Thursday, October 27, 2005

Traditionally Tagged

Harshal has tagged me to write the 5th line from my 23rd post. Now, the problem is tht in my 23rd post, the total count of lines is just 3 alongwith a cute pic of Alicia Silverstone. So, i will bend the rules a bit n the 5th line frm the 24th post is:

Hard luck for Narain n the important thing was tht he had a good start.

Seems the hard luck frm my 24th post dogged him until my 99th one (tht's when the Formula 1 season ended).

Anyways now to continue the tagging game, wht the ppl below have to do is go to ur 25th post n reproduce the 5th line. When u pass on the tags further, just increment the post number by 1... i.e, 26th. Simple, isn't it?

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In the event of Diwali, the festival of lights, my company had organised 'Traditional Day'. All were expected to wear some kind of traditional attire, but some of them were not enthu n had come dressed up as usual. I had donned a sulwar-kurta with a Himachali jacket (also a typical Himachali cap but since i don't like it, i kept it in my lockers). U can see some of the pics here.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Medium Pace... Medium Taste

I m neither in favour of keeping bowler Zaheer Khan in the Indian cricket team n nor out of it. But, surely i want to keep myself out of his new restaurant ZK's. Had gone there a couple of days back to celebrate the successful completion of our project (my first project in the company). The ambience is good n the location is fantastic (near the Lullanagar junction, a stone throw away frm the Manikchand Malabar complex). It is a two-storeyed hotel with a decent sitting space on the first floor n a bar on the second. Each n every item like the dishes, menu card, tables n even the walls have patterned criss-cross lines (not stumps) as a design... though for me tht seemed like scratches made by an angry customer... lol. The good thing is tht they don't have weird names for the food items like Chakke chuda de or stuff like tht. Being a veggie, I will comment only on the veg food served. The taste of the food is on a sweeter side. Even when we asked for a dish to be made more spicier, it was not sweet but almost near it. Probably, the location attracts more foreigners n to suit their tastes they must be cooking tht way. My carnivorous colleagues seemed quite satisfied with their foodspread. A very funny incident left us in peals of laughter when Rahul n Amol ordered 'Litchi topped with icecream'. Oh n the rates are not very heavy on the pocket but the food will ensure tht u feel a twinge while paying the tab. Posted few pics too.

I m currently infatuated (yup, not in luv) by two lovely ladies since last 3-4 days. The first one is Katrina Kaif (don't mind even if Salman Khan threatens me over phone). Numerous hoardings have dotted the city landscape featuring her with a slogan "A new sun is about to rise in the city". Don't know which product she is endorsing but the other day my manager asked me "Is she opening a restaurant?". I was not in a mood to answer, so said "Don't know! But she didn't tell me 'bout it." Luckily I got away unscathed..:). The second one is a gal who is conducting training sessions for the development teams in our company. Don't know her name n won't be able to know it either coz i m not in those teams, but she is very beautiful (note it.. not sexy but beautiful). Here is a song for her: 'Kahaan se tu aati hai, Kahaan ko tu jaati hai.. tu kaun hai' sung by Lucky Ali frm the movie Bhopal Express. Listen to it n u will get to know wht i m feeling.. :)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Richmonds SUCKS!!!

Will come to the reason for the title later. Had gone to Vir-da dhaba a few days back. The last time I had gone there was for a treat from my colleagues in the company when they had got a salary rise. This time though went with my college frnds. When we were on the highway, we saw a very nasty accident (saw in the sense it had already taken place). I saw a man (Ankur says he saw 2) lying down near a scooter, probably some truck might have hit him. Not a single vehicle on the expressway stopped to help the victim/s n some pedestrians were just silent observers. Nobody wishes to face the police inquiry fearing tht he/she would be falsely implicated. The worse part was tht we all were on the other side of the highway so couldn't cross to help them. But, then heard an ambulance siren n hoping tht the persons were still alive we proceeded to the dhaba. When we reached the dhaba, it wasn't crowded as the last time. But, the owner was playing loud music which was very irritating since the songs his taste was very bad (tht simply means not matching with mine.. lol). Soon we were devouring food n got involved in our conversations tht we totally forgot 'bout the accident .. well tht is life. Anyways had a good time but missed the dholwala (he plays only on saturday). Then decided to go to the local coffee shop Durga. But while coming Suraj's bike got punctured, luckily found a garage nearby n got it repaired. When we reached Durga it was overcrowded (as usual) but since we wanted a place to sit we opted for the newly opened branch of Richmonds on the opposite side of the road. The shop which is known for the icecreams it serves had enough space to accomodate us. We ordered cold coffee n it sucked big time. It was HORRIBLE. All the good taste our tongues were carrying after a fulfilling meal was washed away. So anyone going to Durga, stick to it even if it means sitting on ur bike outside. U can see the 'R' of Richmonds in the pic.. right hand top

Dad came back last evening from a month long tour to Ladakh. He saw the Pakistan n China borders n the bunkers of the Chinese army frm our army's posts. He has got some amazing snaps of Ladakh n the wildlife there which (i hope) i will get scanned n post it. Time to buy a digital camera to avoid the scanning task ... but then u all will be bombarded with my pics which i think u won't like.. he he he.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Movie Review

Saw the movie Mein Meri Patni Aur Woh a few days ago. I was expecting a laughter riot but it was not the case. But, this film can surely bring smiles on ur face. The cast includes Rajpal Yadav and Rituparna Sengupta with Kay Kay Menon and Varun Badola having small roles. The story revolves around a librarian (Yadav) who lives a modest life with a modest height of 5'2". He has given up the hope of marriage until he meets a gal (Sengupta) who is much taller than him but they share common interests. Soon they get married n then the husband starts feeling tht all the males around him r bent on stealing his beautiful wife frm him. Also, he fears tht the height difference might become the reason for his wife to leave him. The different ways he tries to shield his wife frm the stares of ppl is very funny. When the gal's college frnd (having a very charismatic personality and above all a good height) pops up in their neighbourhood, our short hero feels tht he has now lost his wife to her frnd. The last 10-15 min are boring with a high melodrama. But, the whole movie is good with a very realistic approach.

I can't think of any actor other than Rajpal Yadav to fit into the hero's shoes (not just the height but to suit the simplicity of the portrayed character). Though Rituparna (nice name) is a Bengali actress, her Hindi is good. Kay Kay Menon is as usual superb. Two songs, one at the time of marriage n other is a ghazal, are very well sung n have really good lyrics. If u r not an ardent fan of typical Bollywood masala films, a very simple movie which will delight u.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nature's fury

After tsunami in the southern Asian region, the western parts of Maharashtra faced torrential rains. Then US received devastating hurricanes. Now, Pakistan n the northern parts of India are recovering from a massive earthquake. Let us hope tht the victims rebuild their lives soon. Man has made tremendous progress in all fields but time will tell whether nature or mankind will have the last laugh.

Leaving u some pics from the regions which looked better when I was visiting there a couple of years ago.

Wish all of u a very happy Dusshera. May peace, joy n victory be with all of u.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Say Cheese!

This is the result when u r working (also listening to songs) n someone walks to ur desk with a camera, calls u n clicks... :)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Everyone is invited

I had been thinking of these posts since the last week, so will put it down in this single post. Here we go...

Apart from the regular readers, lotz of ppl are coming to my page frm all over the world. As different are their locations, so are their search words. The most common search word used is "my space". I have no idea what ppl are looking for by running such searches. A major chunk of the crowd is coming after searching for "The Great Indian Laughter Challenge" n "Navin Prabhakar video" **. This search was not only frm India/Asia, but also frm US n Europe. Someone frm Dubai reached my page when he/she searched for "bollywood sex scenes" ...????... how the hell my blog provides sex scenes. If i see some sex scene in a movie i might write a review on it... but no way have i or will upload it, so pls don't waste ur time here.. lol. Somebody ran a search for "Salman's pics" in the movie No Entry n somewhere else someone wanted "Bipasha's pics" frm the same film. Someone had searched for "how to prepare maggi noodles". If u buy a packet of noodles, the preparation method is written on it (infact in 3 languages here). My other blog which showcases some pics also received searches for "Ragging pics". Regarding the locations frm where they are browsing is something very amazing. From HSBC Hong Kong, i have a regular reader who spends around 5-7 minutes regularly. I don't know if i have visited tht person's blog but anyways thnx for the regular visits. Then some of them have logged in frm London School of Economics, University of Chicago (not the exact name but was something like this). And yes, I also see Suraj logging frm Mysore frm the Infy training centre, Gangadhar frm Bangalore (both with, AnonBlogger frm Edmonton (, Squishy frm Tampa (doesn't show the network), Barbie frm Indiana.... n many more but i don't know who lives where. So, do keep coming to keep the visitor's count ticking. If any non-blogger wants to leave a message, I have added a guestbook too.

The affaire d'honneur between Ganguly n Chappell was interesting to watch but a major setback for the team as well as a huge disappointment for an Indian cricket fan. BCCI worsened the matters by leaking the coach's mail (i assume it was to be kept confidential) to the whole public. I still can't believe tht Chappell's mail regarding Ganguly's performance lies in my inbox right now. Till now we used to lose in the finals, but now it seems tht winning even the league matches will be difficult. My personal opinion: Ganguly shld step down. Talking more 'bout sports, Sania features on the cover of Times magazine, which is indeed a gr8 achievement for her. I just wish tht she doesn't get boged down by her dress critics or by the rush of endorsements.

I completed my six months of training n went thro' a drill of interviews for the confirmation of my job. Still one interview with the CEO yet to be completed. More 'bout it laterz.

** Seeing the popularity of the video, here is another one by Raju Srivastava (laughing n lazy news reader)