Monday, July 02, 2012

Life is a sojourn

It was probably my 8th or 9th birthday when I had got a greeting card, from one of my maternal uncles, which had the first line as “Life is a sojourn here on earth”. Then a brief (excerpt) of some advice/thoughts followed this which I don’t remember, but the word sojourn remains etched in my mind since that day. Back then I did not understand the meaning of that word and I am not sure if I ever got a chance later to use it anywhere. Here is an opportunity for me to use it after around 20 years.

I have moved to US last month on an onsite assignment, which could last a year (or less if they plan to kick me out :D). The location is in Phoenix (Arizona)… yes it is HOT, and people are saying this is just the beginning, phew! I find it funny when people say that this is a good weather for you to come here. Even A/B said that I would enjoy the summer. I had stayed alone for months together earlier, but that was at home itself when mom was visiting dad in his transferred places. Here it is alone in an altogether new country where I am trying to get used to call the ‘room/apartment’ as ‘home’. Add to that trying to juggle the new work routine with other daily chores which includes cooking. It has been quite a month so far! Thus begins a new tag The American Sojourn, which hopefully will see some more posts, considering the frequency of posts over the last year he he he. I wish that this experience teaches me something good for the future.

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Sudeep said...

Googled and found that the line (and the passage that followed it) is quoted by Helen Steiner Rice.