Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Gods must be Crazy

This is a season of disclaimer n delays so even if I also want to put disclaimers to my delayed tag.
1. I was not suffering frm a writer’s block. Work and this tag kept me busy, hence the late update. Doing a tag is one way of coming out of writer’s block but m not suffering it now also, so this is just a tag.
2. This is going to be a long tag.
3. Some of the written stuff might be not suitable for (im)mature audience. If any doubts on u being mature/immature pls revert back to me.
4. Take your own time to read it coz I have taken my time to do it. Almost took 2 mths to start it after being tagged n wrote it over a period of 3-4 days.
5. This is the last tag of the season n I don’t know when the new season will commence. But, don’t get senti like u r watching last episode of the last season of FRIENDS. We can go for a coffee after tht at the usual place.

With so many disclaimers I think there shld be a new ‘disclaimer tag’ .. anyone with some nice ideas on it plz come forward to share.

Well the disclaimer portion and an A stamp hypes the movie n also the tag.According to Shreidhar (so now u know whom to blame), I have to list down 5 crazy things I want to do or would like to do n then rate them on a Crazymeter on a scale of 1-10. For me it is difficult to write down crazy things coz m totally sane. But comparatively the rating part will be easier coz I practice a lot of tht on sites like Hot or Not.. u haven’t done tht yet?? Gosh u r missing all the fun... try it out sometimes coz its fullto tp. Okk.. now coming back on track, the rating shld be 10/10 for everything below according to me but lets see if tht turns out to be crazy or not.

Ring ding ding ding d-ding baa aramba baa baa barooumba
Wh-Wha-Whats going on-on
Ding ding
Lets do the crazy froogg
(If u r confused go here)

1 How exciting it must be to fly in air n even better when u r on a bike. I was always awed by watching the way the extreme sports bike riders did their stunts on their sleek n sexy machines. Games like GTA Vice City help me to satisfy the urge to fly high on a bike without caring for loss of life n property. But, the real fun will be in real life. It will be really awesome when u get to lift ur bike frm the ground defying the concept of gravity. Then in mid-air u leave ur seating position n let go off the bike’s handle. Both legs dangling behind, only fingers clutching the bike u balance urself so perfectly tht even a Falcon will envy u. Then comes the main part of getting back on the bike. Cautiously, u put urself on the bike taking care not to smash the testicles** against the petrol tank n then land on the ground on both wheels without smashing ur head. Ride of the life!!
Rating: 10/10

Pic courtesy: AcclaimImages

**testicles incidence in another random post coz this post is getting long

2 Regulars on :::Its MY Space::: know my ‘deep affection’ for movies n esp those movies which r super duper flop. So, atleast I won’t be surprised to find myself directing movies a few years down the lane. To start off with I can come out with ‘Why movies flop’ n if tht flops u r sure to find a review here. Then I can remake it by rechristening it as ‘How to make a hit movie’ n tht I bet will be a huge hit all over. If at all the movie doesn’t work then I can always turn to the thriving Bhojpuri film industry or make C grade movies like Pyaasi Chudail or Reshma ki Jawaani. All blog readers will get complimentary tickets for all the premiere shows alongwith free popcorn n drinks. If u say No to the offer be sure tht it will be the craziest day of ur life n probably the last too *wicked grin*

Rating: I have a strong feeling tht I might make a movie so this gets 8/10

Pic courtesy: Fodey n Gangadhar (ignore date coz its not certain)

3 I want to strike out completely my innocuous image. Once my frnd’s classmate had single-handedly taken down a group of 7 guys in a cafĂ©. We both were standing at a safe distance frm the fighting crowd n were like “Gosh!! Wht was tht??” after he won. Since tht day I also have felt the urge to go out on the street n pin down a big grp of bullies n after beating the shit out of them stand tall flexing my toned biceps (???). So m waiting for tht big opportunity to showcase my strength.

Rating: 9/10 .. n if I really beat someone then 10/10

4 Cricket n me have been friends for a long time but only on TV. Watching cricket is the only thing I can do well. I don’t know why I m still not able to bowl n bat. Fielding is an area where to some extent I m better. Recently my company had inter-dept cricket tournament. I was also a team member but non-playing member. My job was to swear n shout at players who did not play well n then show appropriate finger at appropriate moments to the opposing team. So I think I was the COACH. It will be a crazy dream for me to represent some country in cricket (not India coz they are already losing). Did I forget to tell tht I want a place in the team as an all-rounder?
Rating: 10/10

Pic courtesy: Mayur, Anuja n Vaibhav

5 Everyone wants to see their name/photo published in a reputed newspaper or magazine. Since childhood I have dreamt of my pic being published in the ppr (not under the WANTED list ofcourse). About the name part, I have already written a couple of letters to editor n they have got published too, so this has been taken care of. Now going ahead, I would like to see my pic being used on some currency note of any country. If the presidents n minters of all countries r listening then u can contact me offline n we will decide upon the terms for the deal. I bet this currency will put all others behind n might be like 1 Sudz = 40 Euros (so tht it surpasses the Kuwaiti Dinar too). Numismatologists around the world are gonna have a boom time collecting this note :D
Rating: 10/10

Pic courtesy: Vikram n FunPhotor

Ppl who are blessed to do this crazy tag:
Sean, Dave n Vaibhav (now no complaints tht there r less tags around)
Navdeep (punishment for shouting Update in the last post)
Arzoon (only person to justify the crazy tag)
Yashita (-have- to tag u :D)

The set of 4 is complete but others who might be interested in doing it...
Harsh n Parag ... sorry but u r the original tag heroes
Kavita, Neha, Keshi, Elaine, Ishita, Sunila, Gangadhar, Archana :)
Raj, Shantanu, Pinks, Preeti, Arvind ... pls update ur blogs

Virus, Ananya n Anup K for the new-comers welcome tag :)

Anybody else willing to do it is most welcome...

Friday, May 19, 2006


Have u ever faced writer’s block? Don’t worry even if the answer is yes coz it is not a disease but many writers undergo maybe due to thought blockage or other work pressures. Kathy is facing it now, while Shreidhar came out of it recently. I remember Deepa had too written she had one sometime back. But this does not last long (thts the gud part) n the blogger comes back with a bang. But, really sometimes it is just difficult to pen down something very effortlessly n yet come out with the best. Some bloggers, I feel, like Keshi, Zoonie n Sayesha never suffer frm this syndrome (unlucky fellas :D). But, as Sean said tht it is not easy to come up with a post daily, it is hard to avoid a writer's block too.

But wht do ppl do when they r facing with a problem of saturation of thoughts? I m listing some points to start with n u r invited to contribute to the list...
1. Do a tag - This is the best way to overcome a writer’s block. Some bloggers only do tags n write a ‘different’ post sometimes so theirs might be an anti-writers block wing but tags can be funny n do provide a break frm the usual stuff. I hate doing tags but it’s a gud break for the readers atleast frm my mundane stuff.

2. Copy-paste from a mail forward frm the hundreds of spams we get daily. Though some such posts might be funny some sick ppl go on further to say tht “I was sitting in the toilet when this struck me, so I wrote it down”. Damn them... i mean toilets r the best place to come up with gud thoughts but i hate plagiarism

3. Take some random tests in the blog world. The word ‘tests’ frightens me so I never attempted any of those but the subjects/titles of these r hilarious. Yashita had a nice post on listing such tests sometime back. With Zoonie coming up with some more tests stuff, these r gonna be a sure hit among bloggers.

or some write such post on writer’s block itself... he he he ... nah!! :))

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother’s day + Random Part II

Is it Mother's day or Mothers' day? Anyways, hope all the mothers had a wonderful time on Mother’s day. Thnx to the posts on Mother’s day n the continuous bombardment of Radio Mirchi to declare the modern Mother India, I could remember it. Made it a point to clean up the mess in the house n then keep all things back in place. It was really tough time on Sunday morning sorting out old newspprs n the mails which had got mixed up which included some wedding cards mom is supposed to attend the coming week. Luckily got it all arranged n then got a greeting card coz the florist had closed the shutters due to the heat. Went to the airport to pick up mom.** Back home ppl started pouring in to enroll their students for the tuitions for next year. The new gen parents r a big anxious lot n always in tension for their kids. My parents also might have worried for me but not definitely when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. A mother of a kid in 2nd grade was like her son was gonna sit for an engg exam the next day. I actually wanted to say to her tht it’s Mothers’ day so just relax. Mom was happy with the state of the home (ofcourse I didn’t say tht all was done in one day) n then the card n a warm hug brought up tht smile which certified all the work put in was worth it.

**Was completely floored seeing the air hostesses frm Kingfisher Airlines. Long live the breed of Vijay Mallya. Fortunately mom was caught with the slow baggage checking line tht I had a gud amount of time ogling at the silky legs in red skirts. But as they (not the hostesses) say in hindi, Dil bhar gaya lekin niyat nahi bhari

I got really really angry today afternoon. Some ppl don’t understand tht even after the timepass we do here we still have to work n complete it before the scheduled deadlines. Had to give it bad to 2-3 guys n gals here. It worked well coz within next 2-3 hours we were almost done with wht was lagging far behind. Later cracked a couple of jokes in the coffee break n peace prevailed.

A few days back a country banned kissing in public places. Does tht mean the kissing in private places is fine? (no pun intended :D)

The Japanese language expert we have here has finished her project (she is Indian n not Japanese). So we r now being trained in Japanese basic language n their customs n traditions. Dont know if we will be taught Kanjis but right now its basic phonetics. Completed greetings part till now. Wht i find weird is they bow many times n everytime when they greet. So we had session when we had to write n enact a conversation. Me n the guy who paired up did the best coz we knew nothing. We only spent the time bowing coz while bowing we could not read wht we had written n when we were not bowing hardly we could pronounce the words. It was a laughter riot.

I m working on a new template for this blog. So if i maintain the fantastic speed at which m progressing this space will have a new look within next 2-3 months.

Probably some of u got confused by the pics of the trip. Tht blog is where i post all pics so wht u saw there at the almost end were frm the previous outings. The recent ones ended at the sleepy ones in bus.

Will reply to comments on both blogs tomo...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pics are uploaded..

Was caught in client visits, work, orkut, mssngr n blog reading tht forgot to write n upload the pics :D So after giving tht pathetic excuse just want to say tht have uploaded the pics on the pics blog. Many pics went under the censor board’s scissors due to some smarty-pants in our grp. But have managed to upload quite a big no. of pics this time.

If u r new here, had gone to Nagaon n Kihim beaches. These are on the Konkan strip on the western side of India (along the Arabian Sea). Had a horrible time booking a place to stay in 2 days before leaving from here. Since it was May Day n a Sunday alongwith ppl had booked almost everything we knew of. One lady went on for 20 mins explaining me how to plan ahead of any trip so as to avoid trouble of finding a place to live in. She also said .. no wait .. in fact she bet tht we would fail to find a place to stay. I shld search her number again n let her know tht we did find (though the food was horrible there) a gud place to halt. Kihim beach is a bit rocky, many suffered cuts on their legs while swimming. So instead plan for Nagaon coz it is beautiful. The beach is clean (though the path upto the beach is littered) and the main thing is the water level doesn’t drop down for a long distance. So ppl like me who don’t know swimming .. I mean who think tht swimming is best if limited for creatures like fishes.. shld check out this place for sure. Konkan in this season is sweaty n horrible but both these places were far off frm such conditions. In fact Pune is getting hotter coz the mercury crossed 40 a couple of days ago.

Bloggers-to-heart cant stay away frm blogging. ROS n Gangadhar proved tht a few weeks ago. Also ppl taking a short break r back in action. Dave came back fearing the wrath of A/B while Puneet too came back after a short (??) break. Gud to see ppl who r in contact thro blogs back in the blogsville.

To everything there is a season

And a time for every purpose under heaven
Turn Turn Turn!!!

10th May 2006 will surely go down as one of the most memorable day in my life.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Random... but not rants :)

Had a post ready in mind but couldn’t write it down coz was caught in work after the 2 day break. Anyways... so instead I thought to combine tht post (cut it short) and some other things which have been going on in my mind since last week.

Before going to the trip had gone for a hair cut. Yeah I do remember my promise to grow it long but since I was heading for the beach, the salty sea water takes its toll on the hair. Thts why had gone for trimming it a little bit :) I have had the same barber for say around 8-9 yrs now. But tht day I came to know tht he left tht place. The new man who took his place was huge. He was like around 6’4 n a very well built man with a smirk on his face which seemed to convey “Here comes my prey”. Instantly I remembered the David n Goliath story. But he did his job well. Usually I immerse myself in some glossy mag but tht day they had only the newspaper. So was browsing thro and noticed tht almost all news were of bloodshed, terrorism n animosity.
I was wondering and thanking God tht we are leading a peaceful life here while the neighbouring nations are burning in heat waves of terrorist attacks and political ambitions. Nepal is having their share of Maoist attacks while Srilanka is reeling under LTTE regime. Even our own state Gujarat is currently under tension following the communal violences. A pretty decent politician (as compared to others) was shot by his own brother n he succumbed to the injuries yesterday. Why do press photographers click pics instead of helping the victims? The ‘famous’ Godhra train massacre pic of a man crying for help in tht train n his whole body bathed in a blood fetches a prize for the photographer. According to me this is real bullshit!
Its all gory in the front pages of newspprs. Not anything worth reading on the last sports page either. Tendulkar is out of action for his injuries n misses important matches while Wayne Rooney gets injured n seems to skip the soccer World Cup starting next month. How come players suffer injuries bang ahead of a major event?
Why does a coin always have two sides? Does technologically being advanced means invasion of privacy? (I m not seeking answers here but just venting out stuff)

Enough of heavy stuff...
I don’t know how many will like
this link, but I found it funny. NOTE: Discretion to watch it is always urs’ :) Check tht no one is peering over ur shoulders :D. I m wondering if we could have her here, i would go for trimming every morning ;)

Btw, does anyone know the inventor of washing machine? Or who first made Maggi noodles? If u do, pls convey my thnx to them.

My trip was gud… though short enjoyed it a lot. This time almost all guys were juniors n some of them were not knowing anybody else frm the group. But, gelled well n made the most out of the time. Went to 2 beaches, Nagaon n Kihim (both near Alibaug). Will upload some of the pics on the other blog in next few days.