Friday, February 22, 2008

Attempted Live Blogging...

A/B styled update…
I am sitting at my company desk and frankly speaking I can go home now and check the installation scenario tomorrow morning. I can also stop scribbling this random post and put it off for some other day. But I am not in a mood to leave the office today. Might be by the time I reach the middle of this post I might just lock the computer and leave. Let’s see...

Race saanson ki song from the movie Race is playing at a blaring level in my ears in a loop. I loved this song. I generally play songs at medium volume but today is an exception. Yeah sue me! I saw National Treasure 2 and Turista movies last month. The recent kidney scam in North India reminded me of Turista.

I am removing the bulleted format, Sean. I don’t like bullets; paragraph is fine for me. But still your bulleted post looks much better.

Mom reached home now and called up to ask if I was coming home for dinner. There was a dinner party somewhere today and I skipped going there. Luckily I saw the cell display blinking otherwise I would have missed the call. Accidentally I dropped my cell on the floor a month back. The vibrator stopped functioning. Cell vibrator… you and your perverted mind. I always keep my cell on silent mode so since a month I have not been noticing incoming calls. The list of missed calls is increasing each day and people have started thinking I am avoiding them. I am too busy and bored these days to call them back. I hope I don’t have to explain the reason of my absence, to each of them.

I was talking to a friend a few days back about some incident and we both noted that a lot of time has passed since then. Time is flying a bit too fast these days it seems. I am totally confused. There seems to be no decision left to be made on instinct or time to do something out of the mundane routine.

The installation failed… yay!

My Google Reader unread posts count has reached to 560. I wanted to post a few things on Google Reader earlier. Another pending action item eh? I am also planning to start a WTF series. No, seriously WTF! But it won’t be related to the F word. I have 3 parts ready in my mind.

The developers are uploading their builds and they have thrown the bandwidth into a haywire. Blogger is throwing up an error. I will have to publish this post tomorrow. Also I don’t have a C&H strip ready for this. Some kind of live blogging this was. Ciao!

Back again today! Wow… what a bleh mood that was. I was really in a very good mood yesterday morning and something happened down the evening time. Sheesh what a depressing post this turned out to be when I read it today. Anyways I am posting this un-edited. Today I am back to my cheerful self because I am aware that tomorrow I am going to a cousin’s marriage and I will be one hell of an irritated chap by the evening. Happy weekend to all of you!

P.S.: Race song trailer link
P.P.S.: I remembered one of the good text messages I have received on 'marriage'. Old people used to annoy me at weddings, pinching my cheeks and telling me that I am the next. They stopped doing it when I did the same to them at funerals. Old people beware tomorrow… Muhahahaha!! Damn tomorrow is a wedding not funeral.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Maslow shopped at Piramyds...

Since a few months when I have a problem and I am trying to find an answer to it, I find myself seated on the bench of Piramyd shopping mall on SB Road. I find myself looking at the huge building of the mall and the even taller buildings of some IT companies surrounding the mall. Awed by the immense concrete structures and the cool breeze blowing steadily with that whoosshhh sound I find myself dwarfed by them and the problem seems like a speck of dust on the huge glass panes of the buildings. Might be the winds are trying to blow away those specks of dust and then the next gust of wind brings dust back onto them from some other place. I find myself looking towards the starlit sky and the crescent moon wondering about the life in those places. I find myself staring at the huge cut-out of a Maria Sharapova look-alike model with 2 buttons of her shirt open and playing peek-a-bra with everyone in sight. I find myself wishing that she would come out of that larger than life poster and take my hand into hers’ and assure me that everything will be alright. Out of the blue I find a hand clasping mine and a look of assurance which says I am not alone. The winds seem to stop dead in their tracks and the buildings fade into oblivion. I find myself staring into deep eyes of a lovely face. And then I find myself.

It seems I have disliked the shopping malls for quite a long time now; if not the interior, these days the exterior has developed a liking for me and vice-versa. Wishing all my friends and near-n-dear ones a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hindi Chini, bye bye

Today morning I was going through Navdy’s post and remembered I had not seen Russell Peters perform since quite a long time now. So I went to YouTube and was watching clips of his show where he was mimicking a Chinese shopkeeper. I had to pause it in the middle as we all were called to the cafeteria for a send-off of a colleague. Currently, we are hosting 2 employees from our company branch in China and since they had worked earlier with this girl, they were also invited for the send-off (not everyone is asked to attend if that’s what you are wondering). I was sitting with my desk partner at a table when these Chinese friends enter and immediately my mind went to the Russell’s Chinese shopkeeper saying “Hey! Be a man” and I was trying hard not to laugh (on Russell’s accent, no offence meant to anyone here). Then I see the Chinese girl looking at us and telling her male friend something and they both come walking towards our table. I whispered to my friend that in case they sit here at least we should wish them a happy new year (thanks to Elaine for reminding through her post). Those guys came at our table and the guy says, “You both are Europeans?” Hearing this I just couldn’t control my laughter and almost brought the roof down. I am not sure what they both must be thinking about me but I just couldn’t stop myself that time. Last year one of my colleagues had shown me a mail from his friend. He had sent some of our group photos to his friend and she had written back to him “Great to see that you work with an American there”. I was staring at the reply with a puzzled look and the friend said “Yeah, you look like one”. Now I am confused… :D

Have a nice weekend everybody and here is a link of the video :-)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

She & Me – Part III

‘Me’ is considering suing me since I am not publicizing his brushes with the ‘She’ category on this blog. I hope a trilogy would suffice since the so-called brushes are quite rare, but ‘Me’ is expecting a at least a seven-post series on lines of Harry Potter and wants me to carry it further as well. Duh!! Well I was talking with ‘Me’ yesterday and I spotted a red rash on his left arm. On enquiring ‘Me’ said it was a ‘love bite’. Sheesh! I was very much sure that it was a bite but definitely not a love bite. Prodding a bit ‘Me’ revealed this incident, which reminds me of some wafers advertisement (I forgot the product name).

She: *smiling* Hi
Me: *smiling* Hey! Did you know Sania Mirza is jealous of you?
She: What?
Me: Yeah, a bit. I had... what happened to your hand? *pointing at the bandaged hand*
She: A bee sting
Me: Bee??
She: I was in our garden with P when…
Me: Ohh! So you girls were talking about the birds and the bees in the garden *smirk*
She: *throws something* Very funny! Actually we were talking about you.
Me: *avoiding that something* Hmm… So a bee got jealous and poked you.
She: Oh God! I was working in the garden.
Me: Well bees are always attracted towards flowers *wink*
She: *blushing*
Me: That’s why I am wondering why on earth it came and stung you *sarcastic grin*
She: *frowning* Let me show you how it felt after that bite

Me: It was a joke… aaaaaaaaaggghhhh!!!

Girls won’t take sarcastic comments and boys will be boys. And thus prince charMEng stayed single.