Monday, June 25, 2007

Whts ur pretext?

Last month Miss Universe 2007 took place and you might be aware already that Miss Japan was the winner. When I saw the news that she won the title the first thought in my mind was not that why didn’t Miss India win but I remembered that 2 years back Sean (AnonymousBlogger) had come to my blog for the first time and read the Miss Universe 2005 post which Miss Canada had won. Then I made my grey cells work and I remembered how each one in the blogger list on the right side-pane had met me in the blog-world.. be it me going to their blog or them coming here. Also I could remember almost all posts and comments so far. Frankly I thought and still think this is quite weird but yeah I do remember most of the stuff exchanged here. Now call this weird or not but some people land up on this blog in a weirder way.. I am not talking about you all who read my blog but who don’t read but come here searching for something else.

Reading Sitemeter is absolute entertainment as what people search for. As I had previously put down some searches, here are some popular and weird ones as why the counter on the right keeps on ticking.
Most of the non-readers come here coz they are searching for the sexual err.. social networking site ‘my space’. Now it is quite clear that they stumble upon here since the blog’s name is ‘It’s my space’. But the searches are not for just Myspace but people search for ‘How to tilt your profile in my space’, ‘Pics for my space’, ‘How to make the font bold in my space’, ‘The lady in my space’ etc. I was quite confused earlier as to what is my space until I opened an account on that site just to check what the hell was there in that which kept attracting people. Just for the record I only have 2 known online friends there (both bloggers, Squishy and Veggie) and I really don’t know from where the other requests keep pouring in and spam my inbox. I would recommend orkut if you are interested in networking and Myspace if you are interested in getting spammed by bots.

Another popular search is for the marathi songs or the lyrics of Salil Kulkarni and Sandeep Khare. I have a document of lyrics of the songs of these guys so if anyone coming here for that and reading this you can ask for it. Some people are also coming to listen to ‘Mi baburao boltoy’ song but sorry neither I have the song nor the lyrics. Quite a number of people are searching for the name of the model in ‘Aaja Piya’ remix video. For them, her name is Shyla Lopez and she is sexy ;). Don’t ask if she is related to JLo :D. Apart from searching for C-grade Bollywood movies some people are also coming here to see Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh kiss.. absolute gross and you won’t find it here people.

Other search topics were:
I just wanna die in your arms
Amboli ghats (pics blog)
Girivan (pics blog)
Hot gals in pune
Tattoo of Carlos Moya
Is kaajal advisable on babies? (now where the hell that came from??)
Ragging pics (pics blog)
Swami Ramdev – sleeping back problems

So what was your pretext of coming here? :D

Friday, June 22, 2007

Lahanpan de ga deva..

I want to learn again how to enjoy rains and not frown on getting wet thinking of sitting in chilled cubicles.

I want to go on long vacations again.. Summer, Diwali, Christmas whatever might be the reason but regular and long.

I don’t want the stress of reviewing people’s performance and the unnecessary thoughts whether my review will decide their future.

I want to hurt my knees and elbows while playing, get my clothes soiled and I want to see my mom frown looking at me in this condition smiling innocently at the doorstep.

I want to go to the terrace and lie down leisurely watching the eagles soar high up in the sky.

I want to sing Happy Birthdayyy.. again and wait for my piece of cake and wafers instead of partying in some new high class restaurant watching friends getting drunk.

I want to go and play rugby again just to bang my head on that adjacent wall to make sure that this time the wall cracks open instead of my head.

I want to go on a trek or go for a jog in the nearby hills rather than sweating it out on a treadmill and elliptical.

I want to go to school again with all my classmates and have a wonderful time again.

I want to go back so that I can have another chance of doing things which I thought I couldn’t do or were not for me.

I want to be a chubby kid for elders to pull my cheeks

Damn.. I really want to be a kid again. How ironic is that when we are kids we want to grow up fast and now we want to go back and be a child. Saint Tukaram (I hope I am correct coz my history is quite weak) aptly had put down Lahanpan de ga deva, mungi sakharecha rava.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Can’t think of a title!

There are some days in one’s life which are highly depressing and one cannot just come out of the sullen mood no matter how hard one tries. I don’t know if this can be generalized, but for me fortunately this is true coz this is restricted to only a few days.. very rare days. A fortnight back saw two very bad days and I wasn’t able to force a smile even after some kind friends were willing to help. But the question for them would have been what and how to help coz I never pour out my heart to anyone when I am not in a good mood and even after getting back to normal myself. I hate this habit of mine but I can’t or rather don’t want to give it away. I not only believe in but practice as well Sayesha’s statement ‘I also have my share of sad days; it is just that I make a big deal of the happier ones’. This applies to my life as well as my blog. So I sat sulking for 2 days and trashed away two posts I had written for the community blog and one for here. Anyways such days are necessary to serve a reminder of much happier days in our lives.

Btw that had me thinking why do I blog? To share my ‘happy days’ with some people I interact only online, those whom I don’t know in real life? To put forth my opinions on topics supposedly important for me? Well I couldn’t reach a conclusive answer and at the same time one of my colleagues mailed me a document. He is a member of a group, which shares an article every day and this was one of them. Here are a few excerpts from the document that why blogging is good for your career (according to them):
Blogging creates a network: A blogger puts himself out in the world as someone who is interesting and engaging - just the type of person everyone wants to meet. Phil van Allen, a faculty member of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena says ''It's the new public relations and it's the new home page. Instead of a static home page, you have your blog. It's a way to let people know what you are thinking about the field that interests you.”
Employers regularly Google prospective employees to learn more about them and blogging gives you a way to control what employers see. ''People who are more visible and have a reputation and stand for something do better than people who are invisible," says Catherine Kaputa, branding consultant and author of ''Blogging for Business Success."
Blogging makes the world a better place.
I don’t know how my blog makes the world a better place but surely it is one of my favourite places I like to visit online and just reading through my own archives is quite a pleasure for me. What a narcissist you might be thinking lol! I also happened to stumble upon this link while surfing – Corporate Blogging

As some of you know I have joined this community blog – Between Us Friends – a place for friends and to make new friends. Well the latter part has been conveyed later to me by Ishita, the blog moderator, during a discussion in which I had quite pissed her off.. he he.. kidding Ishi. Do visit the blog and if you feel interested you have to send a request I assume to the admin for getting on board. I have added an image in my sidebar of the blog pic.. scroll down and have a look. Each fortnight 2 topics are voted by members as topics for the posts. It is quite difficult for me to write on a given topic coz for me blogging is what comes to my mind first and not like kind of essay writing. Though the problem every time is that a nice post strikes my mind on the assigned topic but sadly the date for it is already over.. he he.

Go and see the Goa pics which I have finally uploaded on the pics blog. I will try to scribble a few lines on some of the incidents of the trip in some post.