Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Life is a dream

Streets we have never walked on
windows we have never opened
hands we have never held
dreams we shall never, never see again

lives we have never lived
hopes we have never realized
fires we have never lit
loves we shall never, never make again

sun in the earth, sunflower
bird in the air, rain
eye within eye, daybreak
i hear the strange whispers again

Baanwara mann dekhne chala ek sapna

A nice track from the movie Hazaaron Khwaahishen Aisi. It does take a lot courage, hard work and patience to achieve one’s dreams but I think it needs more courage just to dream. To dream what seems unachievable. Pushing yourself to the next level when you know you just can’t go any further. I am not sure who quoted this but a wonderful quote:

Dream is not what you see in sleep. It is the thing which does not let you sleep.

Baanwara or not keep on dreaming and keep faith that one day you will achieve them no matter what the entire universe advises you.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

She & Me - Part V

I am back after a wonderful leave of one week. A little bit of rest and did some work back at home to help parents selecting a few things for the house. I am leaving in a while for the movie Kismat Konnection but before I make a move, leaving you with an (un)interesting story of the rather (un)interesting couple on this blog.

Place is the living room of Me’s home and the people sitting there making the room ‘living’ are Me with parents and She with parents.

Me: *looks at She*
She: *looks at Me*
Me: (through telepathy) Why are we sitting here?
She: (through telepathy) I am wondering the same and I am tensed.
Me’s parents: (to Me) We like She and her family.
She’s parents: (to She) We like Me and his family.
Me & She: (in unison) So?
Parents: So we think that you should be together… like forever.
She: But I don’t like Me.
Me: I also don’t like She.
Parents: WHAT??
Me & She: Yeah coz we love each other MUAHAHAHAHA!!

I am not sure what is going on but do keep watching this space for more updates. Have a nice weekend everyone! :-)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Just weight and watch!

Mom and Dad are coming back home today after one and half months of stay in Jabalpur. I bet the first thing my mom will be saying after seeing me will be Kitna dubla ho gaya hai!! (You have turned skinny). No matter how much fats or weight kids put on, mothers (in general) will always think that their kid is not having food probably :-). But seems that I really have put down weight ‘coz the pair of jeans which was perfect now looks like a low-waist jeans without a belt :D. I checked my weight at a recent blood donation and initially I was confused whether to feel happy or sad on losing 5 kgs. But then intelligence prevailed and I chose to be happy ;-). I fail to understand why losing weight is an achievement with the female species but when it comes to males we should be all bulging biceps and pumped up or have a beer belly. I never liked tole-shole and cannot imagine myself with a nice rotund belly. I might not have a perfect six pack set to flaunt on the Dard-e-disco song but I m happy with my flat stomach and lean (yet athletic I call it :p) frame. But someone is having an inferiority complex these days and constantly egging me to put on weight. I have now got quiet used to the Have you lost a lot of weight? question hurled at me and I patiently tell them that I am aiming for size zero after watching Tashan (I swear I did not see the movie, really) :D.

How to lose weight you ask? Well let me tell you a story before going on to answer. Yesterday evening I was heading home and while passing the hotel Radhika on F.C. Road I remembered Parag’s post that being in the U.S. he missed eating S.B.D.P. from this place. Somehow my bike read my mind (aliens, I tell you) and from the next signal she (the bike) took me to the hotel. So watching the rains I sat over steaming hot cups of espresso coffee, wonderful plate of S.B.D.P and an interesting conversation… I was not alone, she was also there (here she is not the bike, dumbo). I was feeling heavy on a heady conversation and the puri and dahi were as if acting like intoxicants. Reaching home I got engrossed in the book The Three Mistakes of My Life till a point where I noticed that around 20 pages were missing. Out came the newspaper in front of me as if it was waiting for this opportunity (again those damn aliens!). So I read Harsha Bhogle’s column and a few more articles and was skimming over pages when I realized I should have dinner since the SBDP was meant to be just a starter. Looking at the watch I was shocked to see the hour hand on 2 and minute hand on 12. That meant 2 a.m. IST. Sorry, I don’t know what that means in other time zones but here it means 2 a.m. I remember eating a packet of bakharwadis at around 3 a.m. while doing the submission work for the civil subject in the first year of engineering but apart from that I had never eaten something that late though I have been up many times way past midnight. The hunger pangs had really set in by now but blowing whistles (of the pressure cooker) at such an hour was not a good option as the neighbours still love our family. A drawer of the kitchen cabinet opened (not the aliens, I opened it) and two Maggi noodles packets were shining brightly in their yellow suits seducing me to rip their pretty suits apart and have a steamy hot dinner. Well I should confess that I find Maggi noodles as an aphrodisiac *ahem*. By 2:30 a.m. I was done with my dinner and feeling satiated with the events of the day I went to sleep thinking what to tell my mom the next day if she asked what I had for dinner. Hmmm I am still thinking. Oh sorry I totally forgot to answer your question. Well some other time ;-).

Have a nice weekend!