Monday, December 31, 2007

Mhen the stars bescenbeb…

Quite a long time since my last Bollywood love-hate relationship post was written on this space. Actually been busy with classes and exams on weekends so hardly had been catching up with movies. The last movie I had seen till a few days back was Jab We Met and that too forcibly. I mean watching a Kareena Kapoor movie in a theatre is blasphemous. But trust me when I say that I loved watching Kareena for the first time in a movie (and in general as well). I had gone to the movie just for the sake of accompanying and was expecting crap but what I got in return was one wonderful movie and a very melodious track which I can’t stop playing now and then. I thank the people who forced me to join them :D. Last week I saw Taare Zameen Par and I was floored. Not watching Aamir Khan’s movie in a theatre is blasphemy :D. For the second time in my life I cried in public and I was not the only one who was shedding tears because literally everyone in the theatre was sniffling. A dyslexic child of just 8 years is labeled as a duffer by his parents, teachers and peers. He fights a lone battle with each and everyone until he finds a saviour in his arts teacher. This movie doesn’t preach and doesn’t have those long boring sermons in the end and yet it convincingly delivers what it wants to. Darsheel Zafary, who plays the role of the child, is sweet and has quite an expressive face even when in one scene he is blankly staring down in the void from his school terrace. In another scene when his elder brother in the movie asks him how he dared to roam on a busy street all alone he replies Bindhaas with a grin laced with confidence and the no-worries attitude of childhood. Aamir Khan who essays the role of his arts teacher never lets his character overshadow the kid’s role. Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics score a homerun and especially the track Maa is heart touching especially while watching the movie. This movie definitely is now listed in my favourite list and one of those which can be watched over and over again. That makes Aamir’s tally 5 with Andaz Apna Apna, Sarfarosh, Dil Chahta Hai and Rang De Basanti already there.

Apart from being good, this movie brought back fond memories to me. On my right there were 2 kids (probably in their 8th-9th grade) from my school and had directly come to the theatre as they were in their uniforms. During one scene in the movie, when the English teacher was scolding the boy on top of her voice the kid next to me promptly uttered "Shirish Patil madam". She was my Science teacher in school and remembering her yelling at us like that just made me smile that day. I recollect only one day when we students had seen her smiling… though can’t recollect the incident that made her smile. The drawing competition in the movie reminded me of the numerous drawing and painting competitions I had taken part in as a kid. Those Sundays’ when dad used to drop me at the venue (mostly it was Saras Baug) and then sitting among hundreds of children I used to showcase my ‘talent’ on the blank drawing sheet. I never won any competition then but have loads of certificates of participation :D. I was (and ‘is’ as well) never good at drawing and being slightly colour blind had many a times painted trees brown (under the guise of modern painting :P). But mom and dad had always praised my scribbling and had diligently enrolled my name in all those competitions and waited in the afternoon summer heat for me to enjoy rubbing crayons or dabbling with water colours… coz every child is special and so are you. No matter how old we are there is still a child within all of us… pamper him, respect him and don’t let him out in this bad world :-).

This is the last post of the year 2007 and I would like to wish all of you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I sincerely hope that the New Year brings lot of happiness for each and everyone in this world. And like I say every year please don’t mix drinking and driving... have a great time folks.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Desktop Goddess # 11

Na hai yeh paana, na khona hi hai
Tera na hona jaane kyu hona hi hai
Tum se hi din hota hai surmayi shaam aati hai
Tum se hi tum se hi
Har ghadi saans aati hai, zindagi kehlaati hai
Tum se hi tum se hi

Aankhon mein aankhein teri, baahon mein baahe teri
Mera na mujhme kuch raha hua kyaa
Baaton mein baatein teri, raatein saugate teri
Kyu tera sab yeh ho gaya hua kyaa
Main kahi bhi jaata hu tum se hi mil jaata hu
Tum se hi tum se hi
Shor mein khamoshi hai thodi si behoshi hai
Tum se hi tum se hi

Finally I am washing off my exam-sins by posting a Bond gal :D. Denise Richards... aahhh!! I can't remember the name of her Bond movie though I can vaguely remember watching a scene of her in a long pipeline with Pierce Brosnan. But can I mention Denise Richards and not remember her Wild Things... I mean her movie Wild Things! It definitely remains one of my all time favourite movies and not only for the *ahem* nice scenes but a good storyline. The song mentioned actually doesn't have any relation to Denise but heck it's my blog :P. My current favourite song with haunting lyrics and music (playing in the side bar as well). Denise and the song, both rock!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

100 years.. only?

Heavy workloAd. frequent fights with Project manager. new peoPle to work with. devoid of energY. Boring trainings. real-lIfe friends now virtual friends. virtual fRiends nowhere in sighT. Heartbreak. dilemma. mba Dream. exams. boring studies. failure? marriage? dAmn..studies not boring. but no time to studY

Now I know why it is famously known as the quarter life crisis. I should go and search one mail on that in my inbox, might be relating to it will bring down the anguish by re-assuring that everyone goes through this phase. This is the probably the third time I am celebrating (well!) my birthday on this space… yeah third time (First and second). I have so much to write and yet somehow time slips away and when I have time words evade me. 16th December birthday post coming after 5 days *sigh*. Well anyways let us hope for a bright and cheerful year ahead and might be I should try skipping some work to update this space often ;-).

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Who will bell the CAT you ask eh? I don’t know who will but what I know is that I definitely won’t be among that lot… this year at least. Yes, this year means I am going to attempt it next year as well. My friends have been attempting to crack the supposedly toughest and trickiest exam for the last 3 years and that too after studying a lot. Did I study? Oh yes I did but only for 13 days before the exam. But I did study seriously for those many days except for the fact that the paper setter knew what I was studying and decided to ask questions from the topics I had left for option :(. Seriously I was skimming through the paper trying to find questions on geometry and number system. Luckily that was the case with Mathematics only and the other 2 sections went fine. Now if they didn’t have sectional cut offs I would have hoped to bell the CAT but alas… now I know what to study (or not to study) for the next year so I will be prepared. I just hope that the paper setter doesn’t read my blog.
This image is related to the post somehow. Those who are aware of world politics might get the joke (no personal issues with any of these personalities).

I also attempted the IIFT, Delhi exam a fortnight back (the last post was from that). Those guys don’t have Pune as their test centre so had to go to Mumbai (Vaibhav’s city for Sean’s reference) with a colleague. His cousin studies dentistry in a college there so she managed to get us a room to share with her friends… in boys’ hostel and I had thought she had arranged in girls’ hostel! Kidding, I knew it was a boys’ hostel and though I had been to my college hostel rooms with my friends living there I had never stayed there overnight so the ‘hostel experience’ was new for me. I tried hard not to think of being bound to the dentist chair and getting my tooth pulled out under the pretext of ragging. But the ‘seniors’ there were so timid that later my colleague and I felt ashamed for pulling their legs... seriously those guys were very sweet, probably they are taught to be so to become a good doctor. The room where we stayed was quite clean; might be I had expected it to be in a huge mess and it was not that much so it looked clean. The walls were replete with posters of all the femme fantasies in bare minimum. When I slept my legs were touching Maria Sharapova’s long legs and Bipasha Basu’s bare torso touched mine on the right. Sometime past midnight the guy with whom we were sharing the room barged in and woke us up to announce that a bomb had been found in the nearby railway station. So he advised us not to go for sight-seeing. I was like dude we are here for an exam not sight-seeing. My colleague had a restless sleep after that but I slept peacefully. I don’t know whether the reason was being tired after the travel or Maria and Bips giving me company. The exam was on Sunday and we were told that the traffic on road would not be heavy but we hadn’t thought that it would be so less that even a taxi was not in sight. Somehow we got hold of a taxi after walking a bit. The much fancied fast-pace life of Mumbai was evident from the hustling crowd at the railway stations. For a person like me who has been brought up and acclimatized to the laid-back life of Pune, it was no less than a horror. Trying to alight from the local trains was itself a Herculean task. Somehow we passed away the weekend in Mumbai among the bomb-scares (hoax or not we don’t know), exam terror (real, I can vouch for that) and I really didn’t have the energy to meet anyone in Mumbai so called up all those whom I had promised to catch up with and said “Hey, maybe next year I will be attempting this exam again, so please not today.”

How horrible is it that the exam for the colleges for which you are not eligible is much better than the earlier ones! I was not aware that to appear for JMET one has to have 60+ aggregate percentage in engineering (damn! 60+??) and the form didn’t mention it so I had filled it up. After one of my friends told me about the eligibility for a call from the colleges I decided to attempt the exam for practice (I have other exams lined up as well) and to my surprise and dismay it went off extremely well. That’s life eh?

By the way, blogspot is giving me troubles (not blogger though) and I am not able to comment on blogs so please bear with me for a while to comment on yours’ and reply on mine.

Friday, November 30, 2007

S - O - R - R - Y

The entrance exam season for MBA courses kicked off in great style with the CAT 2007 on 18th Nov. I will write more on that in the next post but after that I gave IIFT, Delhi exam. This exam has a GK section in addition to the maths, logical and verbal sections and whoa! it was a lengthy paper. So I didn’t manage to reach the last page of my GK section, in time, on which the questions were as if drafted only for me :(. In one question I had to match the creator of Calvin & Hobbes cartoon characters (Yashita stop grinning)… yes the same characters which open all the posts on this blog. Another question asked the candidates to match Bond girls with their movies. I could match the names of the actresses with their faces in my mind but I have not seen a Bond movie yet. Yeah no need to revisit the earlier sentence.. I am yet to see a Bond movie. I know Pierce Brosnan was the previous Bond guy so when I saw The Thomas Crown Affair movie on television sometime back I was quite amused and confused seeing ‘James Bond’ stealing. Later a friend told me that it was not a Bond movie *ahem*… I hope Bond fans are not reading this post. A few other questions which I could have managed to answer just slipped out. Moral: Never read the unattempted questions after going home.

So I would like to tender heartfelt apologies to Mr. Bill Watterson and James Bond & his babes. As a punishment I have been reading my C&H books daily, for at least 1 hour before sleeping. Also I will be updating the Desktop Goddess series with a Bond girl and might watch a 007 movie in near future. Yes, I like to inflict nice punishments on myself ;-) This post is dedicated to Watterson :)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Jack and the beanstalk(er)

Hi! How are you dear?

Who is this?

I did not send you my new number? Now guess

This was the rough start of a chain messaging with an anonymous number who one fine afternoon messaged me. I don’t know how to frame this sentence correctly but... the person insists that he/she/it is a female and knows almost everything about me. Added advantage is that she is single *ahem*. Now I am quite sure that it is some friend who is playing a prank coz I don’t have my mobile number displayed anywhere in public and more so coz I changed my own number a few weeks back. My first suspect was Aditi coz I had played the ‘stalker-on-cell prank’ on her with help from her sister Pooja he he he… it was fun :P. But then now it seems she is not the culprit :D. So who might be the person on the other end? I don’t know and don’t want to know coz the person is really smart in her (let’s stick to one pronoun) replies and if her identity is revealed then I would lose fun in those replies. Now I am safely assuming here that she is someone I know but what if she is really a stalker? He he... now if that person is reading this space by some chance I am not calling you a stalker but just thought of this so chill! Why I am thinking this is not coz of the anonymous sender but recently the newspaper was swamped with stories of stalking. Cyber stalking is not a new phenomenon but with media coverage and public awareness more and more stories are coming forth. But a new trend has started that whenever a crime under this is reported everyone blames the social networking sites like orkut, facebook etc. for this. I mean it is right up to an extent that we meet and tend to get close with unknown people but turning these sites into a scapegoat is not the solution. In Mumbai, a rich man’s son was murdered after being kidnapped by his new found friends on orkut. So when the news reports were being widely publicized, my cousins were ‘scrapping’ on orkut. Dad was at home on a leave and he got curious from the news reports that what the hell is orkut all about. So he finally managed to convince my sis that he wanted to know about it. When he came to know that I was also a member of orkut he was like “Really?” Probably my dad still thinks that all I know is MS Word and Excel… he he he. I knew this day was gonna come and I had already spruced up my profile and mainly removed the link of this space. I don’t have any particular reason to keep this site away from parents and relatives but yeah I would like to keep it that way. Luckily there is so much in the profile there that he never managed to read it. I know we have digressed from the stalking issue. I was talking to a colleague last week and one of her ardent admirers (she might have many coz she is pretty) had created a fake profile of hers on orkut. Generally fake profiles contain objectionable matter but this profile was kept so clean that none of her friends had an idea that they were talking to her stalker and not her. Luckily she and her boyfriend managed to nail the person and a simple threat worked. But the need of the hour is strengthening of laws to curb this stalking menace. Some people are demanding banning of orkut in the wake of these cases but I don’t think banning a site is the solution. Remember the ban on blogspot by the government? It is quite a debatable issue and what we can pray is that everyone is safe among the stalkers roaming around in the virtual and real life.

I am going on a 2 week leave for preparing for the exam on 18th of this month. After that as well a couple of exams are lined up. So won’t be around for a while... all of you take good care of yourselves and keep smiling.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Walk away if you want to…

I got this sms today morning:
‘When you become too close to someone, you come across their imperfections and your future relationship depends on how you handle these imperfections’
Quite true, isn’t it? When we get close to people we tend to take them for granted. We think that we know them so well that they will react in such a way in a given situation and when they don’t it is like a whacking blow to the impression you had formed of them. Remember the movie Maya Memsaab? The lead actress is full of impressions and in her own fantasies of what her lover might do when he reaches home. But when the lover comes home and he doesn’t directly start making love to her like she expected she is buried deep in despair. We get so attached to people that when they walk away from our life we find ourselves looking for a friendly shoulder to rest our head on. Sadly one finds that there are no more shoulders around coz he/she was so attached to the person who left that he/she completely forgot about other people. Might be even in times when they needed his/her shoulder or a hug or just a simple smile. Why is detachment so difficult and why do some people have this brilliant knack of detaching themselves at the blink of an eye. I was attached to only a few people but I find that I have started clinging on to more people more and more in the last few years. I hate this coz when they get detached I find myself bumping into them and leaving me feeling like being stripped naked on a busy street. Aahhh the nonchalant lot! Might be I expected them to hug me and they just smiled, might be I expected them to talk to me when they just said a Hi and walked away, might be they were busy or in trouble which they didn’t want to share with me lest I get entangled in their problems. Yesterday night the clouds were thundering in the sky and my mind was bogged down by innumerable thoughts not letting me study for the exam coming up. Luckily it rained only on the earth. I have observed that I have started to think a lot more than I used to. Thinking is good but not when it makes your thoughts dominate and suppress your actions. I have observed that I have started to think before I speak. I am not that sarcastic anymore to people, to situations and to life in general. I am not anymore that Sudeep who used to speak out frankly what his mind used to convey the tongue. Now it is comes via the brain where it is filtered. Might be this is good but I hate this Sudeep. I don’t want people to like me for what I am pretending to be. I am fine even if they don’t like me for what I am but no not for the pretence please. I have started letting out my secrets to people. I have started giving them access in my life to such an extent that they question about it every morning. I think I might be his clone… I have to go and find that original Sudeep.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Dirty Dancing!

Traditional dress – 1200

Entry passes to the dandiya party – 200

Dancing with a bevy of beauties – Priceless

Some things can’t be bought with money, for everything else there is Master Card :p

Have a great weekend all of you!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ek aankh maaru toh…

Last weekend I was thanking my stars that I rarely had a problem with my eyes till date coz I am really scared of anything bad related to eyes. Seeing people suffering from conjunctivitis in the company and wearing goggles all day long I prayed that the October heat doesn’t affect me and the conjunctivitis virus keeps away its eyes from me. But the Gods were not with me this time and I woke up this week with a swollen red eye... yeah only one eye so it was looking weird. But by evening both eyes were affected and 3 days I had to stay back at home till the infection had subsided. I also joined the goggle group in the company after that for a day until the eyes returned to normal size. The experience of having conjunctivitis for the first time was not so bad coz I had heard that eyes pain a lot and it becomes difficult to open up the eyes due to the sticky matter which comes out due to the infection. Luckily there was slight pain and almost nil sticky matter except that tears were rolling out so much that I felt that someone had left a faucet open in my head. Frankly speaking I was bored sitting at home… not that I mind holiday but sitting at home I neither could read nor sit in front of the TV or computer. So finally after laying down idle for a long time I decided to clean my cupboard... which is actually called my study cupboard but it is never used for anything remotely near to studies and instead I use it as a storing space... well my parents prefer to call it a dumping ground but that is a different story altogether. Even though it does look like a mess I can easily find a said thing lying in there but if it is neatly arranged then I just don’t like the look of it.

I started off with taking out all the things lying there one by one and in a matter of a couple of hours the whole room floor was bustling with things I hardly remember seeing them last time. Then cleaned the whole space and arranged the things properly… yeah properly as in a stacked manner. I mean I was going to be at home full time for the next couple of days so just throwing back the things in would have been hazardous to my health... not that it had any radioactive materials but just because mom was at home as well. I was sure that this look would last for just a couple of weeks so I didn’t mind rearranging the things. But I found some stuff which I wanted to mention. The first thing I got hold of was the Placement brochure of my engineering college. It was a namesake placement brochure because I can’t remember a single student getting placed while graduating using that book. My batch was one of the greatest batches of our college… ok fine I will be modest… it was the greatest and not ‘one of the’ :D. Where else you would get a batch that rarely went to the college, had their professors admitted in hospital for chest pain coz of the trouble the students gave, won accolades for the college in almost all the extra-curricular events but were lagging far behind in studies? I sat down sifting through the pages and was trying to remember which guy was doing what nowadays. Most of my batch mates are abroad doing their post-grads’ and I couldn’t recognize 2-3 people simply because I had never seen them on the playing ground where we all spent most of our time. I remembered the day when the college had called a photographer to click our photographs for the brochure and some guys had come dressed in suits. I had forgotten that a photography session was scheduled but was lucky to be in a shirt… I mean not in tee, not that I roam around topless.
Then I got my hands on an old black diary… no not the little black book kinds ;-) … but my company diary. Inside were scribbled dialogues for the skit we had performed on the Foundation Day. I sat down recollecting the time spent writing those dialogues with the co-hostess and how later she got hit on her head by a swinging door the day before the show and we had to search for a new hostess. A few pics of the show were uploaded here then.

I never throw my I-cards so found many of them from college to classes for engineering and then the CATIA course identity card I did after graduating but never collected the certificate. I also found my exam admit cards for 10th and 12th grade. It is fun watching the progress your face makes in the pics on all of these. It is not like the evolution of a Neanderthal man but still…

It was a good time spent sorting all the stuff and recollecting things related to them and for that time I totally forgot about my conjunctivitis as my eyes were busy looking at the fond memories. Still I have not yet opened the drawer containing my collection of rocks, newspaper cuttings, stamps, coins, matchboxes, greeting cards… I am definitely going to have trouble moving stuff when we shift to our new house in a couple of months.

By the way in case if anyone was wondering from the last post what’s on the whiteboard it is:
It was not conjunctivitis; those were the side-effects of a roving-eye

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Every story has a line..

and every line has a story

One of my colleagues requested me to keep all my whiteboard lines saved somewhere and this is one place where I can easily do it though I have been clicking them as and when I change them. But some of the lines which came into my mind but did not make it to the board have to be mentioned somewhere. So here is first part of the lines I can remember.. will be updated as and when I have new ones. Disclaimer: I think all the lines are original but if there is any copyright infringement then yeah go ahead and sue me. Just make sure that I win the case :p. Many say that some of the lines are obscene but I would defend myself by saying that many say pornography is obscene but there are people who say it is an art. It is just a matter of one’s perception :D

It is almost 2 years that I had put up this one on my desktop in office and later had created a good one by merging some pics but sadly it got lost during the machine upgradation. But later didn’t do anything using pics until last week. It has been two and half years in this company and I am sitting in the same place since the first day and have had more than a dozen cubicle partners till date. Even now as teams are being shuffled people are being shifted to different places. So I used one of my childhood pics and added to it..
If you sit in the same place for a long time, you start thinking that you are the king.. or you really turn into one :-)

Sometime back my friend had forwarded me a text message which read..
‘Board outside a red light area: Married men not allowed. We serve the needy, not the greedy.’
This message had me smiling for its sheer creative brilliance. Later I wrote..
Seen outside a whore-house: Tit for that

I have been attending workshops of my class on weekends, and trust me after every workshop I feel attempting the upcoming CAT exam is even more difficult. One such geometry workshop later we guys came out swearing and some of us decided to grab a beer at a nearby bar. I too joined in coz it had a TV set and India-Australia match was being aired. Since I don’t drink one of my friends came up with a nice nickname for me, ‘tea-toddler’ instead of teetotaler.. he he. I remember someone asking me in a party the reason for not drinking. “Driving?” he had asked. I had said, I don't drink so that the sloshed up gals have a sober guy to make out with, which later went on the whiteboard. Now you know why the gals were drinking a lot that night ;-)

Then there was a government ban in some country on kissing and my take on that had left Keshi & Kathy hot.. with anger of course :D
If it is not allowed to kiss in public places is it ok in private...?
Ha ha.. I got the most brickbats in company for this one.

Pam and Rick got a marriage license this week and there was a discussion in my cubicle on the movie King Solomon’s Mines so..
If you can’t be King Solomon then give a try to be Rick Salomon
If you don’t know who Rick Salomon is then you will have to catch the next flight to fly down to Paris and stay for one night there :D

Have a nice weekend :-)

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Mr. Anderson: How do I make a choice?
Oracle: You didn’t come here to make a choice. You have already made it. You are here to try to understand why you made it.

WordWeb says dilemma is:
State of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavourable options.
I would say 2 unfavourable options. But I want a word for state of uncertainty which requires a choice between two equally favourable options?

Mr. Anderson had concluded Choice! The problem is choice.

Monday, September 24, 2007


This is what everyone in India was waiting to see.. the World Cup in our hands. Kudos to both the teams for a thrilling final. The shortest version of cricket has been conquered by beating Pakistan by just 5 runs. Now the Indian team faces their next test on the homegrounds with the Aussies visiting for the 50-over version. Woohoo!!! :-)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Slam, bam, bang!!

Sweet? Salty? Na re na na.. 50-50

This simple ad jingle of this Britannia biscuit is still one of my favourites and the biscuit as well. But nowadays the talk of the town.. err.. world is 20-20. If you are not into cricket let me tell you that this is not a brand of biscuit but the new version of limited bowling overs (20 overs each side) in cricket and the world cup is currently underway in South Africa. After the major Indian debacle in the 50 over world cup contest I had lost interest in watching cricket but this version of game has sort of rekindled the love. 20-20 is definitely an attempt to make cricket endearing to those sect of people who think it takes a long time to finish one match. Football, rugby, hockey etc take hardly a few hours while the 50 over matches take up the whole day and let’s not talk of test matches which go on over 5 days and that too mostly end in a tie. 20-20 match takes only 3 hours to get done with. I remember a conversation with my college friend Rohan, who is a die-hard football fan. During one practical class he was going ga-ga over the previous night’s match and I retorted that the score line was 0-0 so what was so interesting about the match. He said that the attack and defense that both teams put forth was worth watching. Now I am of the opinion that a game should be entertaining because I would love to play football no matter if it ends in a 0-0 result but if I am watching it then I should be entertained in form of goals. In cricket I don’t care if a batsman defends a ball well or the bowler swings the ball to perfection coz what I want to see is wickets, sixes, boundaries.. so match highlights is the best option. But 20-20 is the thing which provides all this stuff I want and I have started loving it.

Yesterday one cricket legend wrote in his column that 20-20 is detrimental to the game of cricket as it is a batsman’s game and fielders are mere spectators looking at the ball sailing over the stadium. I agree but might be this form is in a nascent stage, so a few modifications to it might improve it and it will be more acceptable and lovable format in cricket. India-Pakistan match never fails to arouse excitement and the one last week also lived up to its expectations. Had it been a 50 over match it would have ended in a nail-biting tie but the new bowl-out rule turned the same nail-biting finish into a finger-biting one (if I may use the word). Who had thought that castling over the stumps without a batsman in front of them can turn out so difficult that Pakistan couldn’t manage even a single hit? Many a times matches being played on a neutral venue can tend to become boring due to lack of spectators of the host nation but in 20-20 crowds are thronging to watch the blitzkrieg launched by batsmen and also the DJ and the dancing troupe have a lot of activity to keep the crowd on their toes. Cricket purists say that the dancers should not be brought in this so-called gentleman’s game (sledging is part of being a gentleman :D). I have started agreeing with them coz they are deceiving us. Last week the dancers were wearing Jiah-styled (of Nishabd fame) teeny-weeny shorts and suddenly this week they switched to ankle length commando pants. WTH! Lol.. my cousin bro during a match said that the dancers were dancing on a platform by Reliance (a highly reputed Indian company) and I was busy looking at the blondes shaking their booty (literally). Who had the time to look at Reliance label? Entertainment is the word. That is why I love watching women’s tennis as well even though many say it is slow and boring. Where would you get to see good tennis with such beautiful faces? How can it be boring.. Maria was resplendent in her red hot dress last month. May I request Star Cricket to stop Hindi commentators from boring the TV spectators to death and cutting down the commercials between the overs? Anyways, I leave you with a video of Yuvraj Singh hitting six sixes in a single over in yesterday’s encounter with England.

Have a good day all of you.. ohh that is also one of my favourite biscuits :D

Monday, September 17, 2007

Big Brother!

Can someone please pass a few racial comments against me so that I can win 1,00,000 pounds (only prize money mentioned) like Shilpa Shetty? No wait.. what use is hearing comments here if I don’t get to live in with Danielle Lloyd. So I will wait for the official Big Brother invite.. until then I will be a brother at home.

Yesterday was Raksha Bandhan (thanks to wiki I don’t have to explain).. some of you might be surprised that this festive occasion was in last month, but for some reasons not known to me our community celebrates it yesterday on Rishi Panchami (no wiki entry on this). Like all the years down the lane I would have sent money orders to cousin sisters but this year we have my uncle’s daughter at our place for her studies so the ‘holy-thread tying ceremony’ (phew!) was to take place in real. I got a shock of my life when mom said that I had to bring a gift and just giving money won’t do. I remembered Aditi & Pooja’s brother (from their rakhi posts) complaining why the sisters don’t have to gift the brothers. I wasn’t expecting a gift here but dreaded the thought of getting a gift simply coz I suck big time in choosing a gift. That too for a girl!! I was trying to remember last time when I had picked up a gift for a girl.. it was when I was around 9 yrs old. Mom had bought something and I had ‘picked it up’ from home to gift it.. yeah that’s how close I am with girls on this planet lol. These are the times when you really wish for a girl friend to drop by from the sky and help you get out of this situation. But smart that I am I didn’t look skywards and decided to take sis out and let her choose what she wants. But smarter than me my mom is who said that it should be a surprise. WTH! I love surprises.. but in pranks, not for gifts. I mean just imagine the look of the person who gets a horrible surprise gift and ditto for the person who gives it. So frantically I messaged a few girls I consider myself close to, to suggest me what to get for her. They all messaged back that it was a difficult question and they were the wrong people to ask about gifts. Great!

I attended my Sunday afternoon classes and hoped that somehow everyone at home would conveniently forget about the festival. Coming out of the class I saw that I already had 2 missed calls from home. Mom asked me what I had decided to get and I said I had appointed a 5 member committee to mull over the topic and they will get back in a few days. But mom was not in a mood to laugh at my sick jokes and gave me an address of a store of her friend (mom of a student of my mom) who could help me select something. Mom was so precise in giving the address that I couldn’t even whine that I might not find the clothes store. Off I went to the store..

Just at the entrance of the store I forgot the name of the lady and fearing that mom would come out the mobile and smack me down I didn’t call up home and went inside. Luckily I remembered the student’s name and asked the cashier about his mom.. his in the sense the student’s and not the cashier’s. The lady was on a holiday. It seemed that the entire female species was up in arms against me yesterday. Still I went to see if I could get something and a sales-boy asked me what I wanted.
Me: I am looking for a short kurta for a girl
SB: *starts piling up tops of myriad colours*
Me: *dude this has so many colours.. doesn’t help to be colour blind*
I kept staring at the kurtas laid down on the table for 2 minutes hoping that one of those would spring to life and hug me crying out ‘Take me home, Take me home’. Sadly that didn’t happen and suddenly I noticed that the size was too big for my sis so I asked the boy for medium size. I saw a pink one and told him to pack it. 5 mins and I was done! I felt elated and as a buffer gift I also picked up a box of assorted chocolates. Sis was delighted to see the kurta coz pink is her fav colour she said. I didn’t lose the opportunity to say that I knew it was her fav colour so had spent time searching for it.. didn’t I mention I am smart :D. We guys (2 cousin brothers were also present) devoured more than half of the chocolates ;-). All in all I heaved a sigh of relief. Bugged all those girls I had asked earlier that I had shopped for a wonderful gift in flat 5-7 minutes *drumroll* and then slept peacefully.

Lessons learnt yesterday:
1. Surprise gifts can bring a smile on the receiver’s face unlike pranks
2. Don’t waste time in choosing clothes and instead simply pick up 2 boxes of chocolates as gift when you know that you be eating more than half of them MUAHAHAHA :D

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Links galore in this post..

Just 2 posts below I had written how Sanjay Dutt has been sent behind bars and Salman Khan is still free. Now, the former has got bail and the latter has been sent behind bars. But it won’t be surprising that by the time I publish this post the latter one would also be on bail.

I would like to say sorry to Paulo Coelho and all fans of his book ‘The Alchemist’ for taking the ‘creative liberty’ and turning the wonderful book into a double entendre. Niraj and I were bored one day and while chatting the discussion on the book took an ugly turn (pun unintended) and at the end of the chat session the whole meaning of the book was turned over and we were laughing our assess off. As a penance, I would be picking up Paulo’s few books and read them like a fan of his and maybe his fans will say Paulo, forgive them, for they know not what they did. Sick jokes apart, I had given up reading this book after the third page, the first time I had picked it up but then took it up again after a couple of months. I liked it though the last few pages are quite debatable one coz of personal interpretations. Any suggestions for his books (or any other author for that matter) are most welcome. I have heard about his Eleven Minutes and The Zahir. I got myself Robert Ludlum’s The Bancroft Strategy last week but haven’t been able to get past the cover page. By the way, here is a video on YouTube wishing Paulo on his 60th birthday.

During breaks many of us here play Text-Twister game and I love solving anagrams. Whenever I find time in office I check out word lists and the origins of words and at home too I always have a dictionary within reach. I realized that I know many words but can recollect meanings of very few of them and rarely use them. Anyways that didn’t decrease my word-appetite and a few days back I found this site and I have been hooked to it. Also I found out a very hilarious raunchy tale here on the phrase ‘the whole nine yards’.

I sometimes wonder how will I die.. well could not think on how I was to be born so this is one thing I can think over, right? So if I don’t die a natural death I am quite sure that I will be murdered by people on whom I am belting non-stop sarcastic comments. One message from unexpected quarters last week made me realize this and I died a thousand deaths in just a few days sulking out of it. So now I remind myself that Words and knives can have the same effect; use both of them carefully. By the way I always thought that having a few good friends is better than being a public figure. But people want you to be ever-smiling for them, wishing them good morning daily and chatting with them in their cubicles like best buddies. If you care for them it is not enough.. you have to show it. I am trying to learn this new art and it is difficult even than the Permutations and Combinations chapter in maths which had tossed up my brain for a while. I had a wonderful home-made chocolate cake today so I am happy even after a very hectic working day.

One evening during a discussion on movies I got almost killed by my team-mates just because I hadn’t watched Sholay, Lagaan and Swades (3 blockbuster Bollywood movies). So last week luckily 2 of the movies were shown on TV and now only Swades remains in the list to be watched to save my life. I was searching for 3 of my all time favourite oldie tracks and luckily found them. One of them, Jaaneman Jaaneman from Chhoti si Baat, is playing on the mp3 widget on the right sidebar. You can hear the second one Aawaz di hai from Aitbaar here on eSnips and 3rd one is (hopefully) embedded here below. Thanks to my 2 cousins, who are here nowadays, I have to watch all those stupid singing competitions. I was of the opinion that whoever sings better than me is a good singer (unfortunately that accounts to almost 98% of the population) but I am sure Indian Idol sucks.. big time.. those kids sing songs which doesn’t suit their voice (the guy with French beard sings good though). Instead watch Voice of India on Star coz the contestants are 100 times better than what other channels have on their shows. And what’s wrong with the judges everywhere.. I mean everyone is being Anu Malik on these shows.

Damn.. that video was giving me some wonderful errors in html so here is the link on YouTube :.

Monday, August 20, 2007

She & Me – Part II

Let me tell you one characteristic of this ‘Me’ character. He has what he likes to call ‘photographic memory disease’ and can remember 8 out of 10 randomly already seen faces but sometimes will fail to recollect names of people he works with everyday. In his defense he says he is so fascinated with names that it is difficult to remember them. Well I never denied that ‘Me’ was a hell boring character! ‘Me’ has had many instances where he has remembered faces of people and smiled but the people couldn’t recollect his face (or at least pretended not to :D) and many many instances where the people recognized him but he couldn’t recollect their names even though their faces seemed similar. So he had decided not to smile first and wait for people to smile at him (note that is smile not laugh :D) and not to ask anyone ‘Hey were you in such-n-such college/school’ or ‘I think I have seen you before’ for the fear of being labeled as an opening line for the opposite sex. But one evening he accidentally broke the rule..

A few days back ‘Me’ entered the class which was almost packed with a few seats at the back and a few in the first row vacant. Being a back-bencher all his life he didn’t even think of sitting right under the teacher’s nose and settled down in a chair in the last but one row. Glancing through the corner of his eyes he spotted 2 girls on his right giggling over some conversation and one girl on the left chair reading some book. He hoped he was in the right class because none of the faces seemed from his batch (2-3 batches were clubbed for revision). After a few minutes:
Girl on left (She): *says something*
Me: Err.. Sorry?
She: Are you a student?
Me: *thinks that her face is similar* Well in this class yes but otherwise I am working since last 2 years.
She: Ok! It is good to see some professional because my batch had all students and they..
Me: *interrupts* Hey you were sitting in the first row in the Test Room 14 during the test on last Sunday, right?
She: *smiles uneasily*
Me: *Damn!! Looks around to find Sayesha’s rolled-up hypothetical newspaper to whack his own head*
She: Yes..
Me: I .. err.. I just recollected seeing your face. *shit*
Me: *another person who thinks I am a stalker.. Welcome to the club*
She: Where do you work?
Me: *relieved that she is talking again* X company
She: Software?
Me: Well kind of.. what about you?
She: blah blah..

Fortunately for ‘Me’ the conversation for the next 20 odd minutes was not odd. She turned out to be a consultant in stocks and shares and luckily ‘Me’ was a bit aware of current stock market trends so the discussion was interesting. She even suggested some names of companies that ‘Me’ should get shares of for long term investment. And as Yashita wrote that it is a ‘liberating experience’ to talk to people from a different profession ‘Me’ was also happy that ‘She’ didn’t ask which platform or which domain do you work on coz ‘Me’ is fed up of software engineers asking the same thing and probably the only thing. Frankly speaking ‘Me’ neither works on any domain nor begs on any platform.. old boring joke yeah! Many a times I remember people from blogs while coming across something related to their old posts and mail them that ‘Hey look what I found or I thought of you that time when I saw/did something-something’. And after hitting the send button I always wonder that whether the person will think I am stalking them or trying to get too close to their private lives in real. Even in this post I made reference of old posts of two blogger friends.. but they have already labelled me a stalker lol.. kidding. So if I remind you something next time then please remind me to say ‘Welcome to the club’ to you :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

She & Me - Part I

My current assignment includes making calls to Presidents / Founders / Managers of companies working in CAD/CAM domain in Europe.

On a conference line between ‘Me’ somewhere in Pune (India) and ‘She’ somewhere in Parma (Italy):
Me: Good morning! I am calling from India. Can I speak to Mr. A please?
She: *something in Italian*
Me: *thinks there is disturbance in the line* Good Morning! *looks back to the clock to check whether it is morning or afternoon in Italy*
She: *again in Italian*
Me: *decides to be very simple* English?
She: No English
Me: Anyone English?
She: *something again in Italian for a long time*
Me: *hopes she isn’t swearing at me* Ok! Bye!

On a conference line between ‘Me’ same place in Pune (India) and ‘She’ somewhere in Aviles (Spain):
Me: Good morning! I am calling from India. Can I speak to Mr. B please?
She: Goooood morning! He is on holidays till 15th August.
Me: *wow what a sweet voice* Ok! Can you please take down a message for him?
She: Aahhaaaa.. yes
Me: *smiling* I am calling from X company and blah blah blah. I will call back after 15th.
She: Yes
Me: Bye! Have a nice day ahead!
She: Ooohhh thanks! You too have a nice day *giggles follow*
Me: *drools* Thanks!

Moral of the story post: I want a hot Spanish secretary with that sexy oomph in her voice.. fine I don’t own a company but still I want one. Applicants can send in a request to me for my mobile number for sending their vocal resume :D

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The buck doesn’t stop here..

it dies a silent death at the hands of #%#*@ like Salman Khan

Media circus will soon descend on the city after a long time.. after the Brangelina episode I guess. This time the reason is, perhaps the ‘most famous and most talked’ about accused of the 1993 Bombay blasts case, film star Sanjay Dutt. He has been shifted to a jail here, which is just a few kms from my office, from Mumbai for security reasons. My mom and I were having a debatable discussion whether the punishment meted out to him (6 yrs RI) was correct. Mom was of the opinion that he should have been released on probation for his exemplary behaviour while I said that it was a good judgement which would set a high standard for the judiciary. Here is my take on the whole fracas over his imprisonment..

Rarely do Bollywood stars get punished for their crimes (note that I am not calling all Bollywood stars criminals but you are mature enough to get the hint) and this seems to have made the stars comfortable to go on committing ‘mistakes’ and go unpunished like many politicians & influential people and their kith and kin. Sanjay Dutt has confessed to having friendship with some of the big names of the underworld mafia and possessing gun/s so it would have been very unfair to all those who are convicted and sentenced & especially the victims of the blasts and their families, to let him go scot-free even after the confessions. Regarding the point that the 6 years punishment is huge, yes I agree that it does seem big when you compare it to other movie stars like Salman Khan (running his vehicle over people on road while driving in an inebriated condition and shooting endangered species of black buck) and Fardeen Khan (possessing drugs in person) who were simply let off or the case is still pending? The masses are defending Sanjay Dutt saying he is a messiah of peace and goodwill now after his on-screen character Munnabhai has topped charts and he is spreading Mahatma Gandhi’s message of non-violence across the world with his movies. Excuse me but he was paid for enacting that character and a reel character is different from a real person so one cannot pardon him for his good roles. I believe that it is appropriate that he got sentenced for the crime he committed.. regarding the term of imprisonment I am not a lawyer to know intricacies of how long a convict should serve for the crimes so won’t comment on that.

Today I got my hands on the CAT (the exam which I would be giving for admission to MBA course) form after a frantic run from branch to branch of UTI bank. For the last 3 days not a single employee of the bank (they have the rights to sell the forms) was aware when the new set of forms would be available after the earlier stock got exhausted. Last year the form was available online but this year they don’t even have it online. What a shame that the premier management institutions which are compared with the Stanfords’ and Harvards’ don’t have the basic form online. I had to wait for almost one and half hour in a queue to get the form which I think sucks especially when last time I had filled it online. In the last few days I saw hundreds of students waiting for the forms and no one to give an answer as when they will be available. Who is to be held responsible?

I had a fight with the seniors (management) in the company when they expelled 8 junior people for ‘non-performance’ even after their team leads had rated them well in their performance. The HR person and my project manager said that they couldn’t do anything for them and can’t do anything either coz it is not in their hands to argue with the top rungs of the hierarchy. Then why the hell are you in that position? If you can’t fight for your people then what a wasted life you are living. I had a meeting with the senior project manager where I got a letter of promotion and he asked what suggestions I would like to give. I told him that I am really disappointed with the administration and I won’t be giving any suggestions coz they are never considered and just for formality we are being asked about those. Why I am still in this company.. I have some reasons to stay back but the fiscal year 2007-08 would be my last here is a sure thing. I hate people who can only accept appreciation and not digest criticism and accept blame.

Mr. Truman, sorry but the buck doesn’t stop anywhere.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One night stand

These are the pictures of the flower bramhakamal captured in my gallery. The flower blooms at night and withers away the next morning itself. The flower has a very nice yet strong smell and the blooming season is during the rainy season which is normally June and July here. It is a potted plant and has only leaves which in turn give rise to more leaves from the nodes on the main leaf.

When I searched online for the same I got 2 results. One matched with mine and you can see a beautiful slideshow of the flower from bud to full bloom stage here. The other result was that bramha kamal is found in northern part of India in Himalayas and is purple in colour with greenish-yellow covering. I am not sure whether these are different species of the same flower or different flowers altogether so if anyone has any info on this please clarify. Meanwhile the ‘Flowers of India’ is a nice site to visit for people interested in information on flowers.

This line popped up in my head while going home from office. The handwriting is good and legible so if you can’t read get your eyes checked :p. Btw this doesn’t have any relation with one night stand ;).

Friday, July 27, 2007

As random as it can get..

Finished my 10 day leave and am back to office. Given the rate of attrition everyone is eyeing me suspiciously and most have already decided that I am about to resign like all others are doing. Anyone, who smiles at the HR person, is under intense scrutiny nowadays and people even go to the extent of deciding the relieving date even when the person has not resigned. Some people said that I was not accessible during my leave and complained that I neither checked mails nor answered calls. In my defense I would say that I was studying and the mobile is for the convenience of the owner and not the caller. I did start with the studies (in case Dalicia is wondering he he) and I am hoping to give at least one if not a few hours daily towards some serious preparation or else I will be stuck in a job either in this company or some other and I am seriously bored of ‘working’ (read professional) life now.

We had our school’s class reunion on last Saturday. Most of my classmates are out of Pune so the strength of the meet was just around 15 out of 60 odd students. But it was good catching up with them and reviving some long forgotten school memories as I was meeting some of them after 6-7 years. It was also quite a revelation on how the girls now pass comments, the same which we did during the school days, about other girls but that time they had vehemently denied accepting those. I won’t go into a confession mode but felt happy that those observations of guys still hold true he he. One of the girls remarked during a conversation “I never knew Punjabis can speak Marathi so fluently.” I retorted “Thanks! I am learning” and the people who know me well laughed so loudly that the girl was a bit embarrassed and in turn me too for saying that. Later I clarified that I am not a Punjabi and neither learning Marathi.

While helping Sayesha to find a friend in Singapore (one of my colleagues shifted there after her marriage so was introducing them) I observed that I also need to find people here. I remember I had written similar thing about 2 years back when I had finished college and my college friends were leaving for destinations abroad or for jobs outside the city. But then I came across some wonderful people in company and now when they are leaving I find myself back to ground zero. Out of all these company guys Gaurav & Mahesh would be my favourite people coz we three have spent the maximum time together.. maybe in sleepovers at somebody’s house, in the gym watching babes instead of working out or at the fresh ice-cream parlour sipping CAD-M. Gaurav has already left the organization and Mahesh is leaving Pune in mid-August so might be we would be having our last night-out together tonight.

I wonder how many of you could mug up or very coolly remember Newton’s laws in school or college. I couldn’t; but had the new Apache bike advertisement aired in those days I certainly would have remembered them. I found the ad uploaded on youtube here... have a look even if you don’t know Newton’s laws or are not fond of bikes.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Desktop Goddess # 10

You, doing that thing you do
Breakin' my heart into a million pieces
Like you always do
And you, don't mean to be cruel
You never even knew, about the heartache
I've been going through
And I try and try to forget you girl
But it's just so hard to do
Everytime you do that thing you do

And I, know all the games you play
And I'm gonna find a way to let you know that,
You'll be mine someday
'Cause we, could be happy can't you see
If you'd only let me be the one to hold you
And keep you here with me
Cause I try and try to forget you girl
But it's just so hard to do
Everytime you do that thing you do

Finally I got a 10-day leave sanctioned starting from tomorrow. I am not going visiting anywhere but will be at home trying to start studying for the super-fast approaching CAT exam in November. The other students in the class are always ready with answers and know all concepts, so basically the teachers there revise it and don't explain stuff in detail and I stare at the board aimlessly not knowing what's going on. This luckily is restricted to Mathematics class only.. English and Logical Reasoning classes are better. So time to pick up the speed.. at least to put the vehicle in motion if not cruising in full throttle. But I guess I am going to be bored sitting at home for 10 straight days (not literally but still..)

Ashlee Simpson for A/B :). I love this pic and had it on my desktop for so many days that some colleagues call her 'teri takiye-wali ladki' (your pillow-girl).

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

hey.. 'sup?

A glance at what is out and what is in these days:

Summer season
Rainy season
The rains have just started and though the city (and major portion of the country) got respite from the summer heat, the rains will ensure that the citizens beg for sunlight again.

24-hours power supply & Traffic jams at peak hours
Unexpected and long power cuts & Traffic snarls at any hour of the day
I guess these come along with the rains :(

Serena’s beads/Maria’s long ear-rings
Tatiana’s red knickers
The bright red knickers are the talk of the tennis world. At least I am not complaining :D. I like watching cricket and not playing it, while I love playing tennis and not watching it that much. But some things like this (of course along with some amazing matches) sure have me hooked to TV way past midnight :))

Well attrition is not really out but termination is sure the in thing nowadays. Till date 8 people got sacked at my workplace and it seems more are in line. I am not kidding but I would love to get fired. I want a full year off.. :)

Routine work
New challenges (assignment)
Apart from the routine projects I have been assigned with the marketing team to get new clients for the company. So I am now selling the company.. err though I would love to do that but right now it is just the company services. It is an interesting job to make calls to Europe and I have had a few ‘nice’ experiences in last 3-4 days which I will write later. What I can learn from this cold-calling job is an insight to marketing field and probably I will start loving the phone coz it is difficult for me, who dislikes long phone conversations, to talk continuously on phone and with a rough voice it is also quite difficult to sound polite. I am learning..

2 months of living almost alone and dropping off the garbs in the closed confines of house was really nice. [I am not preaching nudism here but a way to beat summer :)] But suddenly the unexpected buzz of activity and the untold yet to-be-followed restrictions has caught me off guard and I am suddenly disenchanted.

Being an actor
Being a farmer
A few things to learn from Big B and Amir Khan is that being a farmer is better than being an actor so that land-grabbing (near Pune city) cases get dropped off automatically.

Old client contact
New client contact
The client contact with whom I was interacting with for the past 2 years in this company, as a resource earlier and then as a lead, has been given a different responsibility in the client company and one of my ex-colleagues is now the new contact person for my team. I share a good relationship with this new guy as well but the earlier person would be a special man for me coz I have been working with him since my first day here and he is a very knowledgeable person who knows how to work as well as party. I will definitely miss him.

Well this can go on and on.. I wonder then when someone asks 'what’s new in life?' why do I just say ‘Nothing new.. the same old routine’ *thinking smiley*

Monday, June 25, 2007

Whts ur pretext?

Last month Miss Universe 2007 took place and you might be aware already that Miss Japan was the winner. When I saw the news that she won the title the first thought in my mind was not that why didn’t Miss India win but I remembered that 2 years back Sean (AnonymousBlogger) had come to my blog for the first time and read the Miss Universe 2005 post which Miss Canada had won. Then I made my grey cells work and I remembered how each one in the blogger list on the right side-pane had met me in the blog-world.. be it me going to their blog or them coming here. Also I could remember almost all posts and comments so far. Frankly I thought and still think this is quite weird but yeah I do remember most of the stuff exchanged here. Now call this weird or not but some people land up on this blog in a weirder way.. I am not talking about you all who read my blog but who don’t read but come here searching for something else.

Reading Sitemeter is absolute entertainment as what people search for. As I had previously put down some searches, here are some popular and weird ones as why the counter on the right keeps on ticking.
Most of the non-readers come here coz they are searching for the sexual err.. social networking site ‘my space’. Now it is quite clear that they stumble upon here since the blog’s name is ‘It’s my space’. But the searches are not for just Myspace but people search for ‘How to tilt your profile in my space’, ‘Pics for my space’, ‘How to make the font bold in my space’, ‘The lady in my space’ etc. I was quite confused earlier as to what is my space until I opened an account on that site just to check what the hell was there in that which kept attracting people. Just for the record I only have 2 known online friends there (both bloggers, Squishy and Veggie) and I really don’t know from where the other requests keep pouring in and spam my inbox. I would recommend orkut if you are interested in networking and Myspace if you are interested in getting spammed by bots.

Another popular search is for the marathi songs or the lyrics of Salil Kulkarni and Sandeep Khare. I have a document of lyrics of the songs of these guys so if anyone coming here for that and reading this you can ask for it. Some people are also coming to listen to ‘Mi baburao boltoy’ song but sorry neither I have the song nor the lyrics. Quite a number of people are searching for the name of the model in ‘Aaja Piya’ remix video. For them, her name is Shyla Lopez and she is sexy ;). Don’t ask if she is related to JLo :D. Apart from searching for C-grade Bollywood movies some people are also coming here to see Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh kiss.. absolute gross and you won’t find it here people.

Other search topics were:
I just wanna die in your arms
Amboli ghats (pics blog)
Girivan (pics blog)
Hot gals in pune
Tattoo of Carlos Moya
Is kaajal advisable on babies? (now where the hell that came from??)
Ragging pics (pics blog)
Swami Ramdev – sleeping back problems

So what was your pretext of coming here? :D

Friday, June 22, 2007

Lahanpan de ga deva..

I want to learn again how to enjoy rains and not frown on getting wet thinking of sitting in chilled cubicles.

I want to go on long vacations again.. Summer, Diwali, Christmas whatever might be the reason but regular and long.

I don’t want the stress of reviewing people’s performance and the unnecessary thoughts whether my review will decide their future.

I want to hurt my knees and elbows while playing, get my clothes soiled and I want to see my mom frown looking at me in this condition smiling innocently at the doorstep.

I want to go to the terrace and lie down leisurely watching the eagles soar high up in the sky.

I want to sing Happy Birthdayyy.. again and wait for my piece of cake and wafers instead of partying in some new high class restaurant watching friends getting drunk.

I want to go and play rugby again just to bang my head on that adjacent wall to make sure that this time the wall cracks open instead of my head.

I want to go on a trek or go for a jog in the nearby hills rather than sweating it out on a treadmill and elliptical.

I want to go to school again with all my classmates and have a wonderful time again.

I want to go back so that I can have another chance of doing things which I thought I couldn’t do or were not for me.

I want to be a chubby kid for elders to pull my cheeks

Damn.. I really want to be a kid again. How ironic is that when we are kids we want to grow up fast and now we want to go back and be a child. Saint Tukaram (I hope I am correct coz my history is quite weak) aptly had put down Lahanpan de ga deva, mungi sakharecha rava.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Can’t think of a title!

There are some days in one’s life which are highly depressing and one cannot just come out of the sullen mood no matter how hard one tries. I don’t know if this can be generalized, but for me fortunately this is true coz this is restricted to only a few days.. very rare days. A fortnight back saw two very bad days and I wasn’t able to force a smile even after some kind friends were willing to help. But the question for them would have been what and how to help coz I never pour out my heart to anyone when I am not in a good mood and even after getting back to normal myself. I hate this habit of mine but I can’t or rather don’t want to give it away. I not only believe in but practice as well Sayesha’s statement ‘I also have my share of sad days; it is just that I make a big deal of the happier ones’. This applies to my life as well as my blog. So I sat sulking for 2 days and trashed away two posts I had written for the community blog and one for here. Anyways such days are necessary to serve a reminder of much happier days in our lives.

Btw that had me thinking why do I blog? To share my ‘happy days’ with some people I interact only online, those whom I don’t know in real life? To put forth my opinions on topics supposedly important for me? Well I couldn’t reach a conclusive answer and at the same time one of my colleagues mailed me a document. He is a member of a group, which shares an article every day and this was one of them. Here are a few excerpts from the document that why blogging is good for your career (according to them):
Blogging creates a network: A blogger puts himself out in the world as someone who is interesting and engaging - just the type of person everyone wants to meet. Phil van Allen, a faculty member of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena says ''It's the new public relations and it's the new home page. Instead of a static home page, you have your blog. It's a way to let people know what you are thinking about the field that interests you.”
Employers regularly Google prospective employees to learn more about them and blogging gives you a way to control what employers see. ''People who are more visible and have a reputation and stand for something do better than people who are invisible," says Catherine Kaputa, branding consultant and author of ''Blogging for Business Success."
Blogging makes the world a better place.
I don’t know how my blog makes the world a better place but surely it is one of my favourite places I like to visit online and just reading through my own archives is quite a pleasure for me. What a narcissist you might be thinking lol! I also happened to stumble upon this link while surfing – Corporate Blogging

As some of you know I have joined this community blog – Between Us Friends – a place for friends and to make new friends. Well the latter part has been conveyed later to me by Ishita, the blog moderator, during a discussion in which I had quite pissed her off.. he he.. kidding Ishi. Do visit the blog and if you feel interested you have to send a request I assume to the admin for getting on board. I have added an image in my sidebar of the blog pic.. scroll down and have a look. Each fortnight 2 topics are voted by members as topics for the posts. It is quite difficult for me to write on a given topic coz for me blogging is what comes to my mind first and not like kind of essay writing. Though the problem every time is that a nice post strikes my mind on the assigned topic but sadly the date for it is already over.. he he.

Go and see the Goa pics which I have finally uploaded on the pics blog. I will try to scribble a few lines on some of the incidents of the trip in some post.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

News past 12:00

Mom has gone out of station for a few days and I have been eating out in the afternoons since then. This time I have a few colleagues with me who hate the mess food so we have been trying all the veggie dishes in the ‘hotel lane’. I call that a hotel lane because there are around 15-20 hotels in a single lane and all are full to the max during lunch hours courtesy the huge number of offices around. Now the gravy used for preparation is not much different but I have so far liked all the dishes, which I generally avoided till now. But I must confess that I really dislike Dal Tadka. Now it is surprising coz I like my dal with that tadka at home but in those hotels I just don’t like to eat that. In the nights I have been trying my hand at a few things and so far only once I forgot to put in salt otherwise the food is.. err let’s say edible! :)
I am a member of a group blog since say 2 months; in case you failed to notice the 3rd blog in my profile coz we generally don’t look at the profile. Now this blog has some rules that a member can’t be inactive for more than 3 weeks (there is a specific topic given for writing over those 3 weeks). After joining I did an intro post and later the 2 topics which came up were not of my taste and neither had I the time to try to write on them. So the lull period lasted for 6 weeks and the latest topic was something on which I wrote today and when I opened my mailbox I saw that the topic had ended yesterday night itself. Now I am sure I will be kicked out from there especially when the new topic is ‘10 things about me’ coz I don’t think I can write 10 things on me. Life is an irony.

While we are talking about irony I remembered that isn’t it an irony that a hair clinic has a male receptionist who is bald. Or is it something that they are trying to make us think that see he didn’t get treatment and landed here, so you better take it? I tried to take a pic of that guy but then feared that he might not like it and can pull off my remaining hair in a fit of rage :P

I got this hilarious pic in a mail. Also I have written on my whiteboard:
We workers’ are like sperms; only one works in a million. Rest assured, I am NOT the one

I think such sarcastic statements make a remarkable impact on the seniors especially when this is appraisal time ;).

Many a times we all have heard from girls that guys can’t read between the lines. I would say guys are better in this and in fact gals don’t get hint.

Since we are on girls, I mean we are on the topic of girls; I would like to point out that the girl sitting on the chair next to me in yesterday’s class was trying to flirt with me. She was really hot and she was continuously bending and touching her hair on my arm and then glancing with a sweet smile. Well I just fidgeted uneasily in the chair just because her boyfriend was in the chair next to her and he was like over 6 feet and around twice my size. He would have easily kicked my ass right there. Moral: I need to do weights seriously rather than just running on the treadmill :D. The English teacher I mentioned earlier looks like Suchi (a fellow blogger). Just for the record I confirmed with Suchi that she is not related to the teacher, so I can now do a separate post on the class without any doubts in my mind.

That’s all for the night boys and gals (SRK-KBC one episode effect) and will catch you later. Now I have to go home and kiss my wife?? WTH! I am glad that show ended well before I start to come home early.