Friday, February 24, 2006

Silver Jubilee :))

It is two days early yet had to post it today coz I m not sure how much time I can get to sit online .. leave online switch on the comp too for the next 4-5 days coz relatives will be coming n staying for the whole week I suppose.

As written a few posts back, mom n dad will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on Sunday. I want to wish both of them a very long n happy married life. I agree tht I have had only this pair of parents in this birth (did I have a choice???.. he he) still I would say tht my mom n dad r the best in this world. Everyone has a right to do so… :))) I don’t believe in rebirths but if I get one I will ask God for a choice to be born again to this wonderful pair. I won’t go into details of how much I luv them n care for them coz it shld better be seen in actions than writing here n I hope I am doing it well n will continue to do it.

Lover's bench, Taj Mahal, Agra

This pic was taken by me when we were on a North India trip. Taj Mahal is really awesome. When I entered the main gate n saw the monument frm far (the gate is very far) I felt why we were wasting time seeing this (might be the effect of the ticket queue which is long). But, when we were like a few feet from the real monument I was left in complete awe. It deserves to be one of the wonders of the world. I had other pics frm my parent’s wedding, but found this better coz Taj is really one of the most romantic places.

This pic also reminds me of other things. First, tht u can see tht my dad’s hair is whiter than the monument It is genetic… GOSH… let me run n check myself in mirror. Still black…. gud. But, I tease my mom tht his hair turned white after their marriage.. he he he. Another thing I remember is all foreign dignitaries get themselves clicked at this bench with their partners. Now, when Clinton was here he had his pic clicked only when he was alone. Why? So that he can go home n get the pic morphed to suit his requirements. Sometimes Hillary, sometimes Monica, sometimes Paula…. No intentions of hurting anybody here. But, this man has had oval the fun.. I mean all the fun.

If u r still thinking wht have I got for my parents…. Keep on thinking coz still I m also. After going thro’ all ur suggestions I had almost rounded upto 2-3 choices when my uncle called me tht he has already got the same for gifting them. So now I m thinking tht if my parents ask me ‘bout gift I will plainly answer them “U both have ME.. the best gift ever” unless I find something gud.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Four Temperaments

First things first. Have 3 tags pending... n here goes the first one. Ritu had tagged me to list the different 4s' in my life till now... this is kinda similar to this one earlier.

Four jobs I've had:
This is my first 'paying' job.. so won't have 4 but to fill it up....
1. Teaching schoolchildren some Indian games (khokho, kabaddi, aatya-patya etc) n bringing social awareness in them (dont ask whts tht). (Courtesy: JPP)
2. My current job... (Courtesy: Amol Nayak n then myself)
3. 'Looking busy' everytime so tht u have lesser work on ur head.. it takes a lot of time to master this :)) (Courtesy: Me, myself n myself)
4. If somebody paid me to sleep i would do tht 24x7 ... i m strictly speaking of sleeping in terms of dozing off though i know no one pays for 'this' kind of 'sleeping' ;-) (Courtesy: ???)

Four Movies I can watch over and over:
1. Andaz Apna Apna, Sarfarosh n Hera Pheri
2. Unfaithful, Wild Things n Shrek
3. Matrix (esp 2nd part), The girl Next Door (only the scenes which feature Elisha Cuthbert)
4. Jhankaar Beats, Monsoon Wedding, Dil Chahta Hai

Well only these four :))

Four Places I've Lived:
1. Mother's womb .. must have been heaven.. nothing to do just sleep
2. Andaman & Nicobar Islands ... was a kid then so dont remember
much of it
3. Pune... it has been my abode for the last 21 yrs
4. ??? ...mmmm... hope so someone's heart... ROFL

Four TV shows I luv:
1. Office Office
2. That 70s' Show n Seinfeld
3. Gr8 Indian Laughter challenge b4 it started to suck
4. Sports Illustrated Photoshoot .... *DROOL*

Four places I've vacationed:
Starting frm the recent ones..
1. Jammu & Kashmir n Himachal Pradesh
2. South India n Andaman & Nicobar Islands ... not the kiddie stage, had gone a few yrs back
3. North-East India n Nepal
4. Melghat Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra

Four of my favorite dishes:
These r not exactly dishes..
1. Pav-bhaji
2. Fruit salad
3. Cakes n icecreams
4. Dabeli

Four sites I visit daily:
Other than the office sites..
1. Gmail ... thts the only site accessible without using proxy
2. Kproxy ... i also believe now tht it is the best proxy
3. Orkut .. best to chat if mssngrs r banned
4. Blogspot

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Goa
2. or for tht matter any beach
3. Canada ... meeting some virtual frnds i have made here
4. or for tht matter where ever u readers are

Four bloggers I'm tagging:
All those who would luv to do tags and all those who hate to do tags

Friday, February 17, 2006

Is it aufen or auften

Last Saturday I had gone to Sinhagad with frnds… n on Sunday whizzed down the Pune-Mumbai expressway. I was thinking tht I had spent gud time on the weekend when I got this dream. Now, let me make it clear tht I never get nightmares but this one was weird. A Bollywood film director came in my dream n said “Who gave u permission to enjoy ur weekends?? U have been sent to earth n assigned the role of watching sick Bollywood flicks whenever u get free time. Now, u betta catch a movie or else I m sending some goons frm my known Dubai contacts to ur home. I assure u tht they will put u to sleep forever”. This was enuf to wake me up frm my deep slumber n immediately contacted some ppl to join me for a movie the next day itself.

You see I m really helping all the bollywood junta by watching a movie a week…. otherwise how the hell will they feed their families. I m sooo generous. Add to it tht I don’t watch movie alone (don’t be surprised…. some ppl do watch movies alone) n this time I took 4 frnds alongwith. So tht means we spent 500 bucks only on the movie tickets. I m really expecting a big THANK YOU card frm the director for this… unless he reads this post further.

The movie was Aksar (Often) n by the time the audience could co-relate the story to the title the movie (bet u rechecked the title of the post) had come to an end or else the ppl left midway. I tell u ppl don’t have gud taste in movies. I will reveal the story alongwith the very superb plot here… so if anybody still wants to watch this movie shld not read further n directly go to the next colour change. Emraan Hashmi plays the role of a photographer who sleeps with every model he shoots. Now he doesn’t have a big house to accommodate all the gals so but obviously he shoos them away in the morning. Udita Goswami hates this guy coz of the reasons mentioned n he also ditched her best frnd Tara Sharma. 3 years later Dino Morea offers a huge sum to Emraan for seducing his wife so tht he can get a divorce. No prizes for guessing tht Dino’s wife is Udita. Also no prizes for guessing tht Emraan n Udita fall in luv n try to snatch away Dino’s multi-million property. But, smarty Dino uses a trap n gets Emraan killed n Udita behind the bars for the same. Later he zips away to sleep with Tara. Tarara.. ta.. ta.. ra .ra .ra ..ra. END of the movie.

No need to mention tht there r more kissing scenes than the total no of dialogues. The first kiss starts in the 3rd minute n continues till like 10 min before the end. So tht leaves the first 2 n last 10 minutes of acting. But, Emraan n Udita in the first 2 min n Dino n Tara in the last 10 assure u tht u wont get tht. It is like expecting a beggar to return ur alms with interest… not only simple but compound too. The only best part of the movie is the songs. I luv them…. inspite of Himesh’s nasal oooooo…oooooo.

Some of the real film critics have called this film a flop at the box-office. But, let me tell u the findings of my investigative team (yes I have one). Leave aside the box-office, the director is currently minting money. He has created pirated copies of the movie n selling them in local gyms n to the Indian shotput team. A recent study has shown tht the way Emraan n Udita seduce each other, dance n swing reduces weight almost instantaneously. They have added a totally new dimension to the dull exercise regime. The shotput team is replaying all the clips of Udita throwing vases n anything which she lays her hands on. Rest assured India will definitely bag atleast 1 gold medal in the next Olympics. Latest updates are tht Pune’s famous gyms Endurance n Talwalkars’ r fighting for rights to distribute the pirated cds’. For more updates on this, keep watching this space.

Now, I can sleep peacefully :))

Sunday, February 12, 2006

O(o)C post

EDITED** Scroll down

My parents will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this month. Please suggest me some gift for them. Earlier my cousins n myself were planning to do something big tht day, but unfortunately it coincides with a festival n ppl here have a fast tht day. Don’t know wht we will be doing now.

Out of Context:
Why do clients have to visit the office? Can’t they sit in their own office comfortably n call me abroad instead. Tht would be better :)))

More Out of Context:
Mr. Shekhar Suman, tell the writers of ur show tht the Prez delivers speech on Republic Day n not the Prime Minister.

Totally Out of Context:
Anybody has a cannon? I need it to blow Moin Khan’s ass apart. If not the boom of the cannon, atleast today’s defeat will silence him.
Has anybody noticed tht the names of cricket boards of countries start with the name of the country. Australian Cricket Board (ACB), Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) n even the minnows Bangladesh have Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). In India it is, Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI). Tht means board comes first n then the country.

Totally Totally Out of Context:
I was feeling like Amitabh Bacchan or Abhishek Bacchan today coz Mallika ran for me. God save the Bacchans’.

EDIT: Wish u a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. Luv u all.

2nd EDIT: Probably I wasn't clear in the post.. so editing it. The 25th anniversary is on 26th Feb.. so i will save all ur wishes' till then. For newcomers, my dad has been transferred to another city... so he will be taking a weeks leave n will come home by 25th. Both mom n dad wont like the concept of spending time alone.. i mean celebrating alone .. dont ask why.. i know them better :) I was thinking tht instead of sending them out on vacation, I would go out n leave them for some quality time to themselves n also ask them to sponsor my vacn.. he he.. juss kidding. Whenevr dad is in town, our house is flocked by relatives n so it will be the same .. n a bit more this time.... so the idea of only two of them has to be dropped. Now put on ur thinking caps again....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Those were the best days of my life...

No.. I did not attend Bryan Adams concert in m’bai… though I would have luved to juss for this song atleast. Met lotz of my school buddies in the last fortnight. Not in person but online on orkut. Most of them now don’t live in Pune... some have gone abroad or in other Indian states for further studies… some r working in Pune or some other place. The gist is tht meeting personally has taken a backseat n chatting has come forth. Also chatted with some of my frnds with whom I had lost contact after leaving my old school (in 2nd grade) .. n it is an amazing feeling tht ppl still remember u by ur name after around 14-15 yrs down the lane. I m not averse to chatting online (nowadays I chat around 80% of the day) but wht I always wish is face-to-face conversations. U can’t judge the person’s real mood frm the smileys n emoticons… n I personally feel tht one learns to -listen- in real conversations. Wht I crave for is a gud conversation with a coffee mug to accompany n loads of topics to discuss along. Instead of continuously hammering the keyboard I prefer to hammer the person by my talking .. lollz

Took out the photo file frm my cupboard n recalled many of the days gone by. If I had a choice of revisiting my life back in school or college, I will definitely choose school over the latter. I did have fun in college, but wht I will treasure more are the schooldays. It also struck me tht I don’t have all the class photographs with me. If any of my school classmates (if they visit here) has them, pls forward me to complete the whole set. Wishing all my buddies a gr8 life ahead…

This pic is frm the annual gathering when I was in the 3rd grade.. dressed up for some dance it seems. I m the rightmost in the upper row. More pics

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Some of the things which made me have a gud laugh this week…

I generally have stopped looking at the visitor info after
this .. who is coming here searching for wht stuff. But, a recent visit to Hafsah’s blog reminded me of checking it (she really has some weird search stuff everytime)… n look wht I found out. Might have come from here

Two storeys above my flat there r a few Gujju students who have come to Pune on the pretext of studying… yup u read it right pretext. Anyways, these Gujju ppl have a funny thing tht I have noticed. Either they will speak (read shout) at top of their voice or they have a soft voice with a heavy nasal accent as if they wanna show tht their ancestors were born n brought up in France. “Hney…. Hnow r nyu?” So one of the guys was talking on his cell in their balcony. Probably he was an Airtel subscriber coz the other person was not able to hear his voice n this guy was literally shouting HELLOO!!! HELLLOOOOO!!! Two kids who were playing on the ground below heard this n one of them started singing..
Helloo!! Mi baburao boltoy… arre helllooo.. mi baburao boltoy
This is a pathetically funny marathi song … but I assume tht the guy above doesn’t understand marathi coz he neither laughed nor was angry on the kids. But I luved it :D

More on gujjus.. I admit tht gujjus r the sweetest ppl u will find on earth.. even the dames r very beautiful. I remember an episode of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai aired a few weeks back. It is one of the best comedy serials Indian television has on air rite now. It had one guest character… a Gujju gal who was visiting the family. Her on-screen name was Kismi (is pronounced like Kiss-Me). So imagine urself (guys only) calling her by tht name.. lollz. Now, my company.. my in the sense the one in which I m working… has recruited around 60-65 guys n gals frm Gujarat (some college project for their last semester). Not all r from proper Gujarat but some of them r… n a sweet looking gal too who sits across my cubicle. Now, whenevr I have to return a smile to her I end up laughing remembering tht name… though her name is different.

With due respect to Swami Ramdev’s yoga prowess n the healing he carries out thro’ tht (my mom is his follower too… but not to worry since she doesn’t know ‘bout my blog), I was laughing my heart out after looking at a pic in the paper. He is currently in Mumbai for his 7 day yoga camp. The pic showed Mallika Sherawat welcoming him with a garland. Nooo.. the garland part is not funny, but she was fully clothed this time n he was in a semi-nude state (the clothes he wears for his weird exercises). Nice to see Mallika in a different role. Btw, is Brinda Karat listening (or looking at baba :p)

Other things which made me happy too:

Nothing beats the happy moment watching Federer lift the Australian Open title… wait… happier moment was watching Baghdatis’s gal cheering ;)
Watching Martina Hingis back in action at the Australian Open. She played damn well at the nets along with Mahesh Bhupati in the mixed doubles.
This Bhupati dude is damn lucky. He is married to a very pretty Indian model n still he has partnered six different gals on the court for winning the Grand Slams. Six tennis beauties… hmmm… well no wonder he is not improving in the singles :p