Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Desktop Goddess # 5

This years love had better last
Heaven knows it's high time
I've been waiting on my own too long
But when you hold me like you do
It feels so right ah now
I start to forget
How my heart gets torn
When that hurt gets thrown
Feeling like yuh can't go on

Turning circles and time again
It cut like a knife oh now
If you love me got to know for sure
'Cause it takes something more this time
Than sweet sweet lies oh now
Before I open up my arms and fall
Losing all control
Every dream inside my soul
When you kiss me
On that midnight street
Sweep me off my feet
Singing ain't this life so sweet

I don’t like her nails in this pic but won’t stop drooling on Elisha Cuthbert just for this trivial reason. Sean, this pic is specially for you (and don’t rub in again that she is from your province) and even if you think the song is also for you I would keep that for myself. I am currently in love with 2 songs from her movie.. one is this and the other is Take a picture.

Wish you all a very very happy and prosperous new year. I wasn’t aware that Goa can suddenly seem so far from Pune. Anyways, hoping the plan works out. Will definitely update why it didn’t work if I don’t go and how we made it work if we go. By the way, 2 weeks back there was an information from Israel that there is a terrorist attack planned on Goa on the New Year’s Eve. So attack or no attack we are determined to have a blast there (no pun intended). Pray for everybody in this world and have a great time. Don’t drink and drive coz if you die I will lose one blog reader.. kidding.. jokes apart.. be safe and have fun! See you all in Jan 2007 :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

Dear Dad,

Wish you a very Happy Birthday! Since I wrote one for mom thought of the same for you so that later I am not blamed for sex discrimination :D

First of all thanks for being always by my side supporting me and guiding me in almost all my endeavours and criticizing me where needed.

Thanks for all the zoology talks we had and the innumerable field trips you took me along with. Many parents have the ‘birds and bees’ talk but we actually discussed about the real birds and the real bees :D though I remember at times I could feel my ears turning red when the topic of animals mating would come up. Now they don’t turn red even after seeing people copulating in full public view. *ahem* Where were we?

Hats off to you for all the monetary help in the various sports classes and camps I wanted to go to and in fact enrolling me on your own in many of them

Though I have seen you get rarely mad I still clearly remember how angry you were when I broke your binoculars in a school trip to Lonavala (though I would say in my defense how come you gave a kid such expensive binoculars.. so not my fault :P) and the day when I accidentally bunked school when I had heard the teacher say it was a holiday instead of half-day. But still you taught me how to stay calm in the terrible situations like when mom had an epileptic attack and I was crying like shit. Thanks for that!
I don’t know if you would love to have me as a son next time

but I definitely want you back and I am happy that there are no exams for the position

and even if there is any don’t worry I will make sure you will be elected unopposed

Luv ya loads!

Your loving son,

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Xmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you! May the love and peace of this festival be with you all always. I have a few Christian friends but never had a first-hand experience of the festival in terms of the festivities and decorating the Christmas tree. It has always meant holiday season for us coz my family and a family of a close friend of dad have always taken trips at this time of the year. If any outing is not planned then roaming around the streets of the Camp area with friends and then settling down in some place and chatting away for hours. From last two years one of my friend’s desire to gobble a turkey takes us to Polka Dots where I dig in the scarce veggie food but the main attraction for me there is their Death by Chocolate.. aahhh! This year I neither went to any part of the country nor roamed on the streets troubling the fake Santa Claus and also didn’t have my share of the chocolate dessert. This whole week went in attending innumerable dinner parties.. some or the other reason but I was almost eating out of home. So loads of pics to be uploaded on the pics blog. Yet to upload the b’day celebration pics too but now I think I will be uploading them in the new year itself coz finally Goa booking has been done and I will be leaving on 28th midnight to return on the 1st Jan night.

How many believe in Santa Claus? I remember watching Joey’s nephew Michael saying “It is just basic math. It would be impossible for Santa to visit all the children in the world in one night...”. I was not that bright child to figure it out coz I used to keep socks under the pillow.. yeah we don’t have stockings here.. and it would be filled with something the next morning. Once there was a small jeep and then one time a chocolate bar. But when I started keeping it every night my parents made me sit down and explained that they were doing the whole stuff. I don’t remember what my reaction to that was but now I hope I didn’t think that my dad was Santa Claus and our family was into wrapping gifts and delivering it :D. Kidding.. I sure wasn’t dumb :P. If you still haven’t seen the movie Polar Express then do watch it. I would like to believe that there is a real Santa.. now if people can believe in ghosts then why not Santa.. with a sledge pulled by reindeers galloping down the snow-clad roads and distributing gifts to children who behaved nice the whole year. Now behaving nice the whole year clause would automatically strike me off the list and if you are thinking Santa is only for children I would say come on 24 is young.. very young. Also there is a child in every person.. so wake up that child within you and join me to say Merry Christmas. I am not greeting for the new year now coz I am hoping to squeeze some time for one more post before I leave for Goa.

Before I forget, here is a link forwarded by Suraj related to a post below here. Liz surely needs to mend her ways before she invites me to her wedding. We will wait for her wedding bells.. for the time being Jingle bells jingle bells.. Jingle all the way. Do share pics if you celebrate Christmas. God bless all!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Will the age in profile get updated automatically?

Dear Sudeep,

First of all Happy Birthday :)) (yep 2 days in advance). I bet that a letter on birthday would have reminded you of the teacher in that social-activity school (I even bet you can’t remember his name coz you are bad at it.. he he) who wrote hand-written letters to all children on their b’days. His letters were so awesome not only for the reason that his hand-writing was good but he used to convey his messages so well and every child wanted to do something for the country after reading those letters. They definitely were sermons and today this letter for you is aimed to be on similar lines. Don’t flinch coz you need one now and you know it but I know that you will still deny it.

You yourself know that everyone matures (as Prachi said a better word than saying getting old) and learns as each and every moment progresses and I know you have done too. How you laugh at some of the silly things you did sometime back and at same time look proudly at some of the things achieved over this year. It is good to ponder a bit over the past but what I would suggest is take a look what the future holds for you. Remember the saying from the book Who Moved My Cheese?:
Movement in a new direction helps you find your possibilities
I am not hinting at changing your job but certainly you know what I am talking about and the thoughts which are always at the back of your mind should come out in form of some concrete action. Remember what R was saying to everybody working in the IT industry when you had just joined this company and you overlooked her statement thinking it would apply for you. Now that you find yourself in that position today I know her words are ringing loudly in your ears. What have you decided on it? I don’t want to know what have you decided on it but I want to see some action on that front. So get your lazy ass off that seat and work on it. Let me remind you of another saying.. a Chinese proverb to be precise
Great souls have wills; feeble ones have only wishes
Now it is totally your responsibility to decide which category you would like to be in.

Before ending this letter, one mom-like instruction: DRIVE CAREFULLY. I need not see another post like last time. Also don’t think you are a great actor that you successfully pretended innocent for not having pollution under control (PUC) certificate of the bike in front of the policeman. You simply bored him for half hour to get away without a ticket and no bribe :P. So get the PUC thing done too and soon. Ok now before this letter seems like a to-do list let me end this by another saying.. yes another one and guess who said it.. Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin & Hobbes.
If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently
While you mull over this let me wish you again a very happy b’day and have a great time.

Yours truly,
Who else but you only
EDIT: I don’t know how much this makes sense to you all but I needed this dose from myself. Thanks for your wishes in case you wish.. err.. i meant in case I am not able to reply :P

Saturday, December 09, 2006

From a point P..

I really have started to hate some of the guys here. This was the third or fourth time this week I spotted a guy not washing his hands. The worse part is that it was not someone from a rural area who still has to get his basics right but some people we consider them to be of the ‘metrosexual’ breed. The worst part is that they are very senior people high up in the management who have a number of degrees to their name and sit and might be sleep (after-effect of watching Corporate movie) with the so-called top-class executives of the industry. Now I feel sorry for all those people that they shake hands with these guys not knowing that they are not moist with sweat but.. arrghhh!! Ohh shit! The HR department has taken up an initiative of mailing everybody the birthdays of an employee so now I dread that someone from the i-don’t-wash-hands group might come to wish me. Damn! I had thought of telling one of the guys but then might be something like will happen:
You don’t wash your hands?
Well I was taught how not to pee on my hands
But the knob you use to flush might be err dirty
This is not a good point so as and when I come up with how to tackle this answer I will definitely confront someone. By the way I remembered one incident from my Maths tuitions way back in 11th grade. My bench partner was genuinely funny with his one-liners and the teacher, N.M.Kulkarni was very strict when he was teaching any of his favourite topics. During one such lecture he was probably explaining the topic of locus and said:
So from a point P..
Sir, how can one pee from a point?
Well the class burst out laughing and he was suspended for 2 days.

After a lot of harassment from Ishita, Suchi, Yashita and Neha P I have changed my profile pic. Now they should be a happy lot :x. But another reason for that was that I want to remind myself of planning the Goa trip for the New Year eve. I have already availed the necessary leave from my lead but the others are not sure of their leave plans and so it will be a hell of time finding rooms in Goa at that time. Even if no one comes I will go alone .. ok not alone but I wish the last sentence of this post will be true.

Finally got myself a new mobile.. Sony Ericsson Z550i. There were a few better ones in terms of music quality and stuff like that but I liked this one more coz it was lighter and sleeker than the other mobiles. Currently it is increment time for guys who have completed one year here so it is party time. Yesterday night while coming from a restaurant in Aundh after having sumptuous cold drinks and desserts it was a relief that I had my ears closed by the mobile hands-free coz it was very cold. The weather currently is at its best uncertainty and it rains suddenly or is dry the whole day and cold at night. I don’t know how the Meteorological Department people get their things right (I agree most of the time it is wrong but still..). Anyways, have a good weekend everybody.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I got engaged!

This image is for you all who asked what did I gift my mom on her birthday :P

If you got ‘misled’ by the title (no pun intended Yashita :P) let me clarify that still I definitely have around 3-4 years to utter this statement. It was my team lead who said this one fine morning last month.
Good morning Sudeep!
Hey… morning!
*shows the ring on right hand*
Got a new ring?
I got engaged!
Really? Then why are you wearing that in right? It should be left.
For guys it is on right and for girls it is on left
Ohh.. I thought it was the other way round
Keep aside my ignorance bit and see these pics taken later. The main thing is that he got engaged to a girl within the company. Now that was not a surprise coz we already knew that and in fact we all hang out in the same group. What made me think was that this was the second instance of intra-company alliance and our company policy states that a husband and wife can’t work together. Regarding the earlier couple, not one but both of them left the organization. Now before saying that the policy is right or wrong give it a thought coz this post is coming to that point itself. (Sean I know you would oppose it at Toys R Us coz of _ _ _ _ _ ;))

I have this firm belief that it is better not to take your work, fights and affairs at home. Sort and solve them outside your house but 2 people working together in the same company are bound to discuss an issue pertaining to the workplace. Leave aside same company but a couple in the same field also might be discussing it. I don’t know how much this is prevalent abroad but here I have seen lots of people choosing their partners preferably from the same field in which they are working in. Might be 2 doctors discussing back at home:
Hey honey.. hows was ur day?
Ohh wonderful! I had never seen before a cute appendix like the one I saw today. How about you?
I did 2 successful bypass surgeries today and in another hospital one man died before we could do anything.
Now there is nothing wrong in discussing this, but professional and personal life should not be mixed much is what I feel. If any doctors are reading this please don’t feel bad and I hope you get to see at least one cute appendix everyday and go home and tell your spouse about it. On another thought, it is better to have a partner in the same company so that he/she knows how much work pressure is on the partner’s shoulders and so the “You don’t have time for me” situation doesn’t arise at home. I have a friend who works in a company where they encourage marriage among colleagues (ohh yes I have applied there already :P) and gift a car to the couple. Whenever that friend meets me I pester him by asking how much his prospects of getting a car have grown.. he he. But again ego clashes might be there (remember Abhimaan movie?).

Okk.. now you keep thinking over this while I leave for the day. Happy weekend!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Desktop Goddess # 4

Would you dance
if I asked you to dance?
Would you run
and never look back?
Would you cry
if you saw me crying?
And would you save my soul, tonight?
Hold me in your arms, tonight
I can be your hero, baby.
I can kiss away the pain.
I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away.
Oh, I just want to hold you.
I just want to hold you.
Am I in too deep?
Have I lost my mind?
I don't care...
You're here tonight

I was mid-way a regular post 2 days back when some unexpected turn of events caused an avalanche of work here. On such nights can the ‘heartbreaker’ Jennifer Love Hewitt can save my soul? :- And Aditi I wouldn’t mind to be a ghost even for one episode for her :D.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

EDIT: I have no idea why blogger didn’t allow me to post yesterday so even though I am posting this today it is actually for yesterday, i.e, the 20th of November. By the way, clicking the pictures makes it full size so dont strain your eyes :D
Dearest mom,
Just replace the word Mother’s Day with Happy Birthday below

and please think about the allowance bit :D

Thanks for cleaning all the mess I make at home

though the reminders you serve me frequently for the same could be dropped off :)

Kudos to you for keeping the house in one-piece since dad got transferred

and in fact even before dad got transferred

Also thanks for keeping me updated about various issues and taking out time for my studies after your long tuition classes

A million thanks for knowing exactly what my taste buds need and being the best cook for me

And last but not the least, thanks for being with me at every step in this life

You are the BEST!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Owner's pride.. Neighbour's envy

I did not feel sad on the last day of my school or my first college for +2 and neither when I graduated from my engineering college. Though I very much miss those days now, I felt extremely happy that time as I was entering a new phase of my life.
When one thing ends, it is surely the beginning of another
Call me stone-hearted but I never felt the urge to cry coz I knew my friends would be just round the corner and might be a call or mail-distance long from me but here with me on this very planet (sad thing that I am not much friendly with aliens). A girl from my company group got engaged and it was her last working week with us in the previous week. So since a fortnight, there were various sessions in the company; crying sessions, photo and video sessions etc. (Vaibhav I got myself a youtube account but couldn’t upload any previous videos :() I won’t go into details coz she reads this blog more religiously than I update it :P. But if I were to stop coming here from tomorrow I would be the happiest person in this world (apart from my colleagues I bet :D). The pics below were not from these sessions but are more than a month old. The one below was taken after I bought the C&H book. Thanks to V and P for renting their stuffed lion and panda for the pic. I had told my friend who clicked this pic to keep only the book and the two toys only in the frame but some people don’t understand what they are told. Anyways, zoom into the whiteboard if you can and read it. By the way I finished that book like this kid here.. he he.

Okk.. the above call-distance away sentence is making me feel guilty now coz I am at the receiving end of a variety of expletives since 1-1 n ½ month now. My mobile is refusing to come out of the dandiya night hangover. First it broke free from the trad costume pocket and went flying between cars on the Mhatre bridge. 2-3 visits to the service centre and applying my gujju and marwari speaking skills I bargained and bargained and got the screen fixed. Then after a few days suddenly it started behaving erratically and since then I can’t receive/make any calls and messages. It shows full network coverage all the while but on dialing the number The user is out of coverage area or The number is switched off is what one can hear. The cost of replacing some stupid IC in it is the amount for which this mobile can be sold back. Frankly speaking I am extremely jealous and in complete awe of people who say (and really do) that they talk on phone for hours coz my maximum time on phone ranges upto a maximum 4-5 mins. I hate talking on phone so I am not missing the mobile much but yes I sure miss messaging. Anyways, my friend’s dad was scheduled to go to China next week and I was planning to get a mobile from there but now I have dropped that idea and buying a new one around next week here itself.
Best of luck to all the CAT aspirants over the country for tomorrow’s big Sunday. I am also taking that test but I haven’t prepared anything so I am totally relaxed and planning to give it next year. On other thoughts, will I be able to repeat this feat? But no it was in company and this one is on national level. Fixed then, next year. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Reality TV 2!!!

Sometimes, I wanna get on TV and just let loose, but can't
but it's cool for Tom Green to hump a dead moose
My bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips
And if I'm lucky, you might just give it a little kiss
And that's the message that we deliver to little kids
And expect them not to know what a woman's clitoris is
Of course they gonna know what intercourse is
By the time they hit fourth grade
They got the Discovery Channel don't they?

Might be some of us don’t like what Eminem says but it is true and instead of watching animals mating on Discovery it is definitely worth seeing people with excessive libido making out with each and everyone in sight on Desire – Table for Three. There one chef is making out with sexy girls while in some other show another chef is taking dancing lessons. Now you see why I hate engineering :D. But whatever it is that Desire show is worth the change in timings of Seinfeld. I am definitely not regretting staying up late to watch Seinfeld.

I was watching Discovery Travel & Living the other day and saw one show on it. It was on Wife Swapping. Don’t dilate your eyes coz it is not what you think. One wife swaps her two-week life with another except the part what we guys would have wished for. The first week she has to live according to the rules of that family and the next week she tries to implement her rules on that family. I guess the idea of the show is to make both the families realize how important they are to each other. One homemaker was from a very very rich family and the other was from a family which could afford to be in good living conditions but lived on leftovers collected from dumpsters so that the waste of the world is fully utilized. If you find this gross then what if I tell that the second family used to rarely flush their toilets to save water.. eewwww!! The wife from the first family literally vomited after entering the second house.. hard to digest she lived there for 2 weeks crying like a small child. The show name at first reminded me of another serial Cheaters on Reality TV channel (the cable guy has stopped beaming this channel these days) in which cheating spouses were caught on cam through sting operations. The expression of disbelief on their faces was real fun to watch.

Celebrities are featuring as participants in almost every reality show these days. The worse part is that these shows are re-telecast at night so there is no alternative other than watching them. Some 13 odd celebrities (odd is not for celebrities though it could be associated) have been isolated from the living world in a big house and watched over 24x7 for the next few months. The participant celebs and the audience have to vote out one member from the so-called family every week I assume. Last week Bobby Darling was thrown out of the house. I felt really sad watching that. No no.. not because I have sympathy for his ‘transformation’ to her or a soft corner for gays but I felt that if the producers had managed to isolate Bobby and Rakhi Sawant from the rest of the world then better they kept both of them locked up forever. Probably the producers didn’t know that God rarely gives a chance for doing such good deeds. Carol’s Hindi speaking skills made my jaw drop more than watching the clip of her top slipping on the ramp in the fashion show. Why do I watch this show.. well it has Anupama Verma in it *drool*.

We had gone somewhere to eat where my friend spotted this kid and she took this picture. I loved this snap among the whole lot so posting it. By the way, since yesterday was Children’s Day, belated wishes to the child within all of you.
Too many people grow up. That's the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up. They forget. They don't remember what it's like to be 12 years old. They patronize, they treat children as inferiors. Well I won't do that. - Walt Disney

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lost n found!

Pussycat, pussycat,
Where have you been?
I’ve been to London to see the Queen

Pussycat, pussycat,
What did you do there?
I frightened a little mouse under the chair

I know I have not been around for a while and many are asking ‘bout my whereabouts but I had not been to London nor did I frighten any mouse. The main reason this nursery rhyme is here coz I had to hear this one and many other from my nephew who has started going in kindergarten. I had gone to my uncle’s place for diwali (belated wishes for diwali and hope you all had a good time) and there I was visiting a cousin. There he and his wife made their kid stand in front of everyone and were begging him to recite a few (??) rhymes. Since, the kid had not seen me before he was either shy or scared and staring at me. His mom went on Say beta! Otherwise Sudeep uncle will say all the rhymes. I was like Huh? From where will Sudeep uncle remember the rhymes taught to him some 18 years back? I was seriously hoping that my nephew wasn’t smart like me *ahem* and ask me to start coz I was completely blank (though in the meantime I quickly remembered Twinkle Twinkle in case..). A little later after seeing a chocolate as bribe (corruption starts here.. damn :D) he started the rhymes and started as if he wasn’t going to stop. After pussycat he pinched his Chubby cheeks, then Humpty Dumpty went to sit on a wall; later Jack and Jill went to fetch water before the sky went Twinkle Twinkle with little stars, Johnny and his dad had some sugar when the mouse ran up the clock in Hickory Dickory Dock. After a session of how many fingers, where is nose and head my nephew got his chocolate and I was relieved. Poor chaps.. both of us. Anyways, I had visited my relatives after a really long time so it was a gruelling time to see every household in that city and moreover remember who was who. At the end of day I didn’t remember the names or relations except the faces. I am just hoping that the next time they meet they don’t ask the usual question “Remember me?” or “Ohh! You have grown up.” (as if I was born to stay a kid forever and rant off nursery rhymes for them :D)

It was a hectic month at work and to couple the misery, the management made a few of us take some interviews. Though we did not have the final say in rejecting or accepting the candidate we had to ask a few technical questions and observe how the seniors grilled the interviewee. It was real fun sitting first time on the opposite side of the table and then rub hands in glee watching the prey “MUAHAHAHA!!” But honestly I took care not to scare any fresher and asked only simple questions (coz I knew answers to only those :D). By the way, we booked a new house last month. The work has just started and probably we will be moving there in next July-August. I will surely read all what I have missed on your blogs and reply to the comments too of previous posts, so give me time for that and since I don’t want to make this post too long, will be writing a few backlog entries in upcoming posts. This forced break though made this clear that I can live without blogging or reading blogs.. so it was a relief that my blog revolves around my life and not vice-versa.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Desktop Goddess # 3

No New Year's Day to celebrate
No chocolate covered candy hearts to give away
No first of spring, No song to sing
In fact here's just another ordinary day

I just called to say I love you
I just called to say how much I care
I just called to say I love you
And I mean it from the bottom of my heart

I mean it from the bottom of my heart that I don’t love Angelina Jolie as much as my other desktop goddesses. I haven’t watched any of her movies so that might be also one of the reasons. But since she is the talk of city and with reference to the letter in the previous post I had to bring her before the other scheduled desktop goddess. So, here is the ‘most luscious’ lips winner for all of you guys. I never judge a book by cover so won’t comment on that until I get a first-hand report myself *ahem*.

Just one more week guys and I will be back reading and commenting on all blogs and posting regularly. Have a great weekend all of you and keep smiling!

I need some sleep.. it can’t go on like this - Eels

Does anybody know how to feel happy and sad over something at the same time? It is like pasting a beaming smile on your teary-eyed face.

Heart beats are the biggest hypocrites in this world. They beat in your body but always dance to the tune of someone else.

I can’t sleep, I m up all night.
Through these tears, I try to smile
I know, the touch of your hand, can save my life
But don’t let me down, come to me now,
I got to be with you somehow
And now that you are gone,

I just wanna be with you

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Suffering from high fever!!

Dear Brad & Angelina,

Hoping that this letter will find you in the best of your health and good spirits despite the paparazzi hounding both of you everywhere you go. The national capital and some other cities are currently in the grip of dengue fever and chikungunya but thanks to both of you my city is being treated to a better thing, the ‘Brangelina fever’. You both are the talk of the whole town, the newspapers are going gaga over you and all other things have just taken a backseat. We all have forgotten what punishments or acquittals the accused in the Mumbai bomb blasts are being rewarded. One of the politicians I love to hate, Kanshiram’s slow murder (oops it is shown as natural death, right? How will you know.. anyways) went into oblivion like his deceased body did. Even the media grabber Laloo was thrown in the inner pages of the newspaper despite some good turn of events for the railways. Many people still don’t know the schedule of Champions Trophy. You would say what a big deal in not knowing which match is scheduled when, but just to imagine this in a cricket crazy place is something which surprises me. No one knows the name of even a single cricket player of the ‘new look’ Zimbabwe team but everyone knows the names of your kids and from where did they come. I mean the place from where they came of course.

As I sit here in my cubicle and look out of the window I can see the hotel in which you both are staying. You both must be wondering (esp. Angie I hope) that in spite of being so near why I haven’t yet come to meet you. Well I had decided that no matter how much workload I had, I would definitely find some time to drop in for a cuppa of coffee. But, after seeing the video of Angelina’s bodyguard gripping the neck of a British photographer I dropped my plans after closing my already dropped lower jaw. I think I will try my luck of catching a glimpse of both of you when you decide to take another ride in the auto-rickshaw. With one personal experience and in general observation I used to think foreigners are scared when they sit in the rickshaw and are driven through the traffic in Pune, but the rickshaw driver in your case was more scared seeing the photographers jostling for pictures. So I guess it would be highly impossible to see how Brad and Angelina look in person even though you would be here for around a month.

Anyways, might be we by chance meet up at some traffic signal. Just make sure you don’t hit my bike with your convoy like you hit the teenager this week after jumping a red signal. I hope you are not worried about that incident. I can assure you that people break signals everyday here, so you definitely are not the odd ones’ out. Some Indian superstars have not just hit but crushed many a lives on the roads and till date they are roaming scot-free. In your case the guy was not even injured, so rest assured you can continue with the shooting of the film in the city. It was my love for you (Brad that was for Angelina and not you) that I took out time to pen down this letter when I should be filling in software release sheets which my client is impatiently demanding. Please don’t tell my blogger friends that I wrote you a letter even in this heavy work schedule because I haven’t updated my blog since many days and not visited any blogs too.

P.S.: I seriously don’t mind the 15 extra minutes I have to spend in the traffic every morning while coming to office via your hotel.

P.P.S.: Any role in your movie? I will take less money even if it just a cameo role

Yours truly,

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

(Con)fusion at Crossword!!!

A rather long post so if u don’t have time you can go to the last paragraph directly..

I had ample free time in the afternoon on one day last week and the computers on which net is accessible were busy as usual so a friend and myself decided to check out the Crossword store which is at a walking distance from the office. I had already made up my mind to buy one of the Calvin & Hobbes books and the friend also had 1-2 books in his mind. It was the first time I had gone to this Crossword branch so was quite unaware where the sections were located at this place. So ENQUIRY COUNTER 1 was the place the man at the cash counter pointed me to ask my doubts. There a gal (lets say gal no.1) was sitting tapping at the keyboard on her desk. I asked her where I would find a C&H book.
Gal No. 1: You want the whole collection or a single book?
Me: Single (I knew the whole collection costs somewhere around 7000 bucks)
Gal No. 1: Go to the Humour section located there (pointing)
Me: Thanks! The section for Shantaram?
Gal No. 1: In the Best Sellers’ section over here (pointing)
Thanking her I went off to the humour section and browsed through 3 C&H books. Finally settled for one of them and then checked out Shantaram (it is too fat). The guy whom I had come along with, A, had already taken Robin Sharma’s new arrival and was pacing here and there looking for me. I waved to him and called him over and told him that I wanted to buy Shantaram too but maybe next time or from the roadside vendor, so I was finished and we might move back to office. He said that we have to spend at least 30 more minutes there coz if we go in early then his lead would allot him extra work. Thinking how to spend time there, I remembered that the Crossword branch near my house only had plastic wrapped copies of Laetitia Casta’s book and this being a bigger branch might have one unwrapped copy. So back to the Enquiry Counter 1; another girl this time (gal no. 2); I go on:
Me: Err.. I don’t know the name of the book but it is on Laetitia Casta. Can you find it for me?
Gal no. 2: What did you say it is on?
Me: It is on Laetitia Casta.. supermodel Laetitia Casta. It probably contains her photographs and the size of the book is around this much (showing her by hands)
Gal no. 2: What is the author’s name?
Me: I am not aware of it.
Gal no. 2: So how will I find it?
Me: Well you could enter the name in that comp and probably it will give some result.
Gal No. 1 arrives there with half sandwich in hand n the other in her mouth
Gal No. 2: He is searching for some book on casting..
Me: No no.. not casting; Laetitia Casta.
Gal No. 1 nods and I am happy that she knows what I am looking for. She starts typing in the name.
Me: The spelling is wrong. It is l-a-e-t-i-t-i-a.
Gal No. 1: (munching) l-a-t-e or l-a-t-i?
Now generally if someone is munching n speaking I would tell him/her to first swallow that thing but I controlled myself and repeated the spelling slowly. The search threw up a book in the Fashion section so I followed Gal No. 2 who took me and A there. A was visibly bored by that search and was continuously asking me what I was searching for. I was explaining him who Laetitia was and how amazing she looks.
Gal No. 2: You speak marathi well.
Me: Yeah.
Gal No. 2: You don’t look like you can speak marathi.
Me: Err.. *thinking whether I have to say thanks or what*
A: Can you please leave his marathi skills and improve your skills in finding a book?
Me: *LOL* (I just couldn’t control my laughter)
Gal No. 2: *glaring at both of us*
She somehow fished out the book and gave it to us. To our luck it was an unwrapped copy so we pulled two dice shaped stools and drooled over the gorgeous photos.
A: Why don’t you buy this one instead of that cartoon thing you have taken?
Me: Look at the price of that book. It would be a delight if someone gifted me that on birthday
A: *looking at the price* Ohh.. that is expensive. Yeah someone should gift it to me too.
Me: Hey see there *pointing high up the rack* .. Pirelli photoshoot book? Wow! I wasn’t aware that they had a book besides the famous calendars.
A: What is that?
Me: Just take that book out. I used to watch the shoot on FTV.
A kept carefully the Laetitia book aside reached up there and we started seeing the pics of the models. We didn’t notice that 2 aunties had come in that section and as I saw up one of them was glaring at us seeing the assets of the models jumping out of the book.
Me: Chee chee! What type of dirty books you read A! *got up and went towards the payment counter*
A: *confused and trying to hide the book*

Now this thing didn’t end here but I got a cashier in front of me who had joined the earlier day and was not used to the software they had for billing. But since this post is becoming too long so won’t trouble you more with the conversation that went on there. That guy was literally on verge of tears and continuously said sorry for keeping me waiting. I thought in my mind ‘It is ok dude! I am working on a software for past 1 year and still find new things ‘bout it everyday. You just joined in yesterday’. Of course didn’t tell that to him.. aakhir mein Nana Patekar jaise sochna padta hain “Image Image!” By the way, I am still unaware of the Laetitia book name and author and some models definitely look better in clothes than naked (from Pirelli).

On Sunday I got to attend a kathak-salsa fusion concert and it was superb. I had seen kathak before live but had seen salsa only on screen and it was even better when they had the dancers of both the types perform together. The classical side of music had tabla, flute and a sitar while the western music was with guitar, drums and synthesizer. The flutist and the drummer were awesome. If my friend is reading this then it was really nice attending the program and yes I was not bored at all since you feared that. If my friend is not reading this even then it was nice lest anyone would point that out.

The pics blog has finally been updated with pics from the trip and a few earlier ones. I don’t understand why blogger should have word verification for writing posts. Also does anyone know how to connect Hello software and beta blogger? I am not able to use Hello for beta blogger. Happy Navratri to all and may Goddess Durga bless us all. Have a good time playing dandiya.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Return of the Dragon

How does it feel when one is enjoying getting drenched in a waterfall and all the cameras are kept back in the rooms coz of heavy rains (so sorry that the pics of the nice time are not clicked) and then how does one feel when all cams are pointing towards him coz he has been asked to do a stupid thing (ofcourse wont be showing those pics)? Have been in both positions in this trip still i can say that we had a nice time. Not very nice like the last one coz had many dropouts at the last moment for various reasons but still the strength was 29. We started off on Friday night with the bus coming late as usual and then after a couple of delays from our side under the pretext of clicking pics we finally started off towards Amboli. The next morning .. mmmm.. lets say dawn coz the sun was yet to peep above the horizon we stopped somewhere in the middle of the road. The silence of the nature was a bit frightening after the pandemonium in the bus for almost the entire night. After a long time I saw the sun rising and real cool breeze blowing gently in the face. Somewhere far off it might have rained coz the breeze was carrying a faint smell of moist soil. After a photo session there of our dishevelled hair we moved ahead and reached the hotel. After choosing rooms n groups to stay with, everybody freshened up and it was decided to go to the nearest waterfalls after having breakfast. The nearest one was just 3 kms away so we decided to walk instead of taking the bus so that the driver will also catch sleep after driving the whole night. It was bright and sunny outside so we all hit the road talking and playing forgetting that at a diversion we need to ask for directions. So after going on for about 2-3 kms it dawned upon us that we were walking in the wrong direction and as if to add to that the heavens opened and down came the rain. So after hurrying to the hotels the cameras and wallets were tucked away and we all now completely wet n shivering headed to the right direction. The waterfall was awesome and i also accidentally banged my head against a rock. After a tiring walk back (it was ghat section) we merrily had lunch and later some dozed off while some of us indulged in a game of cards. Late in the evening, the campfire organising group tried very hard to light up the fire from the woods which were by now wet and the rains had stopped for a while but it was all misty and it was very hard to see even a few yards ahead. So after a few unsuccessful attempts the flames leaped into the air and some of our wicked minds started spinning tales of ghosts. 2 girls started reciting hanuman chalisa.. lollzz. The rains came to their rescue so all moved into one of the rooms but the stories didnt stop and people who were laughing before had a horrible time going back to their rooms and sleeping.. he he. I was very sleepy and went to sleep otherwise i had some nice plans to take the ghost stories further into real life. Anyways, next time..

On Sunday morning, we had planned to go to the Radhanagari forest but due the heavy rains the sanctuary was closed. So we went to fort Panhala and another waterfall (it was not allowed to enter in it) instead and later finished it off with the Mahalakshmi temple at Kolhapur in the night. At 12:30 in the night we were at the milestone which read Pune 77 kms. We were not aware that the Katraj ghat was closed coz a tanker had got stuck in the tunnel and we were caught in a line of stranded vehicles on either side of the tunnel. At around 4:30 the bus was slowly trudging towards a milestone which read Pune 70 kms. The traffic was diverted and then we reached the office at 10 in the morning from where all went back to their homes to meet again in few hours for work and enjoying the pics n videos. There are 842 pics and around 500 Mb videos. Don’t worry wont be uploading all those but will surely upload a few by the next weekend. Meanwhile here is one of the pics..

I have switched to beta blogger. If you are still on the old blogger and want to migrate, it is easy.. just sign into blogger and under your edit profile section in dashboard there is a link which takes to Learn More about Beta Blogger. You just need a gmail account, so go ahead and switch to it coz I have heard that beta blogger users can’t comment on old blogs. Sorry for the late update, no replies to the comments on earlier posts n less visits on your blogs.. will be back in action soon. Have a gr8 time all of you..

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Desktop Goddess # 2

Mere khayalon ki malika
mere khayalon ki malika
chaaron taraf teri chaiyyan re
thamble aake baiyyan

Aayi phulon ke ras mein nahake
layi bheenisi khushboo churake
teri aankhon mein hain halka sa nasha
tera roop meri nazaron mein basaa

I love Aishwarya Rai's mesmerising eyes. It is a fact that when she appealed to the people to register for donating their eyes after death the number of donors increased multi-fold. Anyone has seen the trailor of Dhoom 2? Saw it last week n Ash sizzles in it.

Going on a weekend outing to Amboli hill station. Will be starting off tomorrow night n back on Monday morn. So happy weekend in advance to all of you. Keep smiling :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sex, Lies and Videotapes!

The title is not misleading. :P
I was catching up with a school friend on msn over the weekend, after meeting him on orkut after school, and then the movie whose name is mentioned in the title brought back memories. It was way back in 8th grade when the internet had not spread its wings (or fangs) over us and we were totally unaware of the other meaning of the word web** other than the one the spider spins with its saliva. Frankly speaking the first time I was introduced to net was at a friend’s place much later where he had showed the whole group comparison between Pamela’s n Cindy’s bootlicious bodies. After that, had followed frantic calls to people who knew how to clear history of web pages visited.. lol. So before that the only sources of entertainment were cable television and a bunch of books some guys religiously got into school every month. The cablewallah used to show nice stuff late nights but that time we hadn’t subscribed to the cable so like many guys from my class I was left at the mercy of the guys with the books. One of them was the guy mentioned in the opening line. This dude A had a very nice dad (still might be having) and we all used to envy him that time. Now, where on earth you will find a dad who gives monthly pocket-money exclusively for buying porn books? I guess nowhere and naturally we had developed a sense of deep respect for his dad.. he he. So the books would get into the class and the big geography books were undressed from their covers and the cover page models would get draped into them for circulating in the class. During one such session we coincidentally had the geography lecture on and the teacher Mrs. K asked one guy to read a certain paragraph from the text book and till now you must have figured out that he had the other book in the covers and was stumped what to do. It was a hilarious scene but he somehow managed to get the original geography book from the nearby benches. But I still clearly remember the teacher’s face writ with surprise and the guy’s huh-what-happened look when she asked him why he had to exchange the books just to read out a paragraph. So coming back to the guy A; once he had mentioned in class that there was a movie Sex, Lies and Videotape on some channel. So the next day we were quite eager to hear his review of how the movie was and more for the hot scenes but as usual the censors had cut the hot scenes and the foul language was beeped out. A few years back again this movie was aired and this time we had cable but I don’t remember why I didn’t see it. Might be coz I already knew that it was going to be edited before screening.

The censorship is still in but I feel it has grown to a large extent than before. Late night stuff is definitely for adult viewing but the government agencies don’t think that the audience is mature enough to view it. Leave apart the things related to sex, one cannot celebrate Valentines Day fearing the moral police brigade to come and beat him/her. Pubs and discotheques can’t remain open till wee hours’ coz we don’t want any ‘western’ influence on our good culture. My company has now kept 2 separate computers for surfing the internet. Imagine an IT company where 100 people want to check mails or surf but have access to only 2 computers for that. I don’t know whether to frown or laugh at it. Today afternoon I wrote on my whiteboard ‘Restrictions and Attrition go hand-in-hand’. I really have no idea if this will be read by the management but now this is a form of protest thanks to ‘gandhigiri’.. ha ha.

** I really feel happy when I see kids as young as in 1st grade learning and knowing computers. We had been introduced to computers in say 5th or 6th grade and we used to play Packman and Dave on the school computers and used to learn DOS in curriculum. When I was active in a social group for teaching kids a few years back, we had to go to their houses to meet their parents so as to confirm that their school studies were not affected due to our extra-curricular activities. I was literally stumped when a kid aged around 7-8 years hurled some technical jargon at me and told how he was learning to build his own website. But then I feel somewhat uneasy with the access these little children have to sites after getting messages on hi5 or orkut saying that I liked your profile and when their profile is seen it reads age 14-15 and status is committed. I don’t know whether I am still being orthodox in some ways but I feel sad for the parents of a gal aged in her very early teens whose scrapbook is filled with messages such as “Hey sexy gal! Can we go on a date tomorrow?” I just click the ‘back’ button on the browser and say to myself “Which age you are in? Grow up! This is what you have to accept with the developments in technology”. Really I have to grow up or else have to accept that the scene in the lower cartoon is or can be a real thing.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Tryst with the Mahatma on Teachers’ Day!

Can there be a better way celebrating Teachers’ Day ** than wishing one’s fav teachers n then watching the movie Lage Raho Munnabhai? I would say this is perfect, just perfect. The part two of the movie Munnabhai MBBS is great.. no it is awesome! Let me first of all make it clear tht m not a fan of Mahatma Gandhi coz I haven’t read anything ‘bout him other than the few chapters of 3-4 pages we have in our history books. The movie simply conveys his preachings in such a manner tht u rarely can disagree with the characters n the director. The Father of the Nation has been reduced to either a statue around which politics is played by vandalizing it or a portrait hung in a frame in the govt offices under which corruption blossoms n comes to full bloom. The younger generation knows him as a face on the currency note n a figure lifting salt to break the shackles of English rule in colonial India. The movie without being preachy n without the ‘do-this-do-that’ dialogues cleanly conveys how we have lost the path which was shown to us by Gandhiji. I don’t remember watching a movie which has this perfect blend of reality n humour. The roles have been perfectly essayed by each n everybody. The soft-hearted don Munnabhai n his best man Circuit make sure u keep rolling with laughter. Vidya Balan looks nice as usual n does well as usual too but I hate her radio jockey character’s ‘Gooood Moooorning Mumbai’ drawl which sounds very shrill to wake up frm deep slumber. Dilip Prabhavalkar is gud playing Mahatma Gandhi while Boman Irani does his small part ok. Apart frm a few scenes which I felt went over the board the whole movie is awesome.. music is also gud. Is it an irony tht the audience is almost emotionless when the Mahatma says tht his statue is being vandalized everywhere but later u can see everyone choked with emotions n fingers reaching slowly to the eyes when the lead characters say sorry to each other? Or is it ok with the kind of world we are living in?

It is just impossible to meet all teachers who have taught till date on a single day to thank them but it is more impossible just to remember all the teachers who have taught. I just remember a handful coz they have been my fav teachers. So thnx to my parents, N.M.Kulkarni, Manjiri Shrikhande, K.M.Gokhale, Mrs. Jugade, Sanjeevani Bokil, Prof. Khake, Late B.G.Kulkarni, Anjali Patil n Girish Modak. Also, thnx to all of u out there (bloggers n non-bloggers) who have contributed in my learning at some or the other turn of my life. As a saint had said “Guru is a guru no matter what his/her age is”.
As we now remember our teachers n thank them for nurturing us how can we overlook the Ujjain incident in which students killed a professor by beating him black n blue. Wht a sorry state of education is this in which students are responsible for their own professor’s death for petty reasons such a college election.. n yes we will be happy to blame all this on the politics entering the education field but it is indeed a sad day for all of us to see a professor die at the hands of goons who run the college under the shadows of politicians. On the other hand we also have a student admitted in a critical state for being ragged by a senior under the garb of introduction. We surely need an idol for today n watching the movie surely makes me think tht Mahatma shld have been there today. Or would he have died a thousand deaths seeing wht the country is into now?

** Teachers’ day or Teacher’s Day?? Again the same question I had asked on Mother’s day .. but now I have decided tht since teachers are many, for me it will be Teachers’ Day while for mom it will be Mother’s Day. Have a gr8 weekend!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Desktop Goddess # 1

I've even seen miracles
I've felt the pain disappear
But still haven't seen anything
That amazes me quite like you do

You bring me up when I'm feeling down
you touch me deep you touch me right
You do the things I've never done
You make me wicked you make me wild
'Cause baby, you're my number one

One of my most fav pic of my most fav model Laetitia Casta.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Everything I do, I do it for you!

As I was typing this post I got one of the hilarious messages on one of my communities on orkut. It was an invitation for gals of tht community to oppose eve-teasing (now I support tht) but the message mentioned tht for this all gals shld start adam-teasing .. lollzz… now I find tht funny. I have not been a ‘privileged’ male member to undergo tht kind of teasing but imagine a guy complaining to his frnds tht he got adam-teased by a gal on way to office. The gal might have whistled at him n said in a sweet voice “Kya be chikne!! Movie ko aata ke mere saath? Chal naa..” .. lollzz.. tht would be a sight. Out of curiousity, as to who must have joined such a grp, I clicked on the link n whoa! 2000+ members were already members of tht community. Be careful guys.. :P

Okk.. now coming back to the post. Some pics for my blogger frnds.. they are related to their recent posts or their lives as far as I know them so others might not get wht the pic is for. But don’t feel sad.. as u all know blogger doesn’t allow posting many pics together so there will be sequels for this n ur name will surely figure in one of them at least.

First pic -has- to C&H .. n couldn’t find a better pic to suit u Navdeep .. MUAHAHAHA. Actually I had one pic of Eiffel Tower for u.. but as it is u gonna see it there live so be happy with this u KID!! :P
Parag u can try this trick in the very hot Tucson .. though I wonder how much u will get to rest now tht u got a new job along with the studies. :))
Ishita, Kalpz n Aditi had demanded the pic of the idol at my home. :)) It is actually a throne/seat n not a temple as I had thought of before assembling it. I don’t like decoration part n the colourful pins have been added by mom.
Vaibhav, saying ‘MTV rocks’ is more than enough I guess ;))
Yashita, we will take this Pluto along with us on our trip coz might be we need someone who can tackle aliens living on planet Pluto ;))

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Random Rumble in the Bronx!

For the pretty lady sitting prettily in her oh-so-pretty office in S’pore:
4 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 2 + 2 = 32 hrs n not 16 hrs! How can you expect to finish the work in half the time n tht too when u urself prepared tht stupid document which had to be read over n over again to understand wht u were trying to say n then spending hours modifying it to rectify the wrong steps u had written. Due to u I had to work in the office almost till midnite for the past 3 days. If u don’t know basic addition go to the Start menu of ur comp n then from the Programs fly-out menu go to Accessories n voila there is a Calculator hidden there for dumbos like u. Now if u use any other operating system than Windows may Bill Gates haunt u in ur dreams .. tht too for total 32 hrs in installments! :P
Actually writing this all here can’t vent out the frustration coz this will be the story again for every small project.. ohh another one starts from 1st Sept. I guess. Someone had appropriately said
Every organization is like a tree full of monkeys. Ones at the top can only see monkeys below them and ones at bottom see only assholes above them
Time tht I close the eyes of my juniors :D

Dad got ‘officially’ transferred to Madhya Pradesh from Himachal Pradesh. We were expecting it to be Rajasthan n mom n myself were happy coz we haven’t been there. But anyways we also haven’t been to MP. So au revoir to Shimla n Delhi n -soon- here I come Bhedaghat n Dhuandhar waterfalls. I hope tht soon will be really soon otherwise a senior person retiring here in December this year vacates a position n dad might be transferred back to Pune to fill it up. I mean tht is gud but it is bad too. Damn why do things have two sides.

We all Japanese language students in the company got certificates for the recently concluded training session. Also we gave a small treat to our teacher.. have got pics will upload them someday. As u can see the marks have come down frm 80 to 79. Thts coz I was honest enough to tell the teacher tht she had given me an extra mark in a question by mistake. I swear I m not tht honest but actually I had gone to tease her for giving me an xtra mark n demanded one more mark for pointing out her mistake. Had I known they were gonna write marks on the certificate I would have not displayed my honest side. See again, everything has two sides. Btw, a better handwriting on tht would have been nice.

Now everybody close ur ears. AAARRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHH !!Sorry Navdy tht wasn’t ur blog heading but I really shouted. If I don’t update this space anytime in future for 15 days in a row consider tht I have left blogging n sorry for tht. But I just can’t get over the feeling no matter how hard I try. It is the second time I m losing my smile to it. It is neither professional problem nor academic. I m not getting married n neither I have fallen in luv. So stop thinking ‘bout it n I will try my best to be on the blogging scene coz I have to parade the desktop beauties. Okk thts a gud thought for survival. Ciao!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Gods, Goddesses n Miracles!!

Bola Ganpati Bappa Morya, Mangalmurti Morya
Since evening, the only audible thing apart from the dhols n tashas is this sentence. It is festival season in the land of festivals. One has just enough time to relish n digest all goodies prepared for the festive occasion till the next one knocks the door. When in school we were given the topic ‘My Favourite Festival’ for essay I, like most other students, used to write on Diwali coz it had a huge matter to write. But, even today I m more fond of Ganesh Utsav as compared to Holi n Diwali. The decoration n themes put up by various pandals n the long walks to see all of them throughout the night, the immersion process n the 7-8 hrs of non-stop dance (both, the fav ganpati ishtyle dance n the decent one with a local school) n the best part of course are the modaks. I luv the fried version n never liked the steamed ones. Mom has gone out of station for two days n will be returning in time tomorrow for the puja. Till then, I got the idol today evening after hunting a few places to get the idol of perfect height to fit into the thermocol temple I had already bought.

The so-called miracles in different parts of the country have been ruling the news for the past two weeks. Check Aditi’s blog where she has already written on the idols of gods drinking milk n salty water of a river (or better a glorified gutter?) turning sweet n more stuff. I was reading Farah Baria’s column n a few excerpts from it:
It’s easy to sneer at miracles from an Ivory Tower. Try it from a slum with a skinny, sick child in one arm and a bucket of brackish drinking water in another – you might just be singing a different hymn. The truth is, in a country where 1.2 million kids still starve to death every year and over 40 million citizens wage a daily battle with poverty and hunger, Faith is India’s coping mechanism – our only security blanket against hopelessness and despair. Purer than opium, safer than Valium.
The joke is that India is not just a country of miracles, it’s a miraculous country. Think about it. The way we submit to inept leaders, then vote them back to power, is a miracle. The way we accept corruption and deceit is a miracle. The way we somehow muddle through the chaos and make it work is most definitely a miracle. But these miracles we don’t see, the ones we take for granted.
When will we stop believing? Qutie simply, when every Indian can eat, drink, work and live with dignity. When we can cease to serve the government we have appointed to serve us. When India, like the Meethi River, can hold her head high and be proud of her name. But for the moment, these can only be miracles.
Well, all we can hope is that the God of Wisdom of whom we kick-start the 10 day festival from tomorrow instill knowledge in those superstitious minds.

The series I mentioned in the last post is going to be of wallpapers. Desktop Goddess of the Fortnight/Month will commence from next month. As the name suggests the wallpapers will be only of babes, so sorry gals :D. The name is inspired by a show on Channel V which goes probably by the name V Goddess of the month. I haven’t yet finalised whether to update tht section after a fortnight or a month. Going by my collection count till today if I update it daily the series would last for about 6 years from now. But daily wont be possible; so I had another thought to go by alphabetical order. Suggestions are welcome but let me tell u tht it won’t be a boob show here, definitely (though long live the SI photo shoots n VS ramp shows). I use all those wllpprs at home n in company so I got to be careful :). Most of the models/actresses are my fav but the main thing is the captured pic. So hats off to the photographers for capturing the stunning beauties in awesome frames. Btw, whts with these wllppr sites nowadays? Some are going almost porn n it is difficult to browse for a gud wllppr without a naked gal titillating on the sidebars n a foreign chick’s pic saying she is right here in Pune for me to make out tonight. WTF!! It is kinda difficult to pursue a hobby these days. Anyways, hope u r having a gud Sunday if reading this tomorrow otherwise have a nice week ahead.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Spoofed Nationalists

How many of you remember the national pledge we used to recite in school? I can only remember the part India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. Now, not remembering the next lines don’t make me an anti-Indian n neither does knowing the entire pledge by-heart make me a patriot. Why to make the national song Vande Mataram to be sung compulsorily everyday in schools? As it is, we already sing the national anthem along with the pledge. To be frank, I don’t know the meaning of each n every word of our anthem and neither can I tell how many regions are mentioned in it at the drop of a hat. But still I luv my country. Fine, I agree it is not wrong in singing the national song but making it compulsory is bad. Worse is making it a political issue n sparking off community hatred. But we can expect only this frm our politicians. Why do u go to a movie theatre? For pleasure.. right? Now why do we have to play national anthem in a place where ppl come to unwind themselves. The sadder part is many ppl keep on munching to the popcorn or slurping the coke while standing. Why the hell bring disrepute to the anthem like tht. Call me a traitor if u want but I hate this forced-nationalism. The sense of pride or feeling of gratitude towards ur own country shld come frm ur heart n not necessarily frm ur mouth thro songs of praise. If the politicians want everyone to be like tht then get someone to sit n transmogrify everyone.

Last night I was reading an article on the sudden influx of spoofs of best-selling novels. Spoofs/parodies are meant to be taken in a light way n the satire might be difficult to digest if one doesn’t has a taste of tht kind of humour or the original author is one of ur favs. I Moved Your Cheese is a spoof of Who Moved My Cheese. Till yest I was thinking tht Spencer Johnson had written the next part of the latter one. Lord of The Rings got Bored of The Rings while Star Trek turned into Star Wreck. But the best name of the spoof according to me is the on one of the famous books Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. The name of the satire is Women are from Bars, Men are from Penus. After reading the original version would luv to skim thro’ the spoof as well. Has anyone read any spoof novels? While we are on spoofs, yest one colleague shared a parody on Harry Potter. It is awesome n Lindsay Lohan with xtra assets makes it super awesome. A laughter riot of 5 mins 20 secs.. search for it on youtube or any other sites n post the link in comments if anyone finds it. Would have mailed u all if the size was small but it is 50 Mb.

Btw, if u have ur mail id in ur blogger profile n got ur comments bounced off my mail id then m sorry for tht. Let us blame the system guys for this; have changed the comments-delivery to gmail again. It was gud when the comments directly landed in mail box so it was a refreshing change to read tht frm the official mails n boring forwards. Now, I have to refresh the whole page in free time to check for comments. So pls don’t expect a reply on a comment in posts in archives. I am thinking of starting a series on blog.. details in one of the upcoming posts.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Wanted - Hot gal with cool sunglasses! :D

2 days back as I was waiting at the Sangam Bridge signal on way to office saw a few school children standing across holding placards in their hands. The boards were in marathi language n I take longer time to read marathi in devnagari script than in English script thnx to the innumerable sessions of chatting. I was trying to figure out wht was written frm a long distance but couldn’t do so apart frm noticing a few exclamation marks. The signal turned green n the curious cat in me glanced sideways to read the banner. I just finished reading half of it n THUD!! I almost fell down in a big pothole in the middle of the road.. not middle it had covered the whole road. Guess wht was written on the placard.. Pudhe khadda aahe!! Vahane hallu chalva! which translated means Pothole ahead!! Drive slowly!. I was not hurt but tht pothole sure shook some of the vertebrae down the spinal cord. Tht is just one of the innumerable potholes here n every rainy season Pune is compared to the moon drawing a comparison of the potholes and craters over there. I wont be saying again n again tht the corporation sucks but it indeed is a gr8 effort by the students of school to come forward n help citizens (not by making them bump of course). Also a few IT companies’ employees have started manning traffic signals in peak hours while the pot-bellied policemen take a siesta. It is tht time of the year when u sport ur sexy sunglasses to hang around n not to move. If at all u have to move prepare urself for a roller-coaster ride.. woooohhooooo!!!

In the previous post, many said tht it is a passing phase n also the ‘grass is greener on other side’ feeling. I agree to tht, but yet I would like to say tht blaming engineering does not mean I did not enjoy those four years. It was one of the best phases of my life. Apart frm the gud frnds I made in this time I value these four years as discovering myself. I was not shy but introvert by nature in school. But conscious efforts frm my side n a nice grp of frnds has definitely transformed me into an extrovert. Not tht I was not social earlier but there has been a distinct transformation in me in a positive way. So for some of u .. engineering is gud.. fine? Now u can sleep peacefully :P. Also, someone pointed tht I need to find a gal so tht I won’t be stressed.. lollzz. I would luv to take this advice n start searching for a gal. But being lazy I would prefer to print some ads’ n let the gal come over here instead :D Any creative lines.. not pickup lines.. for the ads’ are welcome.. he he. My tennis partner Kunal is leaving for US this weekend to pursue higher studies. So tht means ‘The Sunday Tennis’ comes to an end until I find a new partner. Also, a few frnd frm my grp already left abroad in the past two weeks or so. Now m seriously wondering wht I would be doing over the weekend n whom to hang out with. Whts the use of sexy sunglasses if u don’t have anyone to hang out with.. lol. I guess the ‘gal’ thing shld be seriously considered now. Don’t be surprised if u get to see hoardings for the gal-search all over Pune. I will keep in mind to make those in english n not in marathi otherwise I will be the first one to take a tumble again.. ha ha.

Watched ‘The Game’ movie over last 2-3 days. It features Michael Douglas, don’t know if it is new or old. But if tht thing (a prank) happens to someone in real life, I doubt he will survive till the end.. the movie’s end not his end. I got myself new headphones in office.. the earlier ones had started to function well again suddenly but again gave problems last week. For a few reasons I have fallen in luv with 2 songs right now. They have been playing in loop since a few days. One is Lucky Ali’s Tu Kaun Hai and other one Pyaar Ke Naam by Bombay Vikings. Interestingly, both songs when used in movies are more melodious. I guess m correct or it’s only me thinking tht way. A few lines of the first song are:
Kahaan se tu aati hain kahaan ko tu jaati hain
Sapnon ko sajaati hain apnon ko le jaati hain
Baagon mein jab behti hain kaanon mein kuch kehti hain
Aati hain nazar nahin saanson mein par rehti hain
Hawa hain pawan hain vayu hain purwai hain
Jeevan hain jaan hain ya parchai hain
Dene aayi hain ya kuch mere liye layi hain
Puchu na main kya tuzhse kahanse tu aayi, tu kaun hain
Tu kaun hain Tu kaun hain Tu kaun hain
The *tu kaun hain* line doesnt fail to make me think every time i hear it. The second song’s lyrics are put up in the scrolling line on header. Have a superb weekend all of u!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Engineer?

I wanna be your t-shirt when it´s wet
wanna be the shower when you sweat
I wanna be - your hot tub - when you´re dippin´
I wanna be - your bathrobe - when you´re drippin´
I wanna be - your cocktail baby - when you´re sippin´
I just wanna be right there - more than anything I swear

I wanna be - your underwear

But babe, I never wanted to be an engineer

Bryan Adams was lucky.. he just became everything a normal guy would desire n even he didn’t get to waste 4 years of his life getting a B.E. If u luv engineering run away now otherwise I will haunt u in ur dreams n turn them into nightmares. I HATE engineering. Now tht I have said tht let me clarify tht it was solely my decision to get into tht rut so neither can I blame my parents for tht. So all I will do is rant ‘bout it. The memories came back due to two main reasons.
First is tht m getting bored frm this routine life of work. I m itching to break free n do something else fully aware tht after 1 year I will be saying the same thing again in any field. Second was a guy (frm mom’s tuitions a few yrs back) who met me at the gym the other day. He has completed his 12th grade n filled in the form for engineering. Now gym is a place I dislike to be in the first thing in morning. As if tht was not enough this guy comes n starts asking which college is gud n which discipline he shld prefer. Honestly I felt telling him to drop the idea of becoming an engineer n instead do something else but fearing his parents would come to my home with sticks n brooms I kept my wise ideas to myself. It has been almost 2 years now I got out of the college but tht dude wasn’t able to understand when I said u shld look how the campus offers went for the last year n then choose a college. Adding to the already confused condition of admissions the university has added a Common Entrance Test (CET) which is now used to prepare the merit list. When I had gone for it, the merit list was prepared only on the 12th grade marks but all efforts of explaining this to him went in vain as he insisted to know my opinion ‘bout his score in the CET. I know he is in a tough position n wants some answers but get them frm a relevant n reliable source.. pls not frm me. I had a ‘gud’ reputation in my class of just passing on the border .. in fact I joined the 40/100 marks community on orkut n was pleased to read tht there were ppl having more subjects with the magical figure of 40. I will count my tally n post it sometime. But as of now I will say engineering sucks n if there is someone in favour of engg. don’t sue me but pls guide tht kid as a favour.

With due respect to all engineers n the females in the world
Becoming an engineer is similar to getting pregnant. You just have to enjoy the success n not count the efforts and years tht went in, to become one

I would have luved to become a sports person.. not table tennis of course :D. Wht would u have luved to become instead of wht u r into today? If u r a student are u flowing in the stream u like or want to get to the shore n settle for something else?

Wishing all the Indians a very very Happy Independence Day for 15th August. I sincerely hope tht every kid grows on to become wht he wants n even if he/she doesn’t land up in the dream job, he/she helps India to outshine the rest of the world. On tht optimistic note, lets end this post by repeating after me “Engineering Sucks!!!” I luv u all.. thnx!