Sunday, April 29, 2007

News past 12:00

Mom has gone out of station for a few days and I have been eating out in the afternoons since then. This time I have a few colleagues with me who hate the mess food so we have been trying all the veggie dishes in the ‘hotel lane’. I call that a hotel lane because there are around 15-20 hotels in a single lane and all are full to the max during lunch hours courtesy the huge number of offices around. Now the gravy used for preparation is not much different but I have so far liked all the dishes, which I generally avoided till now. But I must confess that I really dislike Dal Tadka. Now it is surprising coz I like my dal with that tadka at home but in those hotels I just don’t like to eat that. In the nights I have been trying my hand at a few things and so far only once I forgot to put in salt otherwise the food is.. err let’s say edible! :)
I am a member of a group blog since say 2 months; in case you failed to notice the 3rd blog in my profile coz we generally don’t look at the profile. Now this blog has some rules that a member can’t be inactive for more than 3 weeks (there is a specific topic given for writing over those 3 weeks). After joining I did an intro post and later the 2 topics which came up were not of my taste and neither had I the time to try to write on them. So the lull period lasted for 6 weeks and the latest topic was something on which I wrote today and when I opened my mailbox I saw that the topic had ended yesterday night itself. Now I am sure I will be kicked out from there especially when the new topic is ‘10 things about me’ coz I don’t think I can write 10 things on me. Life is an irony.

While we are talking about irony I remembered that isn’t it an irony that a hair clinic has a male receptionist who is bald. Or is it something that they are trying to make us think that see he didn’t get treatment and landed here, so you better take it? I tried to take a pic of that guy but then feared that he might not like it and can pull off my remaining hair in a fit of rage :P

I got this hilarious pic in a mail. Also I have written on my whiteboard:
We workers’ are like sperms; only one works in a million. Rest assured, I am NOT the one

I think such sarcastic statements make a remarkable impact on the seniors especially when this is appraisal time ;).

Many a times we all have heard from girls that guys can’t read between the lines. I would say guys are better in this and in fact gals don’t get hint.

Since we are on girls, I mean we are on the topic of girls; I would like to point out that the girl sitting on the chair next to me in yesterday’s class was trying to flirt with me. She was really hot and she was continuously bending and touching her hair on my arm and then glancing with a sweet smile. Well I just fidgeted uneasily in the chair just because her boyfriend was in the chair next to her and he was like over 6 feet and around twice my size. He would have easily kicked my ass right there. Moral: I need to do weights seriously rather than just running on the treadmill :D. The English teacher I mentioned earlier looks like Suchi (a fellow blogger). Just for the record I confirmed with Suchi that she is not related to the teacher, so I can now do a separate post on the class without any doubts in my mind.

That’s all for the night boys and gals (SRK-KBC one episode effect) and will catch you later. Now I have to go home and kiss my wife?? WTH! I am glad that show ended well before I start to come home early.

Desktop Goddess # 9

Dooba dooba rehta hu aankhon mein teri
deewana ban gaya hu main chahat mein teri
ab din gujarte nahi raatein katati nahi
teri tasveer se baatein banti nahi
hoo aaja..

Tum jo mil gaye deeye jal gaye mere khwabon mein
ban jao tum mere humsafar
bewafa sun bewafa.. bewafa na jaa
ho aaja.. na jaa bewafa

‘Petite’ Cameron Diaz especially for Yashita :P.. tht refers to one of Yashita’s posts in case you are wondering why. There is definitely something about Cameron. I love her smile and she is one of the sweetest things around :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mind your language!

In 12th grade I used to attend Physics tuition and the professor there used to often say that we don’t speak correct English but speak Hinglish (Hindi + English) or Manglish (Marathi + English). Well, his own language was a bit more Manglish with proper gaavran words interspersed in every sentence so it was quite a bold confession. Or should I say that a few proper English words in the whole Marathi sentence :D. Looking back I can’t remember when I spoke English with anybody in school. Even though I attended an English medium school we hardly interacted in English with the teachers as well. I remembered all this after a series of events which took place over a long period. The first incident was a shop board which dealt in ladies garments. No, I had not gone there to buy anything but it was in the area where we friends had gone to see dahi-handi and the board read ‘Dreamgirl Hole-sale Ladies Shoppe’. Just a single ‘w’ dropped and the hole.. err whole meaning changes ;). Those days I did not have cell with cam so couldn’t capture it. Later when Vaibhav had come over to Pune and we were roaming in the city he spotted one board of a detective/investigation agency. It read ‘XYZ Agency. We invetigate all kinds of criminal offences: Blackmailing, Dowry, Negotiations, Kidnapping, Marriage, Threats, Strike-handling..’. All unmarried people should consider themselves lucky not to be an offender :D

Last week our company group was to go out for dinner but I was not able to join them as I had some work back at home. In the late evening I got a text message from one of the girls in the group ‘Y r u not cumming with us tonite?’ Come on.. I wasn’t aware that it would be an orgy there :P .. kidding. Then there was this colleague with whom I was discussing something on messages and he wanted to tell me ‘Let’s do it’ and instead he messaged ‘Fine! Let’s make out’. Neither did I go for the ‘orgy’ and nor made out with the guy… eewww.. gross!! Some people literally kill the language. I can’t help but remember Amitabh’s dialog from one of his movies “I talk in English, I walk in English because English is a very funny language”. I was searching for the exact words of the phrase A bird in hand is worth two in the bush on wikipedia and accidentally I keyed in incorrect words and reached this link *ahem*. I agree with Amitabh :D. We already have heard/read about incidents involving professors blurting out incorrect sentences. “Ssshh!! The principal has just passed away” when the principal walked by the class is my favourite. I am attending weekend classes for an entrance exam and the lady who conducts the English sessions speaks good English but this Saturday she said “Who didn’t thought of it?” I hate it when people use past-tense with did and especially that coming from her was something I did not expected.. err expect :P. I remembered something else from this mentioning of the class.. maybe in the next post.

Anyways, we all make mistakes and that’s what makes languages funny.. so keep making mistakes :)

Some of you might have already visited this site (visit only if you know Marathi). Meanwhile I spotted this on an auto-rickshaw near our company :D