Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Paheli (english meaning riddle) has been chosen to be sent for the Oscars from India. Directed by Amol Palekar*, it has Rani Mukherjee n Shahrukh Khan as the lead actors. Since, I haven't seen this movie (courtesy SRK hate factor) can't comment on the story n the acting. But, charging ahead in the competition with Swades, Parineeta n such films it definitely has to be different. Let us hope it goes on to achieve what Lagaan couldn't.

*Amol Palekar is one of my fav actors. I wanted to see Paheli only 'coz of his direction but.... Anyways, seeing his pictures n interviews frm yesterday (after the nomination was announced) reminded me of some of his good movies. Some of my fav movies starring him are Golmaal (ultimate combination alongwith Utpal Dutt), Gharonda (if I m not wrong, his onscreen name is Sudeep), Chitchor, Choti Si Baat.... list is long. I luv the songs more when Yesudas has lent his voice. Among the songs I like humming to Jaaneman Jaaneman - Choti Si Baat, Ek Akela/Do diwane shehar mein - Gharonda, Aanewala Pal - Golamaal. Wishing best of luck to the whole team....

P.S.: Yet I feel tht Parineeta shld have been sent ... the 'Lolita' stuff might appeal the foreign community.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


The original look is back in place. The font size n alignment were not matching with the space provided for posting. PHEW!! Last night itself I vowed tht I would not write a post by mail again. But 5-10 minutes after that a "News" on the main blogspot page grabbed my attention. From what I read it seems to be a small software for posting if the blogger is using MS Word. Now my last post was edited in MS Outlook which uses Word to format. Hmmm.... thinking of giving it a try after downloading it. Blogspot deserves a mention for making the homepage better. The new addidtions like updated blogs give it a nice look. But, I m feeling happy seeing my page return to the normal look.

The city has also returned to it's normal state. The clashes between the police forces and a bunch of hooligans had brought disrepute to the city's clean 112 yr record of the Ganesh idol immersion festival. Police had to resort to lathi charge n use tear gas shells to disperse the angry mob who wanted to go against the 10 pm loudspeaker deadline set by the Supreme Court. Many innocent ppl had to bear the brunt of the Rapid Action Force. Each yr I actively participate, but thnx to my mom, who fell a bit ill tht I decided to stay home tht night otherwise would have landed in some hospital. It was the first time I watched the procession on television.

Speaking 'bout normal, the roads are back to their 'normal state' after heavy rains lashed the city. The patchy tar work which was done has come out and the whole landscape is now full of beautiful potholes with each having the size almost of a small swimming pool. If the water logged in those was clear I bet u would find me having some fun with some beauties... he he he.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


This is another test post by mail. If u r new here or u have a poor memory (lol), then to inform u tht the last time I tried posting by mail, the sidebar went haywire. The simple reason was tht Yahoo doesn’t provide ‘justified’ option for the mail. So now, I m sending this frm my company id.

UPDATE: Now does it look normal????

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Laughter season

I m very happy seeing the promos of one of my fav serial Seinfeld on Star World. I don't mind if they repeat the old seasons coz I love tht show. Meanwhile Star One, which has some good sitcoms like Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, did a good job to showcase some of India's budding comedians in the Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Although Sunil Pal won the finals, the best act according to me was "Bar Girl Call" by Navin Prabhakar (he stood overall fourth). I have uploaded the video clipping* of the same.

* Some of u might not understand the language 'coz the video is in Hindi. But if u have time, worth watching his expressions of a bar-gal who calls up a client.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Ganesh Utsav is back and the rains n floods haven't dampened the enthusiasm of the festival though the pandals have cut down their expenses. Lord Ganesh is the God of Wisdom. May he shower all of u with his blessings n bring lots of happiness in each ones' life. Do read the links provided. Happy Ganesh Utsav!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

No Entry review!

After a very long time got to see a plain comedy movie. "No Entry" is in similar lines of "Masti" with 3 friends in the role of straying husbands, but No Entry does not have any double-meaning jokes as were in Masti. Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan n Fardeen Khan pair up respectively with Lara Dutta, Esha Deol n Celina Jaitley and the xtra zing is provided by Bipasha Basu in the role of a bar-dancer. A casual fling with the bar-dancer lands these men in a trouble (they r caught by the ladies) n they try to hide it by introducing her as other's wife. The resulting chaos creates a hilarious situation which is well portrayed. Wht I liked more is tht some actors who deserve less role in the movie r shown in just a few appropriate scenes. On the music score only the song "Ishq di galli vich No Entry" is foot-tapping. Keep ur brains at home n have a good laugh.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Let's try!

This is a trial post from the mail. The bad thing 'bout this is tht I can't post pictures alongwith. Also, can't keep the writing colourful. Or can I? Let us see if splashing some colour here does the trick. If this works fine, then tomorrow I will post (or mail) a movie review (lol... u r trapped again to read another one).
Another thing I wanted to say is tht now I know atleast the name .... Sean Ryann... lol (surprised??). Ok.. u had it on ur profile contact section but since i turned on my comments-by-mail option i got it in my inbox.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Out at last!

Engineering College is like a public toilet. The people outside r desperate to go inside n the ppl inside r dying to come outside.

Many of u might not agree on this but tht's my pt of view. Anyways heartiest congratulations to the 2005 batch for their success. Best of luck for ur future endeavours.

P.S.: Just remember to wash ur hands.. lol