement n even singing a couple of songs in Ramdev’s yoga sessions. Keep watching this space for more updates on this.

Inspite of our earnest requests, we couldn’t get through the security cordon around Medha Patkar’s residence to interview her. She is currently on a hunger strike for the benefit of the villagers. When the security guards saw tht we weren’t budging they put up a placard in front of the gate which read “Hunger Strike to continue After Lunch-break”. Don’t worry we are trying to bring u the latest buzz on it.

Note: The author hasn't used fake names to protect identity of ppl :D

Humble appeal: The author is fully aware tht all persons mentioned r doing social service in their own way possible. Yet, if anyone is hurt dont mention it ... n not at all on their own blogs... n pls dont quit blogging for this.
Last night I got threatening calls from Dubai to erase out some of the names. But, till now u might be aware tht along with being innocent I m quite strong too :D. So, instead of deleting names I m adding another story to prove tht keyboard is mightier than the phone call.

Ekta K has been reported missing since 2 days. She had thrown a gala party to celebrate the Supreme Court's decision lifting off the ban on dance bars. No, u pervert mind, she doesn't dance in any. But, since now the male fraternity will be back in the bars, her teary-soaps will have better TRPs' thnx to the ladies back at home. The Page 3 celebrities who attended the bash confirmed on condition of anonymity tht Ekta had gone 'wild' in tht party. Latest reports indicate tht she was spotted wearing a tikka n saffron clothes printed with 'I luv Supreme Court'. If any male spots her pls dont disclose the location to anybody. If any female who watches her soaps may drop an email to Maneka G at

Have a gr8 weekend folks!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Germans r nailed... now French r next

I work in a company which develops n tests softwares used in the mechanical engg. industry. But, the language we work on is not English but we deal with German, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish n many such other lang. I have no idea whether those ppl really use these softwares… but still we get paid so they must be.

After a gruelling 3 week release testing phase my team finally released the German language version for the software we are working on. Along with us, other teams working on different softwares too released their products. So, our group (now ‘growing smaller’ as days pass coz of ppl leaving for other bigger companies) decided to go out to eat after work. Now, the client offices are based in Singapore, Switzerland and US. The client contact mails us “Thnx for ur hard work and co-operation .. blah blah.. Now I will go home and have a big pizza n some beer today. U too enjoy urselves!”

Now did he ever mention us to do the same? But still some of us decided tht we will also have pizza n tht too at the busiest outlet of Pizza Hut. No beer for us… we r still innocent kids u see. Others (including me) were reluctant coz we were already hungry n the thought itself of waiting for a table n then for the pizza was not music to ears n stomach. Yet, we succumbed to the pressure n headed for the pizzeria. Luckily we got a table soon but the pizza arrived very very late. How come if the home delivery guy does not come in 30 minutes then we get the pizza free but here waiting for 1 hour yields nothing? The pizza wasn’t gud either. Actually, being a veggie I m left with no variety to choose from, so now it tastes the same everytime. I think I make better pizza back at home than wht we ate tht day. Anyways, time well spent with frnds over anything is always nice.

Now after releasing German we didn’t opt for Sauerkraut, but went for Italian pizza we might go for Japanese Sekihan when we are out with the upcoming French version :D
This is a pic of my whiteboard. Wht u can see here below the English name, is my name written in Japanese. This was written when I was working on a Japanese lang project. I couldn’t write it properly due to the curves so the language expert we have here wrote it for me. It is weird tht the Japs don’t have a ‘p’ ending so this reads as ‘Sudeepu’ n not Sudeep. Now the weirder (n smarter) thing is tht this is infact a combination of my real name n my pet name**. Ain’t the Japs a smart bunch of ppl?

If u want to translate urs’ go to the last section in the right sidebar… let me know if it works coz I had to edit a lot to put it in. The lady in the pic got edited too… he he

**For the innocent ppl… pet name means the one which folks at home call u outta love. It doesn’t mean the name of my pet

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Baby, I just wanna die in your arms - Shayne Ward

If babez is reading this then I just wanna be in ur arms n not at all die. It is just a line frm a song.
Thnx to Ishita for this ‘wonderful’ tag to list down 5 things I want to do b4 I die. I know tht wht I want to do I will do, so here I m listing things I want to do but might not get to do. The reasons r anything ranging frm fear, monetary....

1. Bungee jumping
I m not scared of heights but the thought of jumping frm above really scares me. The BASE jumping concept is amazing but I don’t think I can jump off even though I might tie a rope n reach the top. I think this fear is due to an incident in childhood when my swimming instructor had made me jump off frm the 2nd storey of the office building into the pool.

Now this pic looks gr8 but I bet it will be hell scary to try it out with so many ppl looking like a line of ants.
Another thing I want to try out is a wheelie on the bike (front tyre up). A recent minor accident has made me think not to go for it but still I think I might do it.

2. Antarctica
Want to go there n stay for 1 week. I have read/heard tht there is 6 mths of sunlight n 6 mths of darkness there (correct me if m wrong). So the one week would be arranged such tht 3 days fall in darkness n the remaining 4 in light. This place keeps attracting me more everytime I watch the awesome documentaries on Nat Geo & Discovery.
A trip all over the world also is a gr8 idea.

3. Tattoos n body-piercings
I have 13 stitches all over my body (courtesy playing), but the thought of a tattoo or a piercing (gosh!! playing with body organs) sends a chill down my spine. I also shiver watching a gal putting kajal (kohl) in her eyes or even putting a ear-ring. I had decided to go for a tattoo in Goa last year, but couldn’t muster enuf strength to go in the shack. Might be next time… lets see. Will definitely update here if I manage to have one. I am definitely not into piercing as well. Rings dangling from ears, eyebrows, chin, lips, nose, tongue n belly button r eeewww to me n definitely not the ones tht increase sex-appeal. A big NO!!
I m willing to take 13 more stitches but no ways a piercing.

4. Hairy tale (not hairy tail)
Thnx to my school rules we guys had to keep our hair short otherwise the teachers used to tie our hair n tht too by taking a hair-band frm the gals in the class and then the guys were made to go in every class to show wht a sin they had committed by not trimming their hair. Now it makes me laugh but at tht time it was a dishonour kinda feeling. Luckily I never faced it but since then I kept my hair short. But now I want to grow them long, not very long but like.... mmmmm... Carlos Moya or Kunal Kapoor.
Now here the problem is tht some ppl (including my mom) don’t want me to grow my locks coz they think it doesn't look gud. Now who wanted it for looking gud? Bald is also beautiful (Natalie Portman) but still I want to grow it long.

Now I m outta ideas n u can blame the ppl who were begging for a quick update on the blog. So I will just write here tht b4 dying I want to meet all the ppl listed on the sidebar under Blogging Fraternity. Also a big convention of all of us in … Antarctica (killing 2 birds with one stone). I know this wont be possible… might be due to monetary reasons (hope so not due to fear factor of meeting u .. lol) … but still I m not losing hope. After all Hope is wht the world is surviving on … right Keshi?

Does anyone know which hand do we have to raise while taking an oath? Right or left? Ok... will raise both hands... I promise tht I will strive to overcome all the difficulties and leave no stone unturned to achieve these 5 things in my life. Now I will take a printout of this and paste it on the ceiling space right above my bed so tht I always remember to act on it.
btw, this reminds me of one of my frnd who had Anna Kournikova's poster (frm the SI mag frm the library) right over his bed. I m still wondering how he managed to doze off... some ppl r really weird.

Regarding tagging other ppl:
I m very disappointed tht last time many of u didn’t do the ‘nicest tag in the blogging history’... he he he... n some of u even insulted it.... ggrrrr, so I was planning not to tag anyone but let u decide if u want to go for it. But still,
Keshi :))
Elaine (to have something to read rather than crosses)
Preeti (tags mein majaa aata hain… toh bhugto)
Shantanu (can we have an update on ur blog)
If someone else wants to take it up he/she is more than welcome. Pheww… now just 2 tags to go… Sridhar n Vaibhav… be patient :))